This is a regeneration!fic. Very short, I know. I just wanted to write it down before I forgot it, heh.

Italics represent speech.


I Have Loved You Lifetimes Long

The rain was steadily starting to fall. Ro sighed as she sat down at the old bus stop, awaiting the rickety old number 62. Damp strands of her long, blonde hair were plastered against her face. Choosing to ignore the fact that she was getting soaked, Ro breathed in the smell of the rain and silently wished for something to happen. She was twenty-three, quiet and alone. She kept to herself, lived in a single room flat with no one else and played the piano to pass the time. She was like an old doll. Pretty, but just not quite beautiful enough. A cold gust of wind blew across her cheeks and Ro shivered, her train of though interrupted. Now fully drenched, she stood and looked round the corner. Still no sign of her bus.

Then from behind she heard a man ask, "Excuse me, miss? Are you quite all right?" She turned to face him and for a second, her heart seemed to stop in her chest. In front of her stood a tall man with chocolate-coloured hair and tired eyes. He seemed incredibly familiar — like they met before and she simply forgot him.

Hello. My name is Doc. I'm rather new around here, he told her.
Ro. Ro Taylor. Are you waiting for the 62 as well? she asked quietly.
He nodded. I'm new around here, though. Moved in about three days after Christmas, he replied, equally quietly.

And they continued with their quiet conversation, talking about anything and everything they could think of.

What do you think about bananas, then? I rather like them, Doc said nonchalantly.
Ro giggled. I suppose they are delicious, aren't they? she admitted.

And the whole time, it just felt like she knew him. Like she'd known him the whole time.

Ro smiled up at Doc, and he returned her smile with a brilliant one of his own. It didn't even matter that it was still raining. Ro looked at his face — really looked at it. Then she decided that she did know him, somehow. Did she?

I'm sorry Doc, but you seem awfully familiar to me. I feel like I've seen you around before, she said slowly.

I feel like I know you too… Like I already know you somehow, Doc said in reply.

Ro frowned. She looked up at his face again, and then straight into his eyes. Her mouth went dry. She knew who he was. It was him. He came back. After all that time.

His eyes had widened in shock. He knew who she was too.

Rose Tyler, he whispered.

His eyes started to fill.

Doctor, she replied softly.

Tears blurred her vision.

It's you, they both said at the same time.

Rose, he said again, so quietly she nearly missed it. I have loved you lifetimes long.

Their lips met.


I don't know, I guess I just have a ton of free time. I'm actually also working on a Star Wars ficlet, and a slightly angsty Finchel sort of oneshot.