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Chapter five.


I laughed at Inner and ran to catch up to everyone, Hinata right beside me. When we got back to the house I saw that the car was in the drive way so I knew that Doragon and Bri-chan were back. When we got into the house, took off our shoes, and walked into the living room, Doragon looked up from the t.v and put his finger to his lips and looked in the direction of one of the couches. I looked over and saw that Bri-chan was curled up and fast asleep on it. We all nodded our heads and quietly walked upstairs and went into the room we were staying in. After I got changed into my red pajamas I walked over to the bed I was sharing with Ino and curled up under the covers and fell asleep.

The next morning I was woken by people arguing downstairs so I went down to see what was going on. What I seen was something I never expected to see. There in the kitchen was Doragon yelling at some red head, the same red head I seen the other day. She seen me and stomped over to me, I looked at Doragon. It looked like he was restraining himself from doing something to her.

"YOU!" She yelled, pointing in my face.

"What about me?" I asked.

"You're in the way." She yelled again.

What was I in the way of? The stairs? "Uh, what?" I asked, jeez she has some problems.

Before she could say anything Bri-chan stepped down the stairs and glared at the red head. "What the hell are you doing in my house?" She snarled.

"Dealing with a pink haired bitch." She growled back. Seriously, what did I do to her?

"Just punch her" Inner said.

No way. Not when Bri-chan sounds pissed off already. I don't wanna anger her even more." I said back.

"Aww, you take the fun out of everything." Inner said, pouting.

I just rolled my eyes and tuned back into the conversation.

"If you have a problem with Sakura, you have to deal with me. And you know that won't go so well, now don't you." Bri-chan said, crossing her arms and taking a step towards her.

"This is between me and her. Don't stick you're spirit seeing nose in it." Karin yelled.

"I wasn't aware I could see out of my nose." Bri-chan said, sarcastically.

"Shut up and move out of my way." Karing growled. I didn't even notice Bri-chan step in front of me

"Make me." She said, sounding some what calm.

"I will." Karin yelled.

"Try it Karin and see what that gets you." I turned to see Aya standing behind me with a glare fixated on the red head, now I know as Karin.

"Why don't you all just get out of my fucking way and let me deal with this bitch alone." Karin growled.

"Because you don't talk about my guest like that in front of me. Especially when you know I can kick your ass." Bri-chan snarled back.

"Holy crap, she swears." Inner said, shocked.

I just rolled my eyes at her.

"Whatever. I don't care. Sasuke-kun would protect me anyway. He wouldn t let the likes of you hurting me." She said, fipping her hair.

My eyes widen slightly at that statement. So it was Sasuke I saw. I wasn't just imagining it.

"Yeah right. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?" Someone said, laughing.

I turned my head in the direction of the front door and saw the same boy I saw yesterday. The one with the purple eyes and white hair with a blue-ish tint to it.

"Shut up Suigetsu. Sasuke-kun and I are destined to be with each other." Karin said back, causing not only Suigetsu but Bri-chan to snort.

"Sure. If he's into pigs that is." Bri-chan retorted.

Suigetsu bursted out laughing. That's when I heard someone clear their throat. We all looked back towards the door to see the orange haired man.

"Oh look. It's a freaking party." Bri-chan said, rolling her eyes and making her way to the door, that was still open from Karin's intrusion. "Sasuke-san wouldn't like it if we were picking fights with our allies." He said.

"Allies my ass." Doragon and Aya said at the same time.

"Who said we want to be allies?" Bri-chan said, crossing her arms again.

"We're hoping you would consider." The orange haired man said.

"Juugo, why does he want us to be allies with them? They're weak. Besides it's only the four of them. What can they do?" Karin asked

"No one said it was just the four of us." Aya said.

"Guys, come down here for a minute. Come say hi to some people." Doragon yelled up the stairs.

Karin looked at Juugo who looked back at her, then she looked at Suigetsu who just rolled his eyes at her. Was she the only one who wasn t informed on just how many of us there was. She was just about to say something when Juugo motioned for her to shut up. She huffed but complied. By the time everyone got down the stairs and stood in the hallway by the door, Suigetsu was complaining he was thirsty.

"Wow there is a lot of you guys." Suigetsu said.

"Yeah there is." I said.

Most of the gang were glaring at the three intruders, mainly because most of them were tired still. Shikamaru was asleep leaning against the wall, until Ino punched him in the gut, causing him not only to wake up, but fall over.

"So why is it that you are here?" Aya asked, glaring holes into Karin's head.

"We need your help. Our leader Sasuke is being followed and because we are with him, so are we, too." Juugo said.

"What's following teme?" Naruto asked.

"Shadows." Suigetsu said.

"But why come to us?" I asked.

"Because not only is it all of you, but most of you know who he is. He may not admit it but he trusts you guys still, even though he betrayed konoha." Karin said, venom dripping from every word.

By the sounds of it, she doesn't like that he still trusts us. Wait, he still trusts us? I must not let my emotions show, they'll think I'm weak.
"What makes you think we want to help you guys?" I asked, glaring at Karin, who was glaring back.

"Because you need to. I know Bri-chan will help us because that's her motive isn t it? Getting stronger to defeat the shadow lord and the shadows that follow under him?" I heard a masculine voice say. I looked in the direction of the new voice to see, my eyes widen when I realized who it was. None other than Sasuke Uchiha, the man I fell in love with and the man that shattered my heart to pieces.

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