Leaves crunched under Scott's hands and feet as he ran from the woods.
The silver chain jingling around his neck as he made his way to Derek's loft.
He came to the door, sweat dipping off his body and his lungs burned.
The door slide open as he walked in, the pups crying as they ran towards him.
Scott kneeled down and he hugged them tightly, they lick and nuzzle him.

" Don't worry babies, we won't go back their if he's still there."

Scott whispered to his pups as he walked around the loft, Peter sleeping on the couch.
Peter had a place of his own, but the cops were watching it so he came to hide here.
Scott came to Derek's room where he was sleeping as Scott let the pups run to him.
Laura stayed with Scott as Derek woke up and Scott sat on the bed crying with Laura.

" He called them rats, DO THEY LOOK LIKE RATS?! I can't see you or Peter, there's a fucking restraining order, what am I going to do?"

" Well we can see you in school, you're allowed to go to school and work. This sucks though your mother is angry and she did her best to stop him."

Scott rubs his nose with Laura's as his tears are drying up, but his eyes are going dark red.

" I'll kill him!"

Scott mutters making Laura whimper and run towards Derek to stay with her brothers.
Derek pulls Scott close to him and starts rubbing his shoulders to calm him down.

" You need to calm down, you're scaring the pups."

" I know I know. I'm shocked that Peter didn't bite or claw my dad."


Peter yelled from the living room, Scott snarls at him, but sighs as his cellphone rings.
The caller id says Stiles as he answers the call only to growl finding out ti was his dad.

" That's low using my best friends phone, like you haven't done enough to me already!"

" If my phone wasn't crushed, I wouldn't have to do this. You have some nerve punching your own father, where the hell are you boy?!"


" Don't you threaten me boy, if you're with those Hales, I'll throw them in jail myself and get those rats put to sleep!"

Scott's teeth and claws come out as he roars a demonic howl that cracks both cellphones.
Mr. McCall falls to the ground again, blood coming out of his ears as Scott snaps his teeth.
He shifts into his second wolf form and goes to find his father only to get pinned by Derek.
Peter jumped off the couch as Scott thrashed around the living room, trying to free himself.

" Will you calm down Scott, this will only make things worse and you know that!"

Derek says to Scott only to get a roar as a reply and Derek bites him to make him submit.

" You better get home Scott, if your dad finds out you're here, we're all screwed!"

" I thought you were an alpha Derek not a pussy who follows rules."

Derek's eyes turn red as his claws sink deeper into Scott's back, making Scott whimper.

" We all know that if you're finds out what we are, we're all dead! The hunters could be following him to get to us and last time I checked you were the pussy in this relationship Scott."

Derek whispers in Scott's ear making Peter snicker, but he gets an elbow to the face.
Scott wiggles free as he goes to run towards the door to escape and find his creep father.


Peter sees the silver chain and he rushes to grab it and pull Scott away from the door.
Scott snarls and swipes as Peter drags him to a wall to chain him up until he's calm.

" What the hell are you doing Peter?!"

" Saving your life Derek and preventing my alpha from destroying his true alpha powers. I he kills an innocent human he'll turn into a feral werewolf and we'll have no choice, but to put him down!"

Scott snarls and growls at Peter as the chain jingles and burns his neck a bit as he thrashed.

" Let me go!"

Peter wolfs out and snarls in Scott's face, both wolves snarling in each other's faces.
Derek punches Peter in the face, making him back away as he grabs Scott by the throat.


Derek roars at Scott with his fangs bared and Scott slumps against the wall, broken and crying.
Scott feels his vision start to blur before he blacks out again and feels everything fade away.
When he wakes up, he's in his room and finds all the baby stuff, the crib are all gone.
Melissa walks in and hugs her son as he cries his out and she rubs his back to soothe him.

" I know baby, I miss them too. I kept expecting to hear them yip or run up to me all furry and cute like you."

Scott's phone is on the nightstand, the cracks start to mend themselves like Stiles' phone.
Stiles is in his room, tears streaming down his face as Issac is trying to cheer him up.
Scott looks up to his mother, his eyes are bright red, making his brown eyes stand out more.

" Why didn't you try to stop him?"

" Honey I tried my best, I screamed at him, but he's stubborn and unfortunately the law is against us."

" Why did Stiles' father agree to help him?"

" Well this is going to hurt more, but Agent McCall started the evaluation performance on the sheriff to decide whether or not he can still be the sheriff due to all the unsolved cases and mass murders going on here. "

Scott digs his claws into his hips as he just cries his eyes out from all this chaos happening.
Meanwhile we go to Stiles who has stopped crying, but he s just depressed as Issac hugs him.
At the loft Peter is laying in the spare bedroom with the pups curled up around him.
Derek is laying in bed, looking at the silver chain that was around Scott's neck earlier.
His eyes fill with tears as the flashback of when Scott was poisoned with the necrobane.
Laura jumped onto the bed and cries in Derek's arms, wanting to be back with her mother.
Derek holds her close as they lay down and try to go to sleep with tears falling down.

Back at the Stilenski house, we find the sheriff in his room laying on his bed.
Stiles just sighs as Issac hugs him and licks his face in an attempt to cheer him up.

" Don't worry babe, your dad won't lose his job."

" I should have done something though I have magic powers for fucks sake! I could have used a memory spell to erase Scott and Melissa from his dad's mind. I could have sent him to another dimension or destroy the paperwork he forced my dad to do!"

" Hey hey now you have to be strong, your dad feels bad enough about all this. I hope Scott is doing better."

" Are you kidding, Scott is broken! Not seeing Derek or Peter is bad enough, but to not have his children with him? It's a mothers worse nightmare, not being to see or have your children around. I did however manage to stop Erica's obsession with Derek, I found a potion that will reset Erica's mind and erase the cause of her obsession with Derek. That way she will only focus on Boyd and that way we're all happy."

" That's impressive babe, you need to do that next time you see her!"

" I already gave Boyd the potion and explain how to use it on Erica when we went to school today. I am still upset about Scott though."

" Well why don't we go visit him, besides your dad is asleep."

" Actually I put a sleeping potion in his milk at dinner, he won't wake up until his alarm clock goes off. How else could we have sex without waking him up?"

Stiles gave Issac a sly smirk as he teleported them to Scott's room instantly.
They gaped at how empty the room looked without all the baby stuff and crib.
Melissa is sleeping in one chair and Scott is laying in his bed, crying in his sleep.
Melissa wakes up to find Stiles and Issac have arrived to help cheer up scott.
She hugs them both and thanks them as she goes to her room to sleep.
Stiles and Issac sit on the bed on ether side of Scott, the tears running down.
Issac looks at Scott's arms and he notices that Scott's ring and pendant are missing.

" Hey babe Scott's ring and pendant are gone. His demo one is still here though."

Stiles looks at Scott and he notices that the ring and pendant are gone.

" Derek must have taken them off when he took the baby stuff with him. No telling that Scott's dad would have either destroyed them or use them as evidence against Derek."

Stiles looks down and rubs Scott's face before placing a kiss on Scott's forehead.
Issac gently strokes Scott's hair, Scott starts to lick Issac's wrist, making Issac freeze.

" Scott it's me Issac."

Issac starts to move only to feel Scott's teeth latch onto his wrist in a gentle grip.
Issac whimpers until Stiles waves his hand and Scott releases his wrist to snore.

" I put a sleeping spell on him to make sure he didn't try anything. He probably thought you were Peter which would explain the licking. It was arousing to watch, but hey we're all friends not friends with benefits."

" Suuure Stiles just keep telling yourself that, besides we need to sleep anyway, we all have school tomorrow."

Stiles and Issac make themselves comfy as they sleep in Scott's bed, to make sure he's safe.