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Booth steps out of the bedroom, his hair still wet from his shower. He pads along the hallway barefoot until he reaches the living room. He stops in the entryway and puts his hand in his pockets, smiling at the sight that greets him.

Brennan is sitting on the couch with her laptop; her bare legs curled up underneath her as she types, her brand new engagement ring shining on her finger. He knows that she is working on her book by her scrunched face and glazed eyes. Her fingers fly over the keyboard, too absorbed to notice his presence or the cuteness sitting next to her.

Chrissy sits next to her mother, her own pink Barbie computer on the cushion in front of her. Both Booth and Brennan dislike that pink toy but it was a gift from Russ and neither wanted to hurt his feelings by getting rid of it. Also, Chrissy fell in love with the second she learned what it was and it turned out to be a blessing. No longer does the child try to press the keys on Brennan's lap top when she works, instead she asks one of her parents for "Chrissy's puter" and settles into her own world.

The girl looks up at her, her face easing out of the scrunched look she inherited from her mother and smiles at the sight of Booth.

"Daddy!" she squeals, climbing off the couch to run to her father.

Brennan looks up and gives him an absent smile, her mind still thinking about her story. He gives one of her feet an affectionate squeeze as Chrissy leads him to the front of the couch.

"Sit, Daddy," Chrissy says, pulling on his hand.

"You're just like your mother," he says under his breath as he complies.

" I heard that," Brennan says, still typing.

"I never said it was bad thing, Bones," he says, turning to send her a charm smile. Even though she doesn't look away from her computer, her lips twitch and she shakes her head.

"Daddy," Chrissy brings the attention back on to her, handing Booth a Three Little Pigs book. She turns around and sits, trusting her father to settle her comfortably in his lap, which he happily does.

"Okay, The Three Little Pigs," he says, settling so that he can cradle his daughter and hold the book at the same time.

About half way through the story, Brennan stops her typing and stares at them. She loves her daughter and loves to play with her. But no matter how much she has grown, she can't bring herself to be as carefree and goofy as Booth is reading a simple story. She smiles at Booth's deep voice taking on a high squeak to imitate talking pigs. Christine loves the story, but Brennan is slightly concerned that Chrissy seems to be more sympathetic towards the Big Bad Wolf than the pigs, but Booth has assured her that it's nothing to worry about.

"Big Bad Wolf," Chrissy imitates her father's deep voice. Booth chuckles and is about to continue when someone knocks on the door and his cell phone rings at the same time.

"Let's see who is at the door," Brennan says, picking up her daughter, while Booth rises and answers his cell.

"Hi, baby," Max smiles when the door opens.

"Hi Dad," Brennan greets stepping back to let the older man enter. In her arms, Chrissy tries to climb out.

"Ranpa!" she says, smiling at Max.

"Hey, cuteness!" he gives his biggest smile as he takes her from Brennan's arms and kisses her cheek. "She gets more beautiful every time I see her."

"That's not technically possible. She is the same as she was yesterday, so-" Brennan says until Max leans in and gives her a kiss on her cheek.

"She looks just like you did," he says fondly, earning a smile from his daughter. He looks down at Chrissy who is smiling at him as she plays with the buttons on his shirt. "Except for that smile. That is all Booth."

"Hey, Max," Booth says, walking over to shake his hand.

"Do we have a case?" Brennan asks.

"Yeah, uh," he glances at his daughter who is staring at him before turning back to Brennan. "I'll tell you the details on the car. So do you want me call Ange while you grab your stuff or-"

"Michael is sick," she tells him, shaking her head. "Angela is busy taking care of him while Hodgins is at work and I don't want Chrissy to get sick. And Parker has to be picked up from school"

"Rebecca," Booth suggests, not noticing Max making funny faces at Chrissy to make her laugh. "Maybe she can-"

"Booth, she and Drew left to New York for the week, remember?"

"Right, right," Booth sighs, looking down to think.

Max looks between the couple feeling slightly insulted. Chrissy squirms in his arms so he sets her down, keeping one eye on her as she goes to play with her computer again.

"What about Cam?" Brennan suggests but cuts off Booth before he can fully respond. "No, we might need her if there is flesh on the body."

"Guys?" Max speaks up, smiling slightly with raised eyebrows. "I can watch them."

"Oh Dad, are you sure?" Brennan asks, looking at him with some doubt.

"Hey, I'm around kids all the time," he defends himself.

"That's not what she meant, Max," Booth jumps in after glancing to make sure where his daughter was. Brennan looks at him with furrowed brows and he sends her a pointed look.

"Oh, no that's not…" she catches on, turning back to her father. "We don't want to ruin your day, you probably had plans."

"No, no plans," Max says almost jovially. "It's not a big deal. Besides, I would love to spend a day with my grandkids."

"Alright, thanks Max," Booth says, submitting to the sincerity in the man's eyes when he said 'grandkids', including Parker. "You have all the numbers."

"Yeah, yeah, it'll be fine," Max waves off as the two start gathering their things.

"Parker has to be picked up at three," Brennan tells him. "The address is in the book by the phone. Chrissy likes-"

"Green beans, blueberries and bananas," he finishes.

"Hey, princess," Booth kneels down in front of Chrissy. "Mommy and Daddy have to go to work. Grandpa is going stay and play with you, ok?"

"Pranpa!" she says happily, nodding her head.

"I love you," Brennan says, kissing her daughter and hugging her. Booth does the same after her.

"Bye Mommy, bye Daddy," Chrissy waves to them as they walk to the door.

"Bye, Max. We should be home by five, six tops," Booth says as they open the door.

"Take your time," Max assures him. "We'll be fine."

"Thanks," Booth turns but Max grabs his arm.

"Take care of my daughter," Max says in a low voice. Booth nods even while looking down at where Max is holding his arm. When he is released, he sends one more wave to Chrissy before leaving.

Max locks the door and turns to smile at his granddaughter.

"Just you and me, kiddo," he says, rubbing his hands.

Chrissy looks at him giggles. Max has faced prison, criminals, corrupt lawmen and killers. But for some reason he feels slightly uneasy at the familiar mischievous blue eyes and wide charm smile.

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