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James felt his skin prickle, his heart quicken, his breath hitch and the light strands of hair stand on the back of his neck. No, James wasn't in love. He was angry. Beyond angry. He never felt his body shake so violently and he felt his nostrils flaring as he watched the scene unfold on the couch. It was minimal to people that looked through different sets of eyes other than the furious brunette, the scene being Logan Mitchell and Kendall Knight sitting on the orange couch with Kendall laughing a little and playfully nudging the smaller brunette. Logan was blushing, a nervous smile on his face as the blond continued to nudge and play with him and place his hands all over the squirming boy.

It made James sick.

He noticed the way that Logan's eyes lingered on Kendall's back as he walked out of the room and down to his and Logan's shared bedroom, the way that the brown orbs held more than just a simple compassion between friends that known each other since childhood. No, it was something more than that. It was compassion that came from a time of longing someone, pining over their affections that the other person in the lopsided relationship just didn't seem to get. He knew that Logan had felt something flutter in his chest and it irritated James. Well, if James was to be honest, James also had flutters in his chest whenever he and Kendall spent time together. He gave longing looks and wanted Kendall to notice the way how the hazel eyes twinkled in such a special way for him and only him. Yes, James also had feelings for his childhood friend.

But that didn't mean he was willing to share the feelings with someone else.

He walked over to the couch, Logan in still in a slight love-stuck stupor and bent over, his pink lips near Logan's ear. "Stay away from him," James whispered in his ear. Startled, Logan jumped up slightly in his spot on the couch and turned to give James a questioning look.

"What are you talking about?" Logan asked, eyes flickering away to give a roll and he got up to begin to move towards the bathroom. But James moved and side-stepped him, mockingly blocking the starting to grow red boy from moving any more further. "What are you doing?" Logan tried not to squeak. James always played this little mind game, the taller member treated his relationship between Logan as a game of cat and mouse. He saw how Logan wasn't trying to be intimidated by his steely glaze and smirking lips. Even if his legs were beginning to shake slightly.

James grabbed onto Logan's wrist, twisting it slightly as he pulled the other boy into the bathroom and pushed him a little towards the bathtub while he moved to block the door. Logan's eyes widened and he frowned. "James, move!"

"Back off," James replied, voice sound more firm than the last time and Logan's eyebrows furrowed even more.

"I will when you get out of the way!" Logan's voice quivered just slightly below a shout and James rolled his eyes.

"I'm talking about Kendall."

Logan's eyes widened and he gulped, the cloud of realization suddenly beginning to settle in his head. He swallowed a rather large lump in his throat, finding sudden interest in the green tile floor of the tiny bathroom and let out a semi-confident breath.

"What are you talking about?" he asked, trying to sound as aloof as possible and James smirked.

"Do you think I'm blind or something, Logan? You want Kendall," James said with the smirk painted on his face and Logan let out a laugh filled with mirth but James could hear the uneasiness in his laugh.

And see the small trickle of sweat that slipped down the smaller boy's forehead.

"You're crazy, James. Can I please leave now?"

"Hmm, didn't expect you to be the gay one, Logan."

"I'm not gay," Logan gritted through his teeth but James was beginning to ignore the words that were nervously babbling out of Logan's mouth. He stepped forward to Logan, taking the white collar of Logan's dress shirt and threading it through his fingers.

"Tell me, Logan. Do you fantasize about him? Do you want to kiss him? Do you want to sleep with him? Do you want him to bend over and beg for you to bang him?"

"James!" Logan hissed, face growing frazzled and scarlet and James smiled even more. Sure, the things that were coming out of his mouth James desired for himself but at the moment he was just using them to torment the brains of the group. He saw Logan was trying to back away from James and try to move away, but there was no room and no space to do so. Logan glanced at James' face and teeth began to grind roughly. "Don't act like you're all high and mighty! I've seen how you are when you're around Kendall!"

James' cheeks went red and Logan quickly took advantage of James' momentary weakness. "Yeah! You always stare at Kendall from afar and you follow him around like some lost puppy! It's creepy!"

