Hello all and welcome to the first one shot of Derek and Scott from the awesome tv show Teen Wolf.
So far there are no fan-fictions of them on this site so I figure why not be the first of many.
This takes place after Episode 3 Pack Mentality so no one is confused about the storyline.
Warning is a Yaoi werewolf story so if you don't like this, leave and if you flame me APOX ON THEE FLAMER!

Scott was nervous as he shakily rode his bike to the burned down home of the Hale family.
He parked his bike near the porch and waited for Derek to arrive as the sun was beginning to set.
Despite the fact they got off to a rocky start Derek was willing to teach Scott how to control his changes.
Go figure it's an Alpha that bit Scott in the woods and mercilessly killed the bus driver on the bus.
Scott found a cryptic message on his bike as a folded note tied to the handle bars with some string.

It said 'Come to my home after work, it's time to call in the favor'.

If things weren't confusing enough with being a werewolf, the new girl Allison kept smiling at him.
She was pretty, attractive and everything a guy wants in a girl, but he only saw her as a friend.
The sound of his phone beeping that it was 8 p.m. and the air got colder around him.
Maybe being a werewolf wouldn't be so bad if he could control it properly without incident.
The bright headlights of the sleek black camaro brought Scott to see Derek Hale come out of it.
Scott felt something stir inside as his eyes took in Derek's muscular body and smooth face.

" I didn't think you would show up Scott, I figured you would have went home."

Derek said in a silky tone as he noticed Scott shiver from the tone and smirked.

" Seems early for this favor with the Alpha attacking people and all."

Scott said as he felt his stomach flip flop as Derek came closer with a predatory look.

Soon Scott felt his back hit the wall as he gazed into Derek's odd yet beautiful colored eyes.

" Do you know how werewolves mate Scott?"

Derek said as he ran one hand through Scott's soft brown hair and loved the soft feeling.

" They mate for life? I thought only real wolves did that?"

Scott felt his cheeks flush red as Derek's fingers went behind his ear and scratched behind it.
A soft keening noise came from Scott's throat as the rough yet gentle touch drove him crazy.

" On a full moon like tonight the pair meet in the woods. Then one chases the other until the submissive is caught. Once the submissive is caught, they make love until they howl in completion signalling that they are mated and no one else is to try and take them."

Derek's eyes became bright blue while his other hand traced the outline of Scott's other ear to make Scott keen louder.
Scott felt his heart rate increase and pound in his chest from the close proximity of Derek's mouth and his hot breath hitting his face.

" Why are you telling me all this? Is this werewolf only information or can anyone know about it?"

Scott asked as a hope bubble formed in his chest, but he knees were turning into jello from Derek's touch.

" I'm telling you this because I want you to become my mate Scott. I've always wanted you since the day you were looking for your inhaler. I can tell you like me as well, you're body is responding to my touch very much. This will help you train and prepare for us to take on the alpha."

Derek looked into Scott's big brown eyes seeing the hope and love along with hearing the rapid beating of his heart.
Scott felt something click in his mind seeing all the signs that pointed his attraction to Derek like a huge wave.
His eyes became amber yellow meeting bright blue seeing the honesty, love and lust in the other wolfs eyes.

" If this will help then yes I will become your mate."

Scott said with a blush before Derek covered his mouth with his with a growl.
Scott gasped and that allowed Derek to slip his tongue past those soft lips.
The heat in Scott's body rose rapidly as he felt the change coming, making him moan.
Derek's tongue entered Scott's making both wolves moan and growl from the heat.
Soon jackets, shirts, underwear, pants, socks and shoes flew onto the ground.
Both wolves transformed and panted from their strong passionate kiss.

Derek latched his mouth onto Scott's soft neck as he stroked him, marking the skin with his mouth and teeth
Scott whimpered as he thrusted into Derek's hand from the pleasure he was receiving from the elder.
Derek made sure to mark his neck showing ownership and whoever tried would be dead instantly.
Scott's eyes roamed Derek's body until they landed on Derek's cock and almost came seeing the impressive size.

He started to stroke Derek making the older wolf growl as he sucked on his collarbone making a big mark form.
They parted as the cold air hit their warm bodies and steadied their breathing before going again.
Scott winked be fore he turned around and started to run enticing the older wolf to follow.
Derek growled as he chased after Scott into the night for being such a tease after all.

The cool air hit the two werewolves as they jumped and leaped over rocks and fallen trees.
Soon Derek caught Scott and had him pinned, running his hands over Scott's body.
When he brushed his nipples, Scott moaned loudly at the cold touch making Derek rub them harder.
Derek came to Scott's entrance spreading his cheeks apart gently as Scott panted loudly
Scott wondered what the older were was doing until he felt something hot and wet enter him.
Scott lifted his head up and howled softly from the sensation and whimpered as it went in deeper.
Derek continued to twist his tongue until he figured it was wet enough and placed his cock near it.

" Do you trust me not to prepare you?"

Derek asked in a lustful tone as he spread Scott's legs as wide as they could go.

" Just take me now you tease!"

Scott growled as his lust was making him mad and he whined in frustration.

Derek chuckled from the aggressive tone as he slowly entered Scott moaning from the tight heat.
When he reached the hilt, he stilled enjoying the hot feeling fill his body and making him sweat.
Scott felt his head get dizzy from the penetration and was glad he wasn't standing up right now
Weird though he didn't feel pain just the stretching as Derek started to move slowly easing Scott into it.

He was rewarded with moans and whimpers from the younger wolf were increasing in volume.
Scott started to move along with the thrusts making Derek growl and grab his hips hard.
Derek went faster and bit into the back of Scott's neck as he unleashed his animal urges.
Scott's prostate was found right away and his claws dug deeper into the cold ground.

Late into the night, the two wolves were going at it as the moon covered them in the moonlight.
No one knew how long they were going, but Derek started to stroke Scott in time with the thrusts.
The added pleasure pushed Scott beyond his limits even though he wanted to last longer for his first time.
He howled as he came hard covering the ground as Derek thrusted 4 times before he unloaded into Scott.
They both fell on their sides still intertwined as they panted for air and looked into each other's eyes.
Scott curled up as Derek's body curled around him as he licked Scott's neck earning soft moans.
Derek removed himself slowly from Scott, holding him tightly as he whimpered from the loss.

" That was...amazing. I love you Derek."

" I love you too Scott and nothing will separate us."

Scott yawned as one thought bugged him before sleep could claim him.

' How am I going to explain this to Stiles?'