A/N: Hello everyone. I decided to use a story generator to make this quick short story (it won't be more than a few chapters, I believe). I got one plot (which I thought was hilarious), so I'll be using it for the time being. I'll reveal what the generator gave to me at the end!

Story Description: It all began with my missing wallet. Switches from Rin's and Len's POV.

I distinctly remember taking it out with me when I left. I grabbed it earlier before I left the house.

I had it when I paid the person to get into the zoo.

I had it when I bought a popsicle from the nice vendor guy.

I remember that the popsicle was orange, and it tasted good.

Then I sat down on the bench and watched the flamingos.

After that, I think I fell asleep.

I live in a port city. Obviously, it's near the beach.

The area where I live is very tourist-y. Lots of people come to the beach because our water is clean. We usually have nice summer-y weather too, with plenty of sun and puffy clouds in the sky. The city isn't too big here, and it's pretty peaceful. You can usually walk along the shore during nighttime, and people won't bother you here. We know how to keep our personal space.

We have a good amount of attractions here too. Along with the beach, we have a small amusement park near the pier, and we also have a zoo called the Nara Zoo. Nobody really visits the zoo anymore, though. It used to be pretty popular until Mala left. She was the star tiger at our zoo.

[Personally, I like Zach better. He's the star FLAMINGO at our zoo. But he's getting old, the poor guy. (That doesn't stop him from flirting with the ladies, though. He's such a tease.)]

I visit the zoo often to see Zach and the other flamingos. For some reason, I have a strange affection for them (although my favorite color is orange). They're so lovable though; I can't help it!

Today I was visiting Zach, as usual. After talking (=making funny noises) with him for a little bit, I sat on the bench that was across from the flamingo area. (It's also known as the best napping spot in the city). The way the sun filters through the trees is just right, and with the birds chirping and everything…

I fell asleep like a baby.

Then I woke up to my missing wallet.