A Thousand Cranes

By: Shi Kami The Murderous Prodigy

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Category: Crossover

Book(s)/Manga(s): Harry Potter/Vampire Knight

Pairing(s): I'm not exactly sure of what the pairing is for right now.

Rating: T+

Warning(s): Blood, Character Death, Extreme Violence, Language, Slash (Later), etc.

Genre(s): Action, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Romance, Supernatural, etc.

Summary: He had done everything for them, only for those same people to throw him away through the Veil – "For his own good". Landing in another world, he is attacked by a vampire and changed into one of the creatures of the night. Unable to bear the thought of drinking the blood of humans – he hides himself in the woods and drinks off of the blood of animals. Taken in by a kind old man, he decides on becoming a healer in order to help those in need. But in order to do that, he must get into the best school around. Cross Academy – is that school. Being taken in and put into the Night Class, Harry has no idea of what he was going to be dragged into. Nor did he realize the attention that he gained from the others around him.

A/N: The idea for this came suddenly and strangely enough after I got home from watching Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. Yeah – I know. =_= But the idea just seemed like a good idea to me. Plus I've wanted to make a Harry Potter/Vampire Knight Xover for a while, and have now finally gotten around to it. I'm sort of modeling Harry off of Carlisle from Twilight, because that is one of my favorite characters from that AIDS of literature. Hopefully you all enjoy this enough that you review, and tell me what you think.

Wrapping skinny arms around his body, Harry James Potter silently sat in the alleyway – completely disregarding the disgusted looks that were being sent his way by passerbys. Tightening the grip around his legs as the cold winter breeze ruffled the too-big clothes on his frame that screamed malnutrition to any that paid attention. Unfortunately, that was unlikely to happen. Dirty and tangled hair spilled over his shoulders, and blocked any distinguishing features from sight. Along with the ratty clothes – it was no wonder that he was being ignored or sneered at by everyone who passed.

Shuddering, his teeth chattered as he rubbed up and down his arms in an attempt to warm himself up. He wasn't succeeding, but it was all that he could do. There was no home waiting for him somewhere – no one waiting for him…no one. Pained emerald green eyes stared dazedly at the ground in front of him. A small kitten was making its way towards him, mewling pathetically as it searched for warmth with closed eyes. Dirty strands of hair fell into his eyes as he tilted his head to take in the sight before him. In a way – he and the kitten were exactly the same.

Both of them were abandoned by those who were supposed to look after them, to love them – left to die.

Licking his chapped bottom lip, he bit his tongue as he tried to move towards the kitten. He knew how the kitten felt, and despite his inability of doing something to actually help – being in the same state as well. The green-eyed boy couldn't allow himself to do nothing. Urging his tired body forward, he reached forward and held his hand out towards the small creature. Slowly, the kitten's black nose twitched and it turned its head in his direction. Allowing a pained smile to form on his face, he couldn't help the ache in his heart as the kitten accepted him after sniffing his hand for a moment.

It didn't immediately reject him as others seemed to. This kitten didn't seem to care that he was a freak – such an unwanted thing that even his friends threw him away after he defeated Voldemort.

Harry James Potter felt the tears welling up in his eyes. Brushing them away from his dirty cheeks, he brought the grey kitten to his body – hoping to heat it up a bit with the little body heat he had. The mewl that escaped the kitten as it curled into his chest, caused a large wave of love towards the creature to well up inside of his very being. Closing his eyes –tightening his hold around the kitten protectively, and Harry fell closed his eyes.

For the first time, content with this new world he found himself in.

Running back into the direction of the abandoned building with a beaming smile was on his face, Harry chuckled merrily. Today, he had gotten more than enough food for the kitten that he had practically adopted – Jasper was the chosen name, to last for a while. Making sure that no one was following him, he sneaked down the alleyway and made it to the small opening to the inside of an abandoned building. Pushing the covering aside, he poked his head in and looked inside. Sitting there on the piles of cloth he was able to scrounge up – laid Jasper, who mewed happily at the sight of his face.

"Hey, Jasper!"

Digging through the paper bag, he pulled out a can of cat food to show the grey kitten. "This was the best kind they had in the store – the healthiest, but they were throwing it out for the more expensive kinds." Placing the bag down, he walked towards the small bowl he used for the kitten's food. "I'm sure that you'll love it." Mewling, the kitten popped out of their bedding and ambled towards the bowl as the teenage boy used an old can opener he found to open it. Getting closer to the bowl, Jasper took a sniff of its contents before mewing once more and digging into the food happily.

Crouching down, Harry wrapped his arms around his legs with a small smile. "Glad you like it, it's a good thing that I got all of them." Petting the kitten's head, he didn't notice the figure that slipped in through the opening and watched him in the shadows. A growl rumbled from his stomach, and a small blush bloomed on his cheeks as Jasper looked up from his bowl and stared at him. Laughing softly – wincing a bit at the pain in his stomach, he continued petting the top of the gray kitten's head. "Don't worry about me Jasper, you just eat – don't worry about me."

Clapping then interrupted him – causing him to jump in surprise before he turned to look in the direction of the sound. Wide green eyes latched onto the figure outlined by the bit of light that was able to make its way into the building. Getting up, Harry narrowed his eyes on the stranger and stood in front of Jasper in a protective manner. "Who are you?" Moving closer, the figure was completely revealed to his eyes and he couldn't help but take a step back – all the while careful not to step on Jasper, who stopped eating to hiss at the intruder menacingly.

A figure clothed in pure white with hair that glistened in the silver moonlight. Beautiful pink eyes stared at him from beneath silver lashes, and pink lips curved into a soft smile. Her eyes fell to half-mast as she seemed to stare at him – while the distant look in her eyes told him that she was somewhere else. "You are so much like him…I wonder…are you him reborn?" Not saying anything, he stared at her in suspicion.

"I'm sorry mam – I think you have me mistaken for someone else."

Bringing a hand up to her lips, she seemed to pin him to the spot with her penetrating gaze. In the blink of an eye, she appeared in front of him. Grasping his chin in a falsely fragile hand, the woman tipped his head back as she stared deeply into his eyes. "As much as it seems impossible, I can't help but believe it as I look into his eyes staring at me from your face." Harry tried to pull wrench his chin from her grasp, but she only seemed to tighten her grip.

"So rebellious...despite knowing that it's pointless – you are special."

Tilting his head to the side, she smiled wistfully as she held him still. Hissing from the kitten was ignored as she slowly brought her lips to the pale expanse of the boy's neck. Dragging her tongue across her lips – her eyes flashed red in anticipation, as she opened her mouth to reveal razor sharp fangs.

"I will …give you eternity."

With those words, pain filled Harry's world as he slowly sank into oblivion. The last glimpse of the woman as she poured some liquid down his throat – tasted metallic yet sweet, was imprinted into his memory. Staring at him with sad and yet loving eyes, the beautiful woman smiled.

"This is your second chance…I hope you enjoy it – live up to the expectations I have of you."

End of Prologue

Yay! I am finished with the prologue. XD This is just the beginning of something that I hope is epic. The next chapter we will be bringing Harry to Cross Academy, and introducing most of the main cast in Vampire Knight. Plus establishing him a place in the coming events, as he will undoubtedly be drawn into things being the person he is. Well I will probably be putting a pairing poll up for the story. Because honestly – at the moment, I have no idea what the pairing is going to be. Though there are many fine choices in this fic. I'm going more for a slash pairing than anything else, and so sorry if anyone wanted him to be with a girl. Just not happening with this plot – would be too awkward. Anyway, here is the list of potentials for Harry.

Kaname Kuran:

Zero Kiryu:

Ichiro Kiryu:

Takuma Ichijo:

Aido Hanabusa:

Akatsuki Kain (Though I'm thinking to have him with Ruka):

Senri Shiki (Though some will probably want him with Rima):

Rido Kuran (O_o…Well whatever floats your boat – though it will most likely be a one-sided thing):

Kaien Cross:

Toga Yagari (This would be interesting to do, but will most likely not happen):

Yep, those are the candidates. I really can't wait to see which of these guys are more popular. The votes will influence my decision on the pairing for this quite a lot. I just hope that you all review, tell me what you think about the story, what you liked, disliked, and your vote. These things would be very much appreciated by me.

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