AN- I've mostly published Harry Potter stories, but Pretty Things is one of my favourite books so I thought I would try something new! Hope you like it

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Charlie blushed trying to push the thought of Brie, his best friend, out of his mind. In his memory they were seventeen, had just recovered from a huge argument, and naked in her bed. Not the appropriate memory for Charlie to choose to remember as he was writing a speech for her wedding. It had been agreed Charlie would give her away, as her father was ill. For Charlie this meant having to give away his love for her too, as for the past ten years he had been in love with her.

Brie on the other hand was calmer than she had ever been in her life as she got dressed for the most important day in it. It wasn't as if the importance of it hadn't registered in her mind, it was just that she had developed a slight nonchalance for it. The big wedding was her mother's thing, not hers, and she only agreed because her mother had blackmailed her with the fact her dad wanted to see "his only daughter get married". Her soon to be husband was nice enough, and she did love him, but something always seemed missing. It wasn't like the love she used to feel for her best friend Charlie. Of course, after they realised they could never be together because of the history behind them, she had moved on and so had he. He was happy with his boyfriend, and she was happy with her fiancé. Wasn't she?

She put the last clip in her curled hair (she'd made the best of her job as a beautician by doing her hair and makeup herself) and left the room to join Charlie. As always she felt a flutter in her chest as she saw him- today was no exception. He looked like the man of her teenage dreams, the one she always knew he could be. He was wearing a slim, black suit, and had cut his floppy hair short so you could see his beautiful face. She sighed at what had never happened, and then scolded herself. It was her wedding day for goodness sake! She took his outstretched arm and calmed herself, then let him lead her to where her fiancé was waiting at the altar.

She looks so beautiful; I can't bear to let her go.

Charlie and Brie walked up to the front of the altar in time to the music, and Charlie smiled as every eye in the room was drawn to Brie. She was absolutely gorgeous, as ever. Finally, they got to the front of the impressive gothic church, and Charlie took Brie's soft hand, squeezing it a little, before reluctantly placing it in her fiancé's. He took a step back and Mark, her fiancé, gave him a warm smile, but to Charlie it seemed smug, like 'I have her now, she will never be yours'

It should be me you are marrying. Me. Not him. I love you. I have always loved you.

The vicar started the "dearly beloved" speech, but Charlie could barely hear it over the pounding of 'must not let her go' in his head. He tuned back in, in time to hear the vicar say "is there anyone who has any lawful reason why these two shall not be wed" and he made up his mind. "I do" he said loudly, taking a step towards Brie. Everyone in the audience gasped, except Brie's parents and his mother. They had known all along.

Charlie looked at Brie, and grabbed her hand. He started speaking in that packed church, but only to her. Telling her the feelings he had kept bottled up for years. Brie's eyes filled up with tears. "I love you" Charlie told her. "I love you too" she replied, the first words she had spoken since reaching the altar. Then, together, they left the church, sprinting away hand in hand, until they got to Hampstead Heath, their old childhood spot, lay down on the grass and laughed. They both had the one they wanted, right next to them, all along.