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The One Year Old Weapon

Kid Flash is currently trying to find a reasonable way to deduct and react to this. As reasonable as a, handsome hero like himself, that is CURRENTLY TRAP IN A POD CERTAINLY WAITING FOR HIS IMPENDING DOOM!

Yeah, there is no need to panic. He was certain that he and the other two next to him would figure out a way to get out of this before they were killed; that is, if the Justice League decided to kill them after today.

Then he wondered which would've hurt less. Maybe the League would be more merciful.

Kid Flash slightly felt the muscle under his eye twitched as he found a certain pair of eyes staring at him. He found it very… unnerving. How he just kept staring and staring and staring at him; he couldn't help but feel like he was some kind of piece of meat being glowered by a lion.

"What? What do ya want?"

Kid Flash saw the raised eyebrow but the stare was still unrelenting.

"Quit staring; you're creeping me out!" Kid Flash snapped, wanting to squirm under the gaze. The same person seemed like he is trying to go beyond and peer into his soul. And frankly, he's not feeling comfortable. Who would?

They are capture by a mad scientist who had these ugly creatures named Genomorph! Yeah, not really a good situation here unless you like to be dissected.

Wally then frowned in realization.

Or rather cloned.

"Uh, KF. How about we not tick off the kid who can fry us with a look?" Robin mentioned.

The same kid that was stated looks as if he wanted to add something to that comment since his mouth was slightly raised open, but he soon after close it and twisted it into a rather deep frown, which looked more like a pout on his childish features.

Great, who knew that freeing a surely imprisoned kid would result in getting their butts handed down. He's pretty sure that he doesn't have any pride left.

Ugh. This is going to be a long night.

"Almost done here doc." Guardian said as he was monitoring the repairs for the broken door. He can't help but unconsciously felt a bit discourage by his own strength as he looked at the entry way, for he wasn't able to open the door earlier but a five year old kid can with such ease. But the feeling was quickly eradicated when he heard the furious yell from his supervisor.

He frowned at the word "weapon" but his mind somehow passes that.

"You mean Conner?"


Judging by the tone of the scientist, he felt as if he had done something terribly wrong.

"The kid says he doesn't have a name. I offered him Conner."

So far from his knowledge, the kid had been here for a year. Doc here has been really stressed from that time, though he had no clue why. He was always secretive anyway. He never bothered to question it… he thinks..?

Desmond one day suddenly ordered him to "train the weapon" while mumbling something like "might as well not waste time while fixing the problem" and such.

He didn't know what to expect really. He was already acquainted with the Genomorphs that litter all around Cadmus so he somewhat assumed that he would be training some kind of new Genomorph creation.

He was surprise that the so called "weapon" wasn't a Genomorph, but a little boy in the corner of the room where he knows "Project Kr" supposed to exist.

Guardian first found him staring at the practice dummy and it was obvious that he was not sure what to do for the kid had an expression of confusion.

Hearing the entry way open and close, the boy wondered if that black-skinned lady is back. He kinda likes her. She would give him a type of confectionery of hardened, flavored sucrose with corn syrup mounted on a stick. From what he remembered from the G-Gnomes, it is usually intended for sucking and licking. Otherwise commonly known as a lollipop or a sucker. His was "strawberry" flavored, so the lady said.

When the boy turned, he was surprise to see a new face; and out of shyness and cautiousness, he backed away with a nervous stance.

Guardian couldn't help softens by how the boy seemed to shy away from him. He looked no more than five year old. Just a small child in a big empty room, other than the G-Gnomes that are above his supposed sleeping pod. He did wondered if it was comfortable laying there.

And then he saw the Superman symbol on the boy's chest.

Does Superman even know about- ow! Eugh, headache.

"I am your trainer and you will do what I said."

The boy looks absolutely displeased at the thought of being ordered. But that doctor said he wasn't allowed to attack anyone if they have a G-Gnome on their shoulder. He doesn't like the doctor but the G-Gnomes said that he have to listen to him.

"Now, I want you to punch the practice dummy." Guardian nodded towards the stuffed over-sized doll right next to the kid.

The boy looked at the make-shift replica of a person and does what he was ordered to do; whether he was irritated at being commanded or not.

The dummy was easily ripped off from the metal pole, which it was held up on, and bounced off the wall to the ceiling than finally settled on the floor like a sack of cement.

The boy looked at the motionless dummy then at his fist.

He then pointed to the dummy with a childish expression as if he realized something unbelievable.

