An old dragon sits in a chair holding an old dusty book. Three little ones sit in front on him with big, curious eyes. "Hello little ones, I see you a here to hear another one of my stories. Well, this story is unlike other stories. It is about two dragons of legend, fighting one another for peace. Two brothers, one dark and one light, are in constant battle." The old dragon blows the dust off of the book. "Two brothers, Ashter and River, are at war. One wants world dominance, the other wants love and peace. Ashter, who was corrupted by Malefor, is fighting River. River, who is corrupted also but is fighting the corruption, wants his brother back, and for peace. In this story there will be fighting, love, adventure, and what it means to have family. Never before has there been such a long strife of pain and love. But these two made it happen." The old dragon smiled. The little dragons scooted closer. The older dragon chuckled and opened the book. "Now, let us get on with the story little ones…" He said as he began to read the book.