THE SHADOWS by bri-chan of konoha with some help from (my twin sister )

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Demons and spirit seer's and a fierce gang called akatsuki. Sakura is born with the ability to see and hear ghosts. To top it off she has the ability to call on their help when she needs it, but she doesn't know how to use it because her mother died before she could teach her how to use it. To identify elite seer's, there is a tattoo like seal on their upper back, and is in the shape of wings. demons and shadow follower's have the ability to see spirits. Sasuke is her child hood crush and a fire demon, is being haunted by a ghost from his past along with his brother Itachi. Itachi is part of the fierce gang Akatsuki. Sakura has the choice to help Sasuke and his brother or leave them to figure it out themselves. With the help of her friends Sakura finds Bri-chan, one of the rare seer's, an elite seer (A/N honestly had no idea what to call it). Bri-chan's older brother Doragon, is a dragon keeper, or dragon demon. He has six dragons with different abilities and Aya, Bri-chan's older sister is also an elite seer. Orochimaru wants to eliminate the human, and demon race and enslave them, and with the help of the shadows, bad spirits, and the shadow follower's, bad people who can see spirits. Kabuto helps Orochimaru with his ambition to rule the world but has something coming when he meets Sakura and her friends.

character introduction...

Sakura Haruno-spirit seer (A/N it's a word, I looked it up in the dictionary...)
Sasuke Uchiha-fire demon.
Naruto Uzumaki-fox demon.
Kakashi Hatake-half fire demon.
Shikamaru Nara-shadow demon. Shadow demons are not good or bad, but the Nara clan is more good than bad.
Ino Yamanaka-mind reader.
Shino Aburame-bug summoner.
Choji Akamichi-has the ability to make himself bigger than usual.
Lee-has inhuman speed.
Sai-has the ability to make his drawings come to life whenever he wants.
Neji Hyuga-light demon and can see farther than the normal eye.
Hinata Hyuga-Neji's cousin, also a light demon and can see farther than the normal eye.
Kiba Inuzuka-dog demon.
Akamaru-Kiba's dog and friend.
Tenten-weapon mistress.
Temari-wind wielder.
Gaara-sand wielder.
Konkuro-puppet master.
Bri-chan-elite seer.
Aya-Bri-chan's older sister, also an elite seer.
Doragon-Aya and Bri-chan's older brother and dragon demon, or dragon keeper.
Akatsuki-a fierce gang of demons and people with high abilities.
Orochimaru-shadow leader Kabuto Yakushi-Orochimaru's henchmen.

Akatsuki members:
Itachi Uchiha-Sasuke's brother and a fire demon.
Deidara-ability to make clay bombs with the mouths on his hands.
Sasori-puppet master.
Zetsu-has the ability to merge into things, and has an obvious split personality.
Pein-leader of Akatsuki.
Konan-paper demon and the only female of Akatsuki.
Kakuzu-body stitcher. (A/N I know stitcher is not a word. Review and tell me what I should put instead of stitcher..)
Kisame Hoshigaki-shark demon.
Tobi-has the ability to make himself transparent.

ages: (A/N I looked up the ages of the Akatsuki members but I couldn't find the ages for some members so I made up some ages.)
Sasuke, Sakura, Nauto, Shikamaru, Ino, Choji, Hinata, Kiba, Shino-16 Neji, Tenten, Lee, Sai, Aya-17 Bri-chan-15 Kakashi-29 Itachi-21 Doragon-19 Hidan-22 Kakuzu-91 (A/N NO LIE! he's so old D:)
Deidara-19 Sasori-35 Zetsu-25 Pein-26 Konan-25 Kisame-32 Tobi-17

Doragon's dragons (A/N my sister helped come up with the names, and honestly I was half asleep when I came up with the facts so don't hate me if they suck-.-')

Enkay- purple, female, ruler of the dragons, and the oldest.
Seraku-red, male, most intelligent, and breathes fire.
Rem-blue, female, youngest and the fastest, controls matter.
Shinari-white, controls light likethe Hyuga clan.
Renka-black, meanest, controls darkness.
Grenchas-green, male, earth dragon, rivalry with Rem.