It's been a while. It's actually been so long that I didn't even know there was a new set-up to this site. Well, I'm hoping I can just get a story out for this movie since I love it so much. Summary was basically what you're in for, just more.

She's a "lost-in-this"
She's a light
She'll always be
a little far for me to reach
-Always Be, Jimmy Eat World

Here I was, at the annual Halloween party at Jenny McGrath's house. Last place I wanted to be in all honesty. I mean sure, I loved pretending to be someone I'm not just as much as the next person, but when it came to Halloween all I could see was consumer capitalism. Not only that, I just didn't want to be around these lame people who thought they were hot shit when really I could give two shits about what they had to say. I guess it's true; high school never ends.

Everyone seemed to wear something different which shocked me. This was supposed to be like prom where you wore the same dress as some other chick and it turns into this huge fight you won't care about in a week. Then again, I guess it wasn't too shocking. There were plenty of forms of slutty costumes now a days. Makes me truly wish I lived in a time where women wouldn't be so…exposed. Sure, I show some skin on occasion, but let's just say these girls…show all. They would laugh as I passed them of course. I mean, who would want to show up in the same costume they've worn every year for the past…six? Oh wait, that's right. Me.

Apparently I wasn't the only one though. Well, I couldn't say I was surprised. Me wearing my Kairi costume from Kingdom of Hearts Two, I couldn't help it. My red hair made it seem normal enough and there wasn't much to it. I didn't go over the top…but my friends…did.

Hutch, Linus, and Windows walked through the living room door making a far from graceful entrance. Hutch wrapped an arm around me and smiled proudly, "How's my girl?"

"Great," I replied. "But remember Hutch," I pulled away and walked towards Zoe "I'm not your girl".

He just waved his hand, "You wish you could get with this stormtrooper."

"Yeah, I'm sure I do." I replied sarcastically. I turned to Zoe, "Hey, what's up?"

"Not much," she replied before nodding her head in the direction of a figure beside her. "Riley, you remember our dear friend Eric."

I looked to the man in the business suit, totally out of place I might add and fake gasped, "Botler's back? Knew he'd come along. What's with the threads? Thought you were more of a Levi's kinda guy."

Eric smiled and rolled his eyes, "I came straight from work, so…yeah. But you look, great. Not surprised you went with that one. I remember when you used to dress as Leia and all Hutch would say was that you had to make out with him since he would always dress as Han."

I smirked, "Lucky me."

Eric chuckled lightly. "Hey, you should talk to the guys. I'm sure they would love to talk to you." Zoe said.

He sighed heavily and drank a sip of his beer before stepping outside.

Later on, Zoe, Hutch, Eric, Linus, and myself sat in the living room area drinking our beers; attempting to catch up with one another. Windows requested a phone jack insisting that he needed to reply to "Rouge Leader", his online girlfriend, I'm sorry, boyfriend.

Zoe was trying to act as controlled as possible but I knew for a fact in her head she wanted to freak on the boy. The fact that he couldn't see how much she loved him shocked me.

"You guys are all jealous because she describes herself as a cross between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Janeane Garofalo." Windows said before typing away.

Linus repeated his last few words making me snort in amusement. Windows then tried to explain how he had described himself accurately as "White Chocolate" making me only cackle loudly.

Linus then took Windows' PalmPilot and read the screen, "Official Episode One countdown is…6 months, 12 days, 8 hours and some change!"

"I would sell my soul to see that movie right here, right now." Windows said.

"I would sell my left nut, and I only have the one nut so you see how serious I am?" Hutch smiled before winking in my direction. I shook my head and made a face to which he stuck out his tongue.

"I can not listen to this shit for another six months!" Zoe exclaimed.

Linus made an angered noise, "Oh shush your mouth woman! You know, we could see the movie."

"Oh please, not this again" Zoe rolled her eyes. Linus got up from his seat allowing me to lay across the entire couch.

"Tell us about the rabbits George, George." Hutch said which made me laugh out loud. He always knew how to use random pop culture quotes in every situation we were involved in.

"Imagine," Linus began. "Okay? We drive across the country in one night. We break in to the Skywalker Ranch and steal ourselves a print!"

This caused howling and whooping to irrupt throughout the living room by myself, Hutch and Windows.

Eric made a displeased face, "You guys have been talking about this since the fifth grade, okay? It's not gonna happen."

"Why the hell not?" Linus spat.

"Well, first of all, it's two thousand miles away. Second of all, even if you could get there you'd be arrested."

Linus put up his cup, "It's been a blast Botler," he said cheekily. "Way to douche up the party."

Hutch put his arm out for me, which I took after rolling my eyes. "Nothing is impossible," he said to Eric.

I let go of his arm once we exited. "Looks like I'll be seeing you later boys." I said before turning towards the other end of the road.

"Hold up," Linus said. "You're walking home?"

My eyebrows shrunk in confusion, "Uh, yeah. Why?"

He took my hand, sighing heavily, "You're not walking home. Come on, you'll stay with us tonight."

I rolled my eyes in response. "Is this just so you guys can have a sleepover with a girl?" I asked.

Linus smirked, "We're grown men. Girls are always at our houses."

"Sure," I replied slowly. "You got them all lined up, don't you?"

"Absolutely." Linus replied.

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