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Wrong Number

"Hey Bella," I turned my head to see who was calling me and stopped in my tracks as I saw the young guy hurry toward me. I knew that he was in my English Lit class, but I couldn't remember his name. I felt a little bad about that. He stopped in front of me, his chest rising and falling rapidly due to his exertion in running over to me. I smiled politely up at him, wondering what it was that he wanted. "Hey, I'm Jacob." He smiled, his cheeks dimpling.

"Oh hey, yeah, Jacob… How are you?" I asked as my eyes took in his form. It was incredibly hard not to check him out. I mean, I was a relatively normal, 21 year old woman and I knew what I liked in a guy and Jacob had everything I liked. He was tall and well built, towering over me as he looked down at me. His skin was a gorgeous russet color and his eyes a twinkling brown. I couldn't help but get lost in his gaze as the time ticked by. I watched as his eyes slid appreciatively down my body and shuddered as I took in the darkening of his eyes, the lust apparent in his dark orbs.

Immediately my mind travelled to somewhere it more than likely shouldn't have. Images of Jacob pressing me up against a wall, his strong muscular arms holding me up as he moved himself against me, rolled through my mind and I could feel the tell-tale blush creep across my cheeks as I bit my lip and lowered my gaze to the ground. I liked big guys, I couldn't help it. There was something about a well-built man that sent chills down my spine and a throbbing between my legs. Maybe it was because I was so petite and slight that I liked someone taking control of me. I wasn't a submissive, not by any means, but I did like my sexual partner to be able to maneuver me around with ease.

"I'm good," He said, his fingers under my chin as he raised my face to his. I blushed further, trapping my lower lip between my teeth as I tried to focus on anything other than him. My eyes, no doubt, were moving around wildly. "God, you're so beautiful, Bella." He whispered and immediately my gaze snapped to his, my widened, shocked eyes locked onto his sincere ones. Plenty of guys had said similar things but none had done so with the sincerity that Jacob had. I couldn't help but smile up at him and giggled slightly as his eyes crinkled with amusement.

"I wondered if maybe you wanted to go out this weekend," Jacob said, his eyes still boring into mine. I opened my mouth, aware that some excuse or other was about to spew forth and apparently Jacob could read me very well. He smiled and continued on, not allowing me to reject him just yet. "Just think about it. Here's my number," He pressed a neatly folded piece of paper into my hand, his fingers closing around my fist. He held my hand for longer than necessary, obviously not wanting to pull away, just as much as I didn't want him to. "Call me." He said, smiling a dazzling smile at me once more, his white teeth flashing at me before he turned and walked away, not dropping my hand until the last available moment.

I stood rooted to the spot in the university parking lot as I watched the gorgeous male specimen walk away from me, his tight t-shirt stretched over his taut muscles, muscles which could clearly be seen rippling beneath the thin fabric as they worked to move every inch of his body. I felt my face heat up once again as more visions of Jacob and I in compromising positions assaulted my mind. I quickly turned to my beat up Chevy and climbed into the driver's seat. I sat there for a moment, willing my heart to slow down in my chest, with what I am sure was the biggest, goofiest grin, plastered across my face. It wasn't like I'd never been asked out before; I had just never had such a strong reaction of 'this is right', to a man before.

I hadn't even had my first kiss until I started attending Seattle University and my best friend, Alice Cullen, insisted on me going to all manner of parties with her. She had hooked up with Jasper Hale just minutes after walking through the door to one particular party, leaving me alone for the evening. I had ended up making out with Mike that night, after one too many beers. I shuddered as I thought about it; it was definitely not an experience I would ever want to repeat. Kissing Mike Newton was like kissing your grandmother when she didn't have her teeth in.