"It flew!"

Guardian couldn't help it. He laughed hard.

And so that is how most of their interactions were like. The kid was fascinated about everything. From the things around him to his powers; Guardian obviously knows that the boy probably didn't get out much. So he would sometimes sneak in pictures and bring something from the outside for the kid to enjoy; something that he knows that the Genomorphs from all around the levels wouldn't be so suspicious of.

He could only "train" the kid once every week. Sometimes once a month when Dr. Desmond said he had something to do with the child. But their relationship was somehow well.

At first, the kid wouldn't talk with him much and when he did, all that he usually heard was mumbles. As time pass, the kid then turned a bit more talkative. Not as talkative as one of his age should be and also not enough for it to turn into a conversation, but it is an improvement.

Every time he comes, the boy would be already out of his pod and then run towards Guardian, stopping only a few feet in front of him with his shoulder straighten and his chest out; as if he is ready for whatever training that Guardian decided for him like a good soldier.

As an added tradition, Guardian would ruffled the kid's hair, despite that the boy would flinch or back away from the heartrending touch, not use to it.

It was then already more than half a year and he realized that the boy didn't have a name. He didn't really want to call him a "weapon" or "Project Kr" so he asked if he could give the boy a name. Of course, that is completely up to his parents but he rather not calls him an "it".

"How about Conner?"

It was just a name he randomly picked from his mind, nothing to think over. The boy seemed fine with it. Well, he didn't look like he cared about what he is called in the first place, but when Guardian calls him by the name, he would respond.

"You know what; I don't really care what you call him."

Guardian snapped back to reality as he looked back at Desmond, who looked rather frustrated.

"Just- Where's the weapon?" Desmond snapped.

Guardian slightly frowned by how Desmond called the boy a "weapon" but the thought passes him quickly once again.

"Conner carried the intruders to the cloning chamber."

There was a slight quirk up his lip as he remembered how the five year old boy easily lifted three full grown teenagers up above his head and carried them out with only their feet dragging behind. It was a funny scene to watch indeed.

"We have Genomorphs for that!" Desmond looks quite affronted, obviously not liking the fact that his little special "project" is out of his room; or rather pod. "Get the weapon back in its pod, now!"

Guardian crosses his arms, obviously not seeing what is wrong here.

"Conner," It wouldn't be his permanent name until his real parents named him but at least it would be something that defines that the boy had individuality. "had been in his room for a long time. I see nothing wrong with him actually taking a step outside for once."

It was obvious that Desmond didn't like the confrontation with the Guardian.

"Don't you now..?"

Guardian open his mouth to say something el- Ugh! His head hurts.

"That clone belongs in a cage!"

"We only sought to help you."

The man with black skin says it very truthfully, like Guardian when he would ask if the sun is actually really big unlike the size of the circular light above his pod that would feed him sun energy.

"Yeah, we free you and you turn on us! How is that for grati-"

"Kid, please. Be quiet now." The Atlantean hushed. "I believe our new friend is not in full control of his actions."

"W-What-" The boy quickly shuts his mouth as he can see that he gathered the full attention of the three above him. He pursed his lips together tightly as he wasn't sure if he could talk to them, being unsocial and such, and was also not sure if he was allowed to talk to them.

His eyes slowly trace up to Aqualad and lingered onto him as if the teen had the answer to whether he was allowed to speak or not. He unconsciously decided that he liked the teen for his voice is very warming, like Guardian's when he did something right and he would praise him, and his skin is like the lady who would give him lollipops.

Kaldur notice how the boy's eyes were more focus on him and as if he knows his question, he nodded in a positive response.

The kid quickly looked down then looked up at the three.

"W-What i-if I wasn't…?" He sounded somewhat shy but he said his words loudly.

"He can talk?"

"I can!" he quickly snapped, obviously mad at the fact that the speedster practically unintentionally labeled him as "unintelligent".

Both Kaldur and Robin gave him a look.

"Not like I said 'it'!" He quickly defended. He was sure the wacky scientist who made him would call him an "it".

Robin shook his head at his best friend's subtle way of itching into the wrong side of people and Kaldur just turn his attention back to the boy.

"The Genomorph taught you, telepathically."

The response to what the Atlantean said was a nod from the boy. He opened his mouth then closes it again, not sure whether he was supposed to say anything about that, and looks at Kaldur again for unneeded permission to speak out.

The Atlantean nodded in approval once again.

"T-They taught me a lot of things… like to read, write…." The boy's face twisted into an unreadable expression before it went to its curious yet stoic appearance. "…and I know the names of things…."

"But have you seen them..?"

The boy snapped his eyes at the boy wonder, not exactly expecting for him to talk.

"Have they ever actually let you see the… the sky..?"

The boy tilted his head.

"…or the sun…?

For some reason, the question made him shuffled his feet; feeling as if he didn't do something that he was supposed to do and is now getting a lecture from his parents.

"I-Imagines are im-implanted in my m-mind and G-Guardian would sometimes bring me p-pictures…" He first admitted and then his eyes cast down as if he felt ashamed. "B-But no, I haven't…"

The boy frown lightly as he was a bit annoyed about how he stuttered every so often but it couldn't be help since the only person that he would talk to would be Guardian, the lady who would give him lollipops during inspections, and that doctor guy who he doesn't really like at all.

Kid Flash raised an eyebrow mostly out of confusion. Is it just him or does the kid sounded a bit too intelligent for a regular five year old?

"Hey, what does Pi equal to?"

Both Robin and Kaldur shot him looks once again, wondering why in the world would he ask a five year old that. Before Wally could explain the kid had already answered.


"Ok, ok! We get it!"

The boy quickly then shut his mouth, wondering what he did wrong for he was pretty sure that he answered his question very accurately and slightly squirm under their intense gaze which is on him once again. Apparently, they now know that the boy isn't your run-of-the-mill five year old. He seemed to act like one, though a bit too stoic, but his intelligence isn't something you should take too lightly on.

All three look at each other once more before putting their attention back to the boy.

"Do you know what you are? Who you are?"

The kid seemed a bit irritated about having to answer another question again but replied anyway since it is a question from the Atlantean.

"I am The Superboy. A Genomorph. A clone made from the DNA of The Superman. Created to replace him, should he perish. To destroy him, should he turn from The Light."

"Superboy" had said it clearly and robotically. He hadn't even stuttered a word that time. It was obvious that this fact is rehearsed repeatedly in his mind. And the others couldn't help but think it a bit wrong for a child as such to be even thinking as just a "clone" or a "weapon" for those, obviously, wrong purposes.

"Aren't you a bit young to be the 'man of steel'?" For some reason, his question sounded like something from a specific cartoon show that he couldn't remember the name of.

Superboy seemed a bit displeased by the question but didn't disagree to what the red-head has said.

"D-Dr. Desmond is making something to accelerate my growth. It was a mistake I turned out this way…"

Kaldur frowned at how the child seemed to take "mistake" by heart. Both KF and Robin looked at each other, noticing that too.

"To be like Superman is… a worthy aspiration. But like Superman, you deserve a life of your own. Beyond that solar suit." Superboy automatically look down at his clothing at the mention of his solar suit, wondering if there is something wrong with wearing it now. "Beyond your pod."

He looked up at the Atlantean.

"Beyond Cadmus."

Superboy looked utterly confuse by what he said.

"I live because of Cadmus. It is my home."

Clearly and Robotically. Like when he declared what and who he was. They can tell that the saying was also rehearsed repeatedly in the child's mind.

"Your home, is a test tube." Robin couldn't help but point out. Yeah… Cadmus is not really an ideal home for anyone… "We can show you the sun."

"Uh… Pretty sure it's after midnight. But, we can show you the moon."

Robin just rolled his eyes at his best friend's unneeded added comment. Kid Flash just sticks his tongue out at Robin.

Overlooking the childish antics of his teammates, Kaldur then added:

"We can show you –introduce you –to Superman."

This immediately brought the attention to the boy for he looked up at the three wondrously, as if he expects them to be some kind of magician to be able to do that. He had heard much of his supposed donor from the G-Gnomes. About how he is this amazing person admired by many. That he was supposed to be strong and wise and super incredible. He didn't know when he was going to meet this person for they never told him.

But he hoped soon to know what kind of person is: "Superman".

"No, they can't."

Superboy slightly jumped as there was another voice behind him. He still wasn't use to the whole "heighten senses" thing.

He looked back only for his stoic expression twisted into one that could be slightly compared to the feeling of disgust. It could be seen to anyone that the kid obviously didn't like the doctor who was coming towards them from the entry way. But the kid didn't move from where he is at as if he had no choice but to stay where he is.

"They'll be otherwise… occupied…"

Superboy then looked at the three with slight concern on his face.

He knows by the tone of the doctor that he wouldn't let them go. He does have some type of childish mind of a five year old, but he isn't stupid. His mind told him to not go against Desmond orders but, something else deep tells him that he wanted to rescue the three above him. He likes them. They seemed really nice and they talked to him in a way that makes him feel warm and… accepted. Though he had to admit that the speedster does annoy him at some point…

"Activate the cloning process."

"Pass! Bat-cave's crowded enough!"

Clone…? Is there something wrong with how they are now?

"And get the weapon back in its pod!"

It was obvious about how the three dislike how he refers to the child ever so wrongly. No wonder the child seemed a bit too… robotic…

Superboy didn't look as if he minded the doctor called him that. A weapon. He was used to it. He didn't know any other name for himself than "Project Kr", "The Superboy" or "it". Guardian called him "Conner" but he doesn't really knows why and wondered if it is another word for "weapon" that he hadn't learned yet from the G-Gnomes.

The kid looked back behind him as he saw Guardian coming up towards him. His blue, sapphire eyes seemed to follow the man who had "trained" him in this past year though he kept his awareness to the others around him.

He suddenly found himself distrusting the people that he knew throughout this single year. He then began to question his reasoning and his existence. He even began to doubt the nice lady who would give him lollipops.

He felt the hand of the Guardian on his head, just noticing that his supposed mentor was already next to him, and that hand began to ruffle his hair. Except for flinching away or backing away this time, he seemed to soak in the affection of fondness that came from the touch. He, very much as a child, still want to be reassured there was no need for distrusting the one who created him.

He didn't like the doctor, but does he allow himself to trust him..?

Desmond frowned at the display of affection he saw that the Guardian gave to "his" weapon. This would prove a bit of a hassle if the man decided to have gone soft with the boy. He would need to correct that later.

"Help us."

At the sound of the Atlantean's voice, Superboy snapped out of his daze, and at that instant, he slapped Guardian's hand away from his head.

Guardian looked as shocked as the boy did.

"I-I…Y-You see…"

The boy looked very much lost. He looked as if he was caught stealing a cookie from the cookie jar.

And then he realized something.

In the beginning, he never did know if he can actually trust them at all. Who can he trust..?

"Don't start thinking now."

Before Superboy can turn towards the doctor, finally then noticing that Desmond was coming closer, a G-Gnome perched on his shoulder and he found his world utterly blank.

"You see, you're not a real boy, you're a weapon and you belong to me!"

The voice was particularly loud to his ears, as if that the voice was the only thing he was supposed to pay attention to. But he couldn't respond. He wanted to cry out when he figured that his will is not his own.

There was a quick pause to what Desmond said.

"Well, to Cadmus. Same thing."

"But like Superman, you deserved a life of your own."

"Now get back to your pod!"

There was no hesitance in his movements. Like a robotic, perfect little soldier that he was made for; he turned quickly and stride out towards the entry way of the room.

But then something changed in his posture. He suddenly then stopped as the door was about to close behind him and looked back. And the three trapped in the pod; they saw the short, small flicker of emotion on the boy's face.

The kid looked absolutely terrified.

He really doesn't know what to do now, like when he came out of his pod for the first time, face to face with people he doesn't know. Empty of ambition and reason. He doesn't even know what is right and what is wrong anymore. And it scared him.

It was a sight that would break anyone's heart.

Though when Desmond watched as "The Weapon" disappears behind the closing doors, he thought nothing of it and turned to his assistant.

"You know, you put a whooole new level to child abuse. Just you wait! They'll not just gonna put you in jail for doing illegal breeding projects, but also for child manipulation!"

"Um, KF. I wouldn't call it child abuse; but he is doing something horrible in that kind of sense."


"Well, I'm pretty sure he's giving Supey the basic needs. I mean physically, like for his health. He's surely not neglecting him but I'm pretty sure brainwashing the kid to do illegal stuff is pretty bad."

"…Dude, seriously? You're messing up my declaration. Beside, I'm sure Supey is lacking emotional care. That's child abuse, isn't it?"

"I think Guardian have that covered."

"He's brainwashed! He soooo doesn't count."

Desmond rubbed the bridge between his eyes. He had to work on their… talkative state. He nodded towards his assistance, permitting to start the cloning sequence.

"What? Should it matter that he's brainwashed?"

"It should! I think Supes is one of those highly sensitive kids who can, like, really read the atmosphere! So if Guardian is, like, robotic as he is-"

Wally shut his mouth as he noticed eight… no doubtfully hurtful looking syringes appearing in front of him.

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