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Turning Point – Chapter 1

Soundwave ran down the halls of the Nemesis.

Soundwave never ran in the Nemesis, unless it was getting ready for battle, and the only other time he ran like this was when he was in battle.

There was no battle now.

His processor was in a frenzy, trying to block out the screams and shrieks for help and the desolate tone of those telepathically delivered messages, while also trying to calm them. But he knew that it would do no good. And now, he would be the one to save them. He panted, the second vocaliser in his mask making it sound odd, but that was the least of his concerns. Not in his wildest and most horrible recharge fluxes would he think that Megatron would stoop to such a level, to commit such a act of utter depravity and horror. Even his loyalty would not be blind to such an act.

It would be stopped.

And if not…

…well, he had not planned that far.

He palmed open the lift, dashing in and jabbing the button for two levels down. The soundproofed floor.

The navy mech took a moment to reflect on how ignorant he was, to ignore Starscream's uncharacteristic plea to help him a week ago. He had vowed, however, to keep a mental thread attached between them. If he hadn't he wouldn't have believed it. And he also felt an overwhelming amount of something he hadn't for a long time.


The elevator dinged and the doors opened. Spark pulsing hard in his chest, the telepath sprinted to the end of the hallway, inputting his override code, feeling only mildly relieved as the door opened, only to want to purge his tanks at the sickening visual that greeted him.

On the wall facing him, strung up in chains and held just above the floor, were Skywarp and Thundercracker. Energon bled from the restraints held too tight over their wrists and their wings were held high so that they would look smaller. Thundercracker had a livid expression on his faceplates. The cause of which was probably the dented lips of Skywarp and the ribbons of thick, silvery transfluid flowing out of his gaping mouth. The younger Seeker had a dazed, scared look on his face, a collar around his neck, and a great deal of wires around his neck ripped out. Coolant tears left haunting tracks across his cheeks from where they flowed out of his optic coolant lines.

But this was not the worst. No.

For shackled to a concrete slab on the floor was Starscream, gag in his mouth and coolant tears streaking down his grey faceplates with an expression of utter hopelessness. He had whip marks all over his chest, his cockpit glass cracked, and dents marring his frame. And pounding roughly into the normally proud Seeker's valve, was Megatron.

The warlord was panting with the force of his thrusts, but noticed the door open and looked up, and with a smirk, asked lazily, "Come to join in, Soundwave? Or here for the show?"

Soundwave did not reply, optics horrifically drawn to where Megatron's spike was held half-in, half-out of Starscream's valve, and was coated, not in lubricant – which was what would happen if such an act were consensual – but in energon. Meaning that Megatron was raping Starscream so hard that he had burst one of the energon tubes in the valve, adding to the pain that Soundwave had felt telepathically. Starscream looked at him weakly, some hope entering his optics.

'You came…help…me…Soundwave.' The telepathic voice was broken, pleading. It did not sound like Starscream, but it was.

Gathering his wits, Soundwave said forcefully, "Megatron: Desist."

"Pfft, such a stick in the mud. You can watch then," scoffed Megatron, preparing to sink back into Starscream.

"Megatron: Desist. Now," Soundwave said again, a bite entering his usual monotone.

The tyrant looked up, pulling himself free of Starscream's pain-clenched valve and standing in front of his third, spike erect in the air as he growled, "Are you ordering me, Soundwave? You should know better."

"Repeat: Megatron, desist. Reason: damaging. Not functional to Decepticon cause," Soundwave reiterated, standing his ground. He hoped that Megatron would see reason, that there was a shred of mercy in that black spark to stop this.

Megatron narrowed his optics further, rubbing his chin in thought, before he nodded and said, "Alright, fine. I will stop with Starscream."

Soundwave sagged minimally in relief, and turned to go unshackle one of the Seekers when a massive hand grabbed him and threw him on the ground near the concrete slab where Starscream was watching with wide, fearful optics. He was dazed for a moment, and then his vision was filled with the angry, yet grinning faceplate of his leader.

"I said nothing about not touching you," Megatron growled, forcing a fist into his third's abdomen, "And if you try to shut me down with your telepathy, I'll murder your pathetic little drones."

The telepath hissed in pain from the hit, but it was nothing to the black wash of despair and fear he felt as Megatron lifted his cannon and placed it square on the centre of his cassette glass. He could feel the hum of the charge, and behind his visor, his optics widened in fear. Ravage and Ratbat had chosen to recharge in his chest compartments tonight. If Megatron went through with his threat, both would be extinguished. The needs of his family overrode the need to get away from this mad mech, and he stilled.

The grey warlord chuckled, and in a mocking soothing voice chided, "There there Soundwave, that wasn't hard. Now, for your lesson. I'll teach you how to obey your master and lord."

Starscream whimpered, and Megatron turned and shouted, "Shut up, you whore!"

Soundwave shrank back, inadvertently bringing Megatron's attention back to him. The madness in those crimson optics caused Soundwave to tremble slightly. He tried not to let it show, but he was thoroughly rattled. Everything felt upside-down. Where was his majestic, clear-minded, goal driven, inspiring leader? Where was the mech he had been loyal to for millennia? Had he truly morphed into this terrifying beast? A rapist with no care for the cause – this is what Megatron had become.

He felt a fool. A puppet on a string.

His musings were interrupted by a strong hand reaching down to his pelvic area and roughly squeezing his interface panel.

"Open," Megatron demanded, denta bared in a snarl.

Soundwave didn't know what to do.

But Megatron answered his own question for him, tearing his digits into the seam and ripping the metal of his interface panel off, causing a few spurts of energon to erupt from the connection point. Soundwave made a choked cry of pain before biting down on his glossa. He would try to fend off giving his leader the satisfaction of hearing his pain. His tanks churned as he watched Megatron take the interface panel and twist it into an odd shape before throwing it over his shoulder carelessly. He was further sickened by fingers brushing against his sore plating where it had been torn, wires hanging, and were then brought up to a grey mouth. And then, with an evil smirk, Megatron licked off the energon from his wound.

"How delicious you are Soundwave. Perhaps I should have started with you instead of Starscream," mocked Megatron, daring the telepath, who was bound by his threats and by fear, to retort.

Soundwave did not move or twitch, but his processor was whirring. He was in for a world of pain. He felt like an dolt. The idiocy of his blind loyalty haunting him with each thought. How stupid, how trusting. And he was now paying the price for it. He felt violated as heavy hands ran coarsely over his frame, scraping against his plating in a sick rendition of foreplay. He shuttered his optics tight, frame tensed, knowing there was nothing he could do to prepare for what was to come.

Megatron's putrid breath filled his olfactory sensor (had the mech gone after radioactive rust sticks again?) and his rough chuckle reverberated near his audial. "I bet you're going to be so tight, aren't you? Prude."

Soundwave wanted to lash out with his telepathy, to prove who was more superior, but he couldn't bear to think if Megatron lashed back and killed his cassettes.

He could only thank Primus that his seals had already been broken. This would have been so much worse if he was untouched.

He could feel Megatron lining up. With a horrifying sense of clarity, Soundwave knew this is what Starscream felt.

And then the first harsh push in to his dry, unaroused, valve.

It was excruciating.

"Scream, Soundwave. I want to hear your pain, not just feel it," growled the grey, looming mass of insane mech above him.

Soundwave only bit down harder on his glossa, willing himself to ignore the pain, ignore it…

And then Megatron pulled out roughly, and with the same force, jerked his spike back in. He did it again. And again. And again.

For the navy plated telepath, the first searing bolts of pain stood out like bleeding energon on a black canvas. As Megatron began the steady, rough tempo with his hips, spike thrashing in and out of him and ripping past his abused sensors, every data byte of pain rolled into one large ache, pooling not only at the apex of his thighs, but in his processor as well as his sensors screamed in white hot pain. He curled his hands into the ground, willing for Megatron to climax and finish so he could be spared any more horror.

And then he felt something snap in his valve and heat rushed through it and coated his rubbed raw walls which Megatron was still thrusting into. It took a moment for Soundwave to realise what had happened.

A part of his valve lining had broken open as well as an energon line. And now energon was slicking the rape.

He had made no noise, but a wetness on his cheekplates alerted him to the fact that at some point, behind his visor and mask, he had begun to leak a few tears of coolant.

It felt like that spike was trying to cleave him in two, the stretch blindingly painful and his processor overwhelmed with the amounts of negative data. Megatron pressed down on him, and he could feel his whole body. Soundwave kept his optics shut. If he could save one sense in this ordeal, it would be his sight. The heavy panting echoed menacingly in his head. He writhed, trying to make Megatron climax. He wanted this over.

And the his gravelly low voice murmured to him, "This is all your fault, Soundwave. Making me think of you and your valve, it made me hot, made me want to have you. It's your fault, you wouldn't obey me."

Soundwave felt the tempting urge to scream in rage. It was not his fault! He would never had invited this!

But dark part of him whispered, a niggling thought in the back of his processor, 'You did. You could have left, ignored it. Your master has rights and you are but a slave. You should have left Starscream and his trine to suffer.'

It was not right!

The dark doubt whispered, 'And is rape worse than what you have done? Plundered other's minds for the Decepticon cause? Killed?'


An obsidian hole enveloping him with cold arms.

He was dead inside.

And the world came back to him as Megatron bellowed out his release and hot, painful transfluid splattered into his raw and sore valve. He jerked, and only then, finally, did he break his silence and scream out in pain, the vodocoder in his mask not hiding the raw anguish in the sound.

Megatron was chuckling as he pulled out, shaking his spike for good measure, and said, "Use your telepathy on me, and I will find your nearest creation and kill it."

He left the room, not paying a glance to the Seekers and shut the doors behind him.

Soundwave finally opened his optics again, willing this to have been a nightmare.

The pain coursing through him and the searing stings in his valve told him otherwise. He glanced around, and saw that all three Seekers were looking at him. The emotions in their gazes were plainly obvious. In all three was hate and anguish. Thundercracker's was full of rage, directed at the tyrant that had just left. Skywarp's was fear and pity, and a type of empathy.

Starscream's was most spark wrenching of all. Guilt, hope, gratefulness, pain, and self-loathing all clashed in that gaze.

Soundwave tentatively reached out a mental link and whispered to the dejected Seeker, "I'm sorry I did not believe you earlier."

"It doesn't matter now. What…what matters is that you came and tried to make a difference," Starscream whispered back through the link, unable to speak because of the gag still holding his lipplates open.

Soundwave retreated, the dirty sensation of defilement weaving it's claws into his spark. He felt filthy. Useless.

More of a fool than ever.

But he used the rest of his strength to sit up, hissing from the sharp ache in his pelvic region, before slowly standing and lurching over to where the black and blue Seeker's were bound. Using a small tool, he picked the locks and set them free. Thundercracker instantly enveloped Skywarp in his arms as his lover and younger Seeker leaned into him and began to cry uncontrollably, but the sound becoming distorted because of the ripped wires in his throat. Thundercracker tried to comfort him, rubbing his wings gently – thanking Primus Megatron had not touched them – but knew this would not be healed like a dent. He held the teleporter close and watched as Soundwave's kneejoints shook, and then buckled and he fell.

Soundwave wanted to cry out in pain, but ignored it. He had to free Starscream first.

He crawled over in a herculean effort and used the same tool as before to free the tri-coloured Seeker from his chains before removing the gag with a gentle touch.

Starscream coughed, tears still streaming, and whispered hoarsely, "Thank you, Soundwave…I…am in your debt."

And then he did something quite unexpected and took his hand and squeezed, trying to provide him with some comfort.

Soundwave knew that he and Starscream had usually been at odds with each other. They could work together, but their differing views on their leader caused their work relationship to be strained. Now, Soundwave could say he understood Starscream's vehemence and rage. He squeezed back. Something in him told him that this was not just one time that such an event had happened. He wanted to know.

"What happened?" he asked.

Starscream's optics had a dead look as he opened his mouth and began to explain, "Megatron was in a mood. He…took me down here to punish me…like he does…but he brought my trinemates in." He looked over to where Thundercracker was trying to calm down Skywarp, who was still distraught. "He bound us all and then…then made S-Skywarp suck him off. He was going to…to e-enter him too, but I b-b-begged him to take me instead. Thundercracker has n-not been touched at all. I'm glad he wasn't." The tone was wobbly, but it gave Soundwave the information he needed.

Searching crimson optics looked to him, guilt returning and mumbled brokenly, "I'm sorry, Soundwave. I'm s-s-sorry! I c-can't believe he would do that t-to you!"

Fresh tears erupted. From all of their faces as the events settled in and took their hold.

"Rape:…not…S-starscream's fault."

Soundwave felt his own voice wobble. But his resolve strengthened a thought he had since he had freed Starscream. They needed medical help. And he sure as pit was not going to stay here. He was not going to stay here under the rule of a rapist of the innocents. While killing had been somewhat justified, there was nothing to justify this. Only that Megatron derived a sick sense of pleasure and power from it.

Turning to the youngest Seeker, Soundwave asked softly, "Skywarp: can warp?"

Skywarp looked at him tearfully, clutching onto Thundercracker like his life depended on it and said raspily, "Why?"

"Soundwave: Needs all cassettes."

"Why?" It was Thundercracker who asked this time as he brushed the tears off his lover's face and unbuckled the unsightly collar, tightening his hold to comfort.

"Medical attention: needed," Soundwave stated, shakily getting to his pedes once more, helping Starscream up as he did so. The tricoloured Seeker was so injured he could just barely stand, energon dripping off his frame and onto the floor.

Thundercracker frowned, "But we can just walk to the medbay. It's only a floor up."

Soundwave shook his helm slowly. He wanted them to understand. "Medical attention: Not Decepticon medic. Needed: Autobot medic."

Silence bloomed as each mech thought about the implications of that statement. Then, Starscream spoke up. "Do you mean…defect? Or just this one instance?"

"My choice: undecided. Priority: healing," the navy telepath muttered, half-turning away, becoming hyper aware of the fact that he had no interface panel. His creations were starting to be frantic. Ravage and Ratbat had just awoken, and now Ravage was trying to prevent Ratbat from realising what the implication of no interface panel meant. While grateful for his eldest creations flexibility in situations, they needed to get out of here now before Megatron really noticed they were missing.

Skywarp seemed to have calmed, and he asked quietly to clarify, "So…you want me to warp us to your quarters…and then…to the Autobot base?"

With a determined pulse in his spark and voice, Soundwave answered, "Affirmative."

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