I continued to smile as I rested back against the seat. The piece of paper felt like it was burning a hole in the palm of my hand, begging for me to read what he had written, to see if it was just his number or if maybe there was something more there. I closed my eyes as I released my clenched fist; I heard the paper rustle slightly and took a deep breath before lowering my gaze to the folded note. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to call him, to agree to a date but I was incredibly nervous about it. I was so inexperienced with members of the opposite sex. Thanks to my dad's beliefs in love and marriage, I had been saving myself for the right guy. I had refused to date until I was sure that I had met the one. I knew that I would not hold onto my virginity until my wedding night but I only wanted to share that part of myself with one man.

Jacob had stirred feelings inside of me that I had never felt before and I wondered if maybe I had found him, the man that I would spend the rest of my life with. I just couldn't be sure, there was something telling me that Jacob had given me his number for a reason, that it would lead me to the one but that maybe Jacob wasn't it. I sighed audibly and thought about what Alice would tell me to do. I giggled softly as I imagined her words. Her shrill voice flitted through my mind, "Isabella Swan! You will get yourself out of this non dating funk. I understand you want to keep your V-card, although why you would want to do that is beyond me, you really don't know what you're missing. Anyway, you will call this boy, you will go out with him and you will have an amazing time. No one says you have to propose marriage to him or jump into bed with him but hell, Bella, what do you plan on doing when you do meet your one and you have no idea how to behave in a relationship?"

Yep, that's exactly what Alice would say. I laughed again, took a deep breath and began to unfold the note, my hands shaking with nerves as I took this step toward the unknown.

Dear Bella,

You are so beautiful. I have wanted to talk to you for so long, just to tell you that. You are a stunning young woman and any man would be honored to spend an evening in your company. It would be my pleasure to take you out one night, preferably this weekend, to wine and dine you. Call me, please.



I felt giddy, that was the only way to describe it, as I entered his number into my phone. His writing was a little childlike and scruffy, making the digits hard to decipher but I was sure I had it right as I plumbed his contact details into my phonebook.

Jacob (English Lit)


I placed my phone and Jacob's sweet note on the bench seat beside me before turning the engine on and pulling out of the lot. I smiled all the way home, the windows cracked open, and the wind blowing through the cab of the truck. I felt so light, so high, that I just wanted to laugh for no reason at all. I pulled up to our apartment, cutting the engine off at the curb and hopped out of the cab, reaching back inside for my phone and Jacob's note, gasping when I realised the letter wasn't where I left it. I looked on the floor and all around the cab but couldn't see it, suddenly realizing that it must have blown out of the window as I was driving. I sighed at my clumsiness, taking my phone and messenger bag inside the apartment. It didn't particularly matter that I had lost his letter, I had his number, but it would have been a nice memento to keep, something to look back on in years to come if Jacob and I became that serious.

I went straight to my room, setting up my laptop so that I could get my English Lit assignment completed if I did decide to go out with Jacob tomorrow night. I had the apartment to myself for the weekend as Alice was going to stay at Jasper's parent's house, to celebrate his birthday with his family. It took me far longer than it usually would to write my 3000 word essay, my mind continuously straying to thoughts of Jacob. My eyes flicked to my phone, lying on the desk beside my laptop, about every three seconds, until finally I could take it no longer. I picked my phone up and tapped out a message, too scared to actually call him, my hands shaking with nervous anticipation as I hit send.

Hey, it's Bella Swan. The answer is yes.

There, that would do. I wouldn't usually sign my full name but I had realised that Jacob would not have my number and possibly wouldn't know who was texting him. I also hadn't wanted to seem too eager, even though my heart literally beat out of my chest at the thought of spending time with him tomorrow night. I stood up from my desk and walked around the room, my eyes flicking to the screen of my phone every now and then as I anxiously awaited his return text.

After ten minutes of pacing, I sighed and flopped down onto my bed, rolling over onto my back and flinging my arm across my face. I couldn't understand why he hadn't responded, he had seemed so eager to take me out. I thought that he had wanted me. Surely he would have been looking at his phone as often as I had been, waiting for me to get in contact. I shot up in bed as my phone began to chime, my heart beating rapidly. I focused on calming my breathing before I reached out a clammy hand, retrieving my phone from the mattress and opening up the awaiting message.

Well, I'm pleased the answer is yes. I only wish I knew what to, Bella Swan. I think you may have the wrong number. Not that I'm complaining. E x

I wondered what Jacob was playing at, was this some kind of joke to him? He'd signed the message with the initial 'E' and said that I had the wrong number. Had I? I was sure that I had entered it correctly. God, how I wished I hadn't lost that note. My phone chimed again and I lay back down as I read the message. Expecting it to be from Jacob, telling me that it was a joke and he'd see me tomorrow. I was wrong.

I'm guessing that you're not pleased to have the wrong number. That's a shame, Bella Swan. It would be nice to talk to you, even though I'm not who you're expecting. E x

I smiled, despite the fact that I had given this complete stranger my full name. He thought it would be nice to talk to me, well, at least I thought he was a 'he'. I pondered what to do, my fingers drumming on the screen of my phone. What would it hurt to talk to this person? I wouldn't have to give any more of my personal information. It's not like he could ever find me with just my name. After all, Seattle was a pretty big place. I giggled softly as I began to text back.

I'm sorry, mystery person. You threw me for a loop. You definitely aren't who I was expecting but I'm sure it won't hurt to talk to you a little. Bella xx

I raised myself from my bed, suddenly incredibly fidgety. I needed to move around, to do something. I made my way into the kitchen and quickly prepared myself a salad. I heard my phone ring in my pocket but I wasn't quite ready to see the responding message yet. I had so many thoughts swirling around in my head. I didn't know this person, I didn't know how old they were, what they did, where they lived but I felt like it was important that I did know. I didn't even feel like it would matter whatever the answers to my questions were. It was almost as if this was my fate that I was supposed to take Jacob's number down wrong and accidentally contact this person. I wondered if maybe Jacob was the one, he had felt close to what I thought the onewould feel like but what if it just felt like that because he was leading me to the one, the real one. I shook my head, laughing at my crazy thoughts. I didn't even know this person's name and here I was imagining them to be my future husband, father of my children. I really needed to stop being such a romantic and start living in reality but it was hard. I had always imagined that I would meet my soul mate in the strangest of ways and I felt that I would know who it was straight away. I just couldn't shake the feeling that I had found him at long last.

I sat down in the living room, kicked my feet up on the coffee table and turned the TV on with the remote. I settled back into the couch, getting comfortable, as the theme song to One Tree Hill rang out around me. Alice had insisted we get surround sound and I was glad that I had let her; it definitely enhanced my viewing pleasure. My phone chimed again, so I fished it out of my pocket, placing my salad bowl on the arm of the couch as I read the messages I had been sent.

-laughs- Mystery person? You can call me E, Bella. Who knows, maybe I'll be better for you than the person you thought you were texting. E x

Have I scared you off again? I hope not. I think this happened for a reason. E x

I smiled softly, chewing on my lower lip as I considered how to respond. Was it possible that E was having the same feelings as me? That he felt that unexplainable pull for us to talk to one another? In my mind, my silly romantic fantasies were making their presence known to me. I could have a happily ever after and I would know when I had found the man I would spend the rest of my life with. E was that man.

No, you haven't scared me off :) I was just thinking. B x

About what? E x

Fate. B x

What about fate? E x

Do you believe in it? That everything happens for a reason? B x

I'm beginning to. Is there a reason you're talking in riddles, Bella? E x

I don't want you to think I'm crazy. B x

And why would I think that? E x

Maybe because I am? B x

You're not crazy. You're beautiful, gorgeous, smart, caring, funny... Need I go on? E x

I stared at my phone is disbelief, a strange feeling coursing through me. I didn't necessarily agree with the words he had used to describe me but it was curious that he would say that about me. It seemed a little personal, something you would say to someone you knew. Not a complete stranger.

Do you know me? B x

I should have been freaking out. Surely I should have been panicking or screaming for the police. I possibly had a stalker and yet I felt calm, collected. I liked the thought that he might know who I was. I wanted him to know.

What makes you say that? E x

Your description of me seems overly friendly for two complete strangers. B x

Maybe it's what I can sense from you. E x

No, E. You know me. I know you do. B x

I do. E x

I let out a shaky breath as I stared at those two simple words. I do. He knew me, which meant that I might know him. Or on the other hand, maybe I didn't. Maybe we went to school together and he'd seen me, stalked me. I thought about what to ask him. I needed to know if I knew him too. I felt a connection to him, one I didn't want to break but if his answer was not what I hoped for, then I would have to stop this dangerous game and change my number, most likely.

Do I know you? B x

Yes. E x

That's it? That's all I get? Who are you E? B x


That was the last message received. I edited his contact information while I waited, seeing as Jacob (English Lit) was no longer appropriate. I typed in what information I knew, my eyes continuously searching the clock and my mood descending as more time ticked by and the chances of a reply diminished.

E (The One?)


I stayed awake for another hour after that, desperately warring with myself. I wanted to send him message after message, begging for him to reply, to tell me who he was but I didn't want to look that desperate. I felt better knowing that he was in fact someone I was familiar with but confused as to why he wouldn't want to share his identity with me.

I sighed as I stood up, taking my empty bowl into the kitchen and placing it in the dishwasher. I went through to my room and sat down at my desk, checking I had completed my essay before shutting down the laptop and changing into a tank top and boy shorts. I turned the light off and crawled into bed, turning onto my side and facing the bedside table, eyeing my charging phone in the hopes that the screen would flash with an incoming message. It didn't. And soon I was asleep, dreaming of a handsome stranger named E.

"You're so beautiful, Bella. You're gorgeous, smart, caring and funny... I think I love you." E repeated his words from our texting session earlier, his velvety voice whispering the words in my ear as his naked body hovered over mine.

"I think I love you too, E," I whispered, my eyesight clouding over with the unshed tears that had now formed. I blinked repeatedly, trying to push them back, not allowing them to fall and ruin this perfect moment. "Make love to me." I requested, opening my eyes to him again and biting my lip as I took in the expression on his handsome face, his emerald green eyes darkening with lust, his angular jaw tensed and his brow furrowed.

"You mean it?" He questioned. "You want this? I can wait, we don't have to." I giggled softy, running my hands down his sculpted chest. We had already been pretty active in bed, hence the reason we were both already naked. I slid my arms around his back, running my nails lightly up and down his spine. E closed his eyes as his lips parted and a soft moan escaped his lips, blowing his sweet breath across my face.

"I'm sure," I leaned forward, pressing my lips softly to his before laying back down against the pillows and smiling up at him, trying to convey to him with my eyes, just how sure I was. "Please. I need this. I need you."

In the blink of an eye, his lips crashed to mine as he kissed me hungrily, his tongue stroked at my lower lip, begging for entrance. I parted my lips and let out a soft sigh as his tongue connected with mine, stroking me softly as I moaned into his mouth. His hand came up and cupped the back of my neck, tipping my head back slightly and allowing him deeper access. While his other hand gently caressed my breast, his talented fingers rolling my nipples, pinching them, twisting them, just enough to make me cry out with pleasure.

E broke our kiss when we were both panting for breath, smiling at each other like love sick fools. E's glorious eyes twinkled with merriment as he stared down at me, his messy, copper hair falling down across his line of vision. I raised my hand and gently brushed his hair away, desperate to see those expressive eyes staring at me.

He lowered his head to me once more, his lips gently brushing against mine before moving to my neck and kissing me softly, sucking my skin into his mouth as he worked his way lower, nipping along my clavicle until he ended at my breast, pulling my taut bud into his mouth, swirling his tongue around me before pulling back and blowing his warm breath over my wet peak. I moaned and writhed beneath him, desperate to have him inside me. E chuckled softly, his hand stroking along my side, over my hip, down to my knee. He kissed my lips quickly, pulling my leg up around his waist as he lined himself at my center.

"I changed my mind. I don't think I love you. I know I do." He said, closing his eyes as he pressed himself slowly inside me. I moaned out with the immense pleasure which surged through every cell in my body, my back arching off of the bed, causing E to sink deeper inside me. I had heard horror stories from my girlfriends about the first time hurting but with E, I felt no pain, just pure, unadulterated bliss.

E shifted his weight slightly, supporting himself with just his left arm as his right continued to hold my leg around his waist. His hand stroked gently up and down my thigh as he withdrew himself from my body before pressing back in, just as slowly, just as carefully. I whimpered at the loss of him filling me, and then cried out once more as his body completed mine. E's right hand came down beside me, resting on the bed as his hips began to move a little faster.

His lips descended on me, taking me in a bruising kiss, his tongue moving insistently against mine as my hips began to move in time with his. We thrust against each other, our lips never breaking the complete circle we had created for ourselves, only breaking apart long enough to draw in a quick, stunted breath before attacking each other furiously again. My chest heaved with the exertion my body was producing, my breasts rising and falling, my nipples rubbing against E's smattering of chest hair.

I could feel the coil in my stomach tighten; a promise of the explosion which was now imminent, pleading words fell from my lips as I begged him to move harder, faster, and deeper. I rocked my hips against him with a furious insistence, breathless pants and moans escaping me as I climbed higher and higher toward the abyss.

"Come with me, beautiful Bella," E ground out between gritted teeth, his hips moving faster against me as he shifted his weight once more, his hand skimming softly between my breasts, down my hardened stomach and coming to rest between us. "Come, Bella." E begged again, his delicate fingers rubbing and flicking at my swollen nub, until finally I felt it, my back arched, my mouth fell open in a silent scream as my muscles clamped down around E, my body convulsing wildly below him as I rode the waves of my orgasm.

I felt E thrust wildly into me twice more before his cool ejaculate erupted inside me. He was a sight to behold as he came, his arms locked tight at the elbow, his head thrown back in ecstasy, his brow dripping with the sweat of his frenzied movements. He stilled above me for a moment, his eyes screwed shut, his lips parted as he called out my name. My chest continued to rise and fall rapidly, my heart thundering against my ribs. E crashed down on me before rolling onto his side, pulling me with him and tucking me into his side.

"I love you, E" I whispered, blinking my eyes open and realizing that what had seemed so real just moments before had actually been a figment of my imagination. The beautiful, glorious, E had not just made love to me. I cried out in frustration as I turned onto my stomach, burying my head in my pillows as I beat the mattress with my fists, angered at my mind for playing tricks with me, although, admittedly, it had been the best dream of my life. I sighed as I stilled my body, rolling back over onto my back and staring up at the ceiling as the heels of my palm rubbed the sleep from my tired eyes.

My gaze flicked to my phone on the night stand and I sat bolt upright in bed as I watched the screen flash on and off repeatedly. I had a message. I reached out a shaky hand to retrieve my phone, reading the message with a smile on my face.

I'm a good guy Bella, someone who has known you for a long time and been too nervous to talk to you. E x

I responded immediately as I pulled my knees up to my chest, hugging them tight to my body.

Why were you too nervous? B x

His reply was instantaneous.

You're so beautiful, so confident. E x

Why talk to me now? B x

How could I let this opportunity pass me by? E x

Will you tell me your name? B x

One day. I want you to know me first, before you really know me. And I was told not to. E x

Who told you not to? B x

A mutual friend. I'll tell you all about it another time. E x

That was the start of our friendship. We text each other daily and not just one or two texts, nor the 'Hi, how are you' kind but the kind where we really got to know each other. We discussed everything from literature to music as well as films and sports. There was not a single subject that we touched open in which E was not incredibly knowledgeable.

Alice had returned home from Jasper's almost three weeks ago now and when she'd arrived, she'd found me glued to my phone, which was something new for me as I'd never really been the type to just play on a phone, I had minimal apps on my iPhone and I like it that way. A phone was just that, a phone. It wasn't a toy, it was a tool and its main purpose was to make calls or text.

We'd arranged a girl's night on her first night back at the apartment. We'd pushed the coffee table to the edge of the room and camped out in the middle of the living room floor, donning our pyjamas as we talked about all things 'boys' while dipping our spoons into the tub of Ben and Jerry's we were sharing between us. All evening she would look at me, as if imploring me to shed some light on my stranger than normal behavior. I knew what she wanted from me but I wasn't sure if I was ready to share my secret with anyone else.

I wanted to keep E to myself for just a little while.

However, I should have known that Alice would never let it slide for long. After regaling me with her tales from her weekend away at Jasper's parents and telling me in great detail every little thing that they had done, including their extracurricular activities in the bedroom, to which I scrunched up my nose and threw one of the couch cushions at her to shut her up, she placed her spoon on the ice cream lid and sat up straighter, folding her legs, Indian style, in front of her.

"I think it's time you told me what's going on, Bella," she said, her face sporting an unusually serious look.

I sighed and mimicked her position on the floor, my hand clutching at the phone I very rarely let out of my sight.

"I met someone," I whispered, my eyes downcast but catching sight of Alice's mouth opening with her intention to speak. I held my hand up to her, imploring her to stop and let me finish. "It's not… I haven't actually met him. We've only talked by text."

Alice nodded. "So that's why you've been holding your phone as if you're life depended on it all night?" I nodded as she sighed. Alice had always wanted me to loosen up and do something with my personal life but this was obviously not what she had ever imagined for me. She ran her fingers through her short, spiked hair, picked up her spoon once more and smiled reassuringly. "Why don't you tell me all about him?"

I'd told Alice all about how I had come to 'meet' E and was surprised that she hadn't taken the news badly. I really had expected her to lecture me and berate me on my stupidity. I had thought that she would drag me to the nearest AT&T store and force me to buy a new phone so that I couldn't be contacted by 'strange men' again. So I was surprised, pleasantly so, when she said nothing of the sort and in fact encouraged the friendship that E and I had already built between us. Her behaviour was odd but I wasn't going to question it. Alice knew more than she was letting on but I'd let her keep her secrets for now.

Three weeks later, I received a text which completely changed the dynamics of our friendship.

Can I call you? E x

I delayed my response for most of the day. I desperately wanted to hear his voice. I had an impression of how he sounded in my mind but of course, I had nothing to factually base it upon. It was just how I imagined him sounding, smooth. I just didn't know if I was ready to find out. I was comfortable with the way our relationship was. Not having to see him, made it so much easier to talk to him and I had ended up divulging information to E that I had never told anyone else. I had told E about my dreams and aspirations; he knew that I desired to become a teacher and he knew that I was working hard for my Bachelor's degree but he also knew how frightened I was.

I hadn't even told Alice how scared I was. I studied all the time and the only down time I really allowed myself was the few hours that E and I set aside each night to talk to each other. We'd text all throughout the day but in those two or so hours before we went to sleep, our replies to each other were almost instantaneous, as if we were IMing, not texting. I was terrified that I would fail, that I would let myself down and let my family down.

I was an only child and my parents were immensely proud of my decisions in life. They were satisfied when I chose Seattle, even though I could easily have been accepted elsewhere, my dad had wanted me to go to Harvard but my mom had wanted me to stay closer to home. In the end, I had decided that I liked Washington, I liked where I lived and I still had plenty of time to spread my wings in the future. So I stayed home. Even though dad was a little disappointed, he was still happy for me. I didn't want to let them down by failing my classes and winding up flipping burgers for the rest of my life.

E tried to boost my self-esteem and the majority of the time, he succeeded.

Yes. Please. B x

I had tapped out a reply to him several times during the day, my finger hovering over the send button. I didn't want to change what we had. I wasn't sure if talking over the phone would make things awkward between us. In the end, I realized that there was only one way to find out. And so I had finally sent him a message.

My phone rang not even three seconds later, E's name and number flashing up on the screen along with the 'accept' and 'decline' functions. My finger hovered once more, flicking between the two buttons, my heart racing, thrumming against my rib cage until the decision was taken from me and my cell rang off, only for it to begin again immediately. I took a deep breath to steady my nerves and lay back against my pillows, my hair fanning out over the cotton.

I hit 'accept' and connected the call.

"Bella?"A smooth, velvety voice wafted over the line, my eyes closed as my mouth opened slightly, my breathing coming slowly. It was everything I had imagined it to be, and so much more. His voice sounded like silk and honey. "Bella, are you there?"

"Hi," I finally managed to croak around the lump in my throat, the color rising in my cheeks as my arm moved to cover my eyes in embarrassment. Not that he could see. I cleared my throat, rolled onto my side and brought my knees up to my chest as I curled in on myself, taking another deep breath as I plucked up the courage to be a little more conversational. "Hi, E, it's nice to finally hear your voice."

I needn't have worried about how taking this next step would affect our friendship because, if anything, it only cemented our feelings deeper. We discussed everything, as we had before, only now it felt like we were closer. Instead of spending hours staring at an inanimate object, waiting for a response, we spent as much time as we could talking with each other on our cells. Time flew by when I was connected to E in this way and I loved every second that we spent together. To hear the lilt in his voice as he spoke animatedly about his music always caused my heart to warm.

It wasn't all happiness though. There were the times when one of us had had a bad day, an argument with a friend, a low grade or just one of those days where every little thing that could go wrong, did go wrong. We soon found out though that just a few minutes talking to each other would usually calm us. We became each other's sounding boards for all of the inconsequential things in our lives, things that didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things but important to us anyway.

We spent weeks like this, just hanging out together via a cellular network, lost in our own world which we had created for ourselves. We had our own routine, too. Every day when E called, I would always answer with 'Will you tell me your name today?' to which his response was always no. He promised that he would, when the time was right and I found myself believing him.

I sighed and rolled over to look at the clock on my bedside table. It was after one in the morning and I still hadn't heard from E. It was unlike him not to call at all and if for any reason he couldn't make our nightly chat, he would always text me to forewarn me. I'd text him at 11pm and when he hadn't responded by midnight, I'd called him. Twice. Each time it just rang and rang until his voice-mail picked up. I was really beginning to worry and as much as I had tried to sleep, I just couldn't. I had tossed and turned with my worry for the boy I'd never even seen.

The vibrations of my phone sounded loudly against the night stand, making me jump a little. I reached out to take it quickly, hoping that Alice had not been disturbed by the noise. The walls in our apartment were paper thin and she was just in the next room. My eyes glanced longingly at the screen, my heart pounding in my chest, the butterflies returning to my stomach as E's number flashed up. I answered quickly, praying that I would hear his distinct voice on the other end and not someone telling me that there had been some terrible accident.

"E?" I asked, my tone sounded pleading, even to my own ears.

"Hey, Bella, baby," he responded, his voice sounding a little off.

I breathed a sigh of relief, dropping my head back against my pillows. "Where have you been?"

"Hmm, you're being demanding with me. I like that," I pressed the phone closer to my ear as I heard the dull roar of a bass line in the background. "What are you wearing, Bella?"

"I… What? E, what the hell is going on?" My friendship with E had grown considerably over the last few weeks and we had confessed to each other that we cared deeply for each other. We had flirted a little but never had E been so bold as to ask me what I was wearing. I was completely at a loss as to what to say or what to do. I considered just telling him I'd talk to him tomorrow and hanging up but E was acting strangely and I was still somewhat concerned.

I heard the springs of his mattