We go to the Stilenski residence where Stiles is making Issac at home for now.
Isaac was staying with them for the time being and Stiles was irritated now.
Isaac's little stunt at the crime scene was too much and yet he didn't dwell on it.
The cot was all set with some bed sheets and a comfy pillow for Issac to sleep.
Issac was in the shower, scrubbing his body free of sweat and dirt from today.
Soon the water was turned off as Issac shook himself dry and dried his hair.

He came out of the bathroom with just a pair of boxers on as he saw the cot.
Stiles found himself staring at Isaac's torso a bit too long and was bright red.
Isaac smirked and just sauntered over to the archmage and licked his face.
Stiles bolted to the bathroom to use the shower to get away from the wolf.
As he closed the door, he noticed long scars on Isaac's back and shoulders.
Some were faded while most of them were pink and barely healing well.

Isaac sat on Stiles' bed and waited for the archmage to come out and talk.
He glared at the cot made for him and thought of a way to sleep in the bed.
So far Stiles didn't push him away and he didn't mention Lydia at all thankfully.
He was glad he wasn't a fugitive in his father's murder and had a home.
He was also relieved to see Mr. Stilenski was okay with hi dating his son.
His ears twitched as the water stopped and heared Stiles drying himself off.
He came out wearing some shorts and a v neck as he stood before Isaac.

" I made the cot for you, see very soft and clean sheets now go to sleep."

" I am not going to sleep on that thing like a dog, your bed is big enough."

" This is my room, my rules now go to the cot before I turn you into a werepoodle!"

Isaac refused to move and Stiles just sighed as he raised his hand to lift up Isaac.
Isaac raised an eyebrow as he was lifted off the bed, but he grabbed Stiles' arm.
This made them float and spin in the air before they ended up on the bed.
Stiles was underneath Isaac as he tried to push him off, but Issac was stronger.
Stiles gave in and felt Isaac nuzzle his neck and breathe in the clean scent.

" I saw the scars on your back, you don't get those from Lacrosse."

"...My father abused me most of the time. It was around the time my mother passed away and he always called me a failure and a waste of space."

" Why didn't you tell the police or anyone? How was it your fault about your mother?"

" It just felt like no matter what I did, it was never good enough and any mistake I did, he would lock me in a freezer!"

"That's not right, you're a great guy and your father was a miserable person to hurt you. That must suck to be all alone, my dad said you don't have family to call."

" That's not true i have you now. Scott and Derek are cool for a bunch of horny wolves."

" Ewww please I don't want to imagine my best friend and that jerk having sex."

" Maybe I could make you focus on something else for the time being."

Stiles tensed as he felt Isaac's lips suck on his neck and earlobe gently.
Stiles kept wondering where his Dad was or why he hasn't knocked on the door.
Isaac just kept going and made sure he marked the skin evenly as he hugged the mage.
He turned off the lamp and kept his arms around Stiles and just felt himself sleep.
Stiles looked around the room before he magically locked the door and yawned.
A blanket covered them both as he began to fall asleep despite being used as a pillow.