". . .So you're jealous then?" James asked with eyebrow raised and the color in his cheeks slowly beginning to disappear.

"I'm not jealous!"

"I think you are! You're jealous because I'm the one that Kendall likes to be around! Jealous that I'm the one that Kendall decided to leave Minnesota for!" James shouted and Logan's eyes held a sense of hurt before changing back to the trying to be stoic face. Okay, James kind of felt bad for that one, seeing as though Logan gave up his dream of being a doctor to go to LA and was now treating him as second rate. But he had to chase Logan away, torment him or something so that way the love triangle would turn into a love rectangle.

Or love line.

James wasn't that good with geometry. Who needs it anyways when you're famous?

"Look James, I don't want to talk about it anymore. Just move," Logan said, exhausted.

"You're not going to have him," James replied and Logan scoffed at that.

"Are you going to have him?"

"Yeah, I am."

"You're crazy, Kendall's not gay. Or bisexual for that matter."

"Me and Kendall aren't going to be gay. We're going to be two best friends that decided to take their relationship to another level," James explained and Logan rolled his eyes.

"Whatever makes you feel better about yourself," Logan muttered and James frowned.

"Shut up," James growled, stepping aside and finally letting Logan be able to pass by. But as Logan took small steps past James, the taller male eying him intensely, James heard something barely above a whisper slip past Logan's lips."You'll never get him."

James took Logan and shoved him back, moving to block the door once again with a small smile on his face.

"And you think you could?" James asked, more sounding like a laugh as a couple bouts of giggles began to fill the still tense air in the bathroom. Logan mumbled a reply but James wasn't listening at all. Then an idea sparked in the taller boy's head. An idea that had to have been his most brilliant piece of work yet. He glanced up at Logan, eyes twinkling with something Logan had to raise an eyebrow at and shuffle from foot to foot nervously at his friend's sudden change of behavior. James opened his mouth, ready to tell his idea when a knock sounded on the door.

"Use the other bathroom! Mama Knight's spaghetti really did a number on me!" James shouted and he heard the person shuffle behind the door.

"Are you okay in there?" It was Carlos. James breathed a sigh of relief.

He opened the door, pulling the Latino inside and quickly locked the door back, Logan and Carlos looking at the taller member of the band with a confused expression. James smiled lightly and leaned more into the wooden door.

"So Carlos, me and Logan were thinking-"

"Thinking about what?" Logan interrupted and James rolled his eyes.

"Maybe if you don't say anything, you'll find out. Anyways, me and Logan have a bet-"

"We do?"

"Over who can be the first to sleep with Kendall," James said with a small lick of the lips. The thought of being in the same bed with Kendall and holding the blond intimately close was already beginning to make his heart race and his blood boil. Carlos' eyes widened and his head glanced between the flustered and stuttering Logan and the confident, smirking James.

"What!" Carlos shouted and Logan held his hands out.

"I didn't agree to this bet!"

"You didn't have to. I know you want to do it anyways," James said as calmly as can be and Logan shook his head.

"No! All you're going to use this bet for is a reason to try and woo and have sex with K-Kendall," Logan stuttered out and Carlos began to nod his head.

"Yeah, James! I don't want-"

"Relax Carlos. I'm not going to make you take part in this. You can be like our referee or something," James explained with a little pat on the back and Logan shook his head even harder.

"Hold it! I didn't agree to this!" he began to argue but James rolled his eyes again. He didn't know why Logan was making this a lot more difficult that it needed to be.

"James, I don't think that I can do this. It's. . .It's not right to be messing with Kendall's head. He's our friend," Carlos said softly and James placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry. We're not going to do anything that Kendall doesn't want," he said softly.

"But what if Kendall doesn't want to sleep with either of us?" Logan asked and James snorted.

"I can understand not sleeping with you, but me? Come on, Kendall resisting this face?" James asked, pointing at his face and giving off a dazzling smile that Logan and Carlos rolled their eyes at. "Alright Carlos, look. I'll make up the rules for me and Logan to follow-"

"I don't want to-"

"Logan, just shut up and listen!" James shouted and Logan pursed his lips, ". . .Alright then. First off, we can't tell Kendall about the bet, obviously. And we can't force ourselves on him, because that's just messed up," James said with a shake of the head. He had boys and girls throw themselves at him and try to make him fall in love with them simply by cornering him and trying to make him grope and touch at their bodies. He knows how it feels how to get forced upon, why would he put Kendall through the same hell that he's been through? "And another thing too, we can't get outside help. Everything we do, we do it on our own," James said in a whisper and Carlos looked at him with a worried expression that Logan mirrored. The Latino began to twiddle his fingers behind the back.

"So. . .um. . .how will I know when one of you guys. . .win?" Carlos asked quietly.

"We'll have a way to tell you, relax," James replied and Carlos glanced between Logan's sweating face, then at James' face, then back at Logan's, then at the tile floor and let out a shaky sigh.

"Alright. . .I'll do it. But if I think that something is going to happen-"

"I wouldn't dream about hurting Kendall, Carlos. I promise," James said, voice filled with concern. Honestly, he really did like Kendall. He wanted Kendall to be the one that was on his arm and giving him small kisses of love and affection instead of only being in his dreams. Logan turned to Carlos, mouth gaping in horror.

"You can't be serious!"

"I'll do it if you do it, Logie," Carlos replied, using the affectionate pet name and Logan gulped. He looked down at the tile, almost as if the answer to what he should do and what his feelings really were for Kendall were in the green flooring and he began to bite at his lip. James knew that he had him. He just knew it. Eventually, Logan looked away from the floor and back up into the hazel eyes that were twinkling.

"Fine, I'll do it," Logan said quietly, not as confident as he would have wanted to be. Carlos looked a little bit wary, which made James wonder if Carlos even knew about Logan's crush on the blond. Probably not much. Carlos gave a nervous cough and sighed.

"Well, shake on it, I guess," Carlos mumbled, trying to put on a little smile and James smiled. He held his hand out and took Logan's.

"You're on Mitchell," he said with a smile and Logan smiled back lightly. James' smile faltered for a bit, beginning to grow nervous. Logan couldn't have already known what to do with Kendall. . .could he? James banished that thought out of his head. No, he couldn't know a thing about how to be able to flirt and be romantic. When it came to the game of love, Logan's mind was as thick as a rock. He'd probably get on the computer to start doing some nerdy research on it as soon as the three boys got out of the bathroom. Not compared to James, of course. He got things done when it came to romance.

And James Diamond was definitely going to get things done with this budding relationship.

He turned to Carlos and shook his hand as well, then Logan took Carlos' hand and shook it. It was all in agreement, then. Finally, James was going to be able to go after Kendall. After years of watching the blond's soft hair bounce whenever he let out the most gorgeous laugh ever heard by James' ears and seeing those beautiful green eyes twinkle whenever James made a joke, James finally was going to act on his feelings. Sure, he was kind of annoyed at himself for using the bet with Logan as motivation for him to get off of his butt and do something, but he wasn't worried. What kind of threat could Logie be anyways?

The door pushed open, spooking the three boys inside and Kendall raised an eyebrow. He leaned on the door frame and smiled a little bit, the gesture making Logan and James' hearts do a tiny flip.

"What are you guys doing in the bathroom?" Kendall asked and Logan let out a nervous squeak while Carlos glanced down at the floor.

"Nothing, Carlos had something really cool to show me in the bathroom and Logan wanted to see too," James explained and Kendall smiled.

"Really? What?"

"Some soap bubbles that looked like Lincoln!" Carlos chirped up and James nodded. Kendall rolled his eyes, smiling at the three and moved to walk out and back into the living room. James turned to Logan, his lips mouthing out 'Tomorrow'. The bet would start tomorrow morning. It could take weeks, months even for someone to win and James wasn't really sure what was going to happen. But when James saw the beautiful smile that belonged on Kendall's face, he knew that he would be the one to win.

He'll make sure of it.