Be Mine Forever

The sun slowly rose over Beacon Hills and the Hale House was quiet mostly.
Derek yawned as he woke up to find Scott and his pups were curled up.
Scott's neck was exposed before him, tempting him to attack and bite it.
Derek felt his mouth water as he lowered his mouth onto the soft skin.
Scott moaned sleepily as he turned his neck more and Derek licked him.
Slowly Derek ground himself into Scott's backside to add more pleasure.

The pups rolled a bit before they woke up and yawned as they woke up.
They shook themselves before they saw Derek licking their mothers neck.
Without warning they tackled Derek off the couch and Derek just sighed.
Laura watched her brothers play while she licked her mother's face.
Scott murmured before he woke up and noticed Laura licking his face.
He sat up slowly before he hugged his daughter and rubbed her head.

Scott looked around to find he was in Derek's home and on the couch.
He noticed the pups were playing with Derek and smiled at the scene.
They didn't have their teeth in yet otherwise Derek would have bitten.
Scott noticed that Laura stayed near him most of the time lately.
He set her down as she yipped before she ran towards Derek fast.
Derek petted each pup and noticed each one had different fur colors.

" About time you played with them, they look alot like you."

Derek placed the pups down as he brought Scott hard against his body hard.
Scott blushed as he felt Derek place his face into his hair and sniffed deeply.
The rough feel of Derek's hands made Scott's body tingle and heat up quickly.
The last time they were intimate was when they were outside in the cold forest.
Derek only showed this side to Scott when they were alone and it was very sweet.
The elder's heartbeat was steady, showing that he was glad to see Scott awake.

" You had us worried. I was scared you wouldn't wake up, do you remember anything?"

" Most of it is just a blur, I felt Gerard cut my leg and then next thing I knew it was dark. He must have drugged me or something."

" He did, but your annoying friend actually helped removed the toxin with his magic. He couldn't heal your scar though."

" I need to thank Stiles for his help, I wonder what he's doing right now? Probably messing with magic spells.

" With that magic he has, I'm surprised he hasn't turned Jackson into a frog or make it rain money."

" He would most likely use it to keep Jackson and Lydia apart since he's always wanted her."

" I think someone else has taken Lydia's place for his thoughts and it may shock you."

Scott looked down to see the scar on his leg and his mind was trying to piece stuff together.
Both werewolves laughed at the image of the students scrambling to collect falling money.
He noticed Derek's heart-rate increased as if he was nervous about something going on.
Derek was serious most of them time, but seeing him nervous was scaring him so
The faint smell of sweat was coming off Derek and he looked up to see Derek fidget.
He managed to pull back a bit and noticed he was shifting his weight on both feet.
Also one of his pants pocket had a square bump sticking out like a sore thumb.

" Is something wrong? You seem nervous and you're starting to sweat."

Derek brought out a napkin and began to wipe his face and hands free of sweat.
He never sweated this much other than being intimate with Scott or running.
He was suppose to be calm and cool about this, he's gone over it in his mind.
Does every guy act like this when they were about to ask a very important question?
He'd have to research about it when they were allowed time to do so calmly.
Scott noticed the pups moved towards the stairs and were whimpering softly.

" I was waiting for the right time to ask you this, but seeing with Gerard and the Kanima in the area...I can't wait any more."

Scott raised an eyebrow as he watched Derek reach into his pocket that was box shaped.
He removed a small black velvet box and held it before Scott as his hands trembled slightly.
Derek was glad his grandmother's ring survived the fire along with his box of memories.
He never thought he would ever need it, but he was glad to finally give it to someone special.
The lid opened to reveal a braided band of ivory and black metal of two wolves intertwined.
Scott gasped softly as Derek grabbed his left hand and stared deeply into his eyes.

" Scott McCall, in a short amount of time we've been through alot and despite being hunted and hurt, you've brought me joy, completion and now a family. Will you accept this ring and marry me?"

Scott couldn't talk, his throat felt like it had something stuck in it and very dry like sand
He nodded enthusiastically as Derek slid the ring onto his ring finger and hugged him hard.
Scott nuzzled Derek's neck before he licked his face lovingly for the ring and gesture.
Derek smirked before he brought his lips onto Scott's and kissed his mate passionately.
The pups howled and yipped as their parents embraced before they wanted attention.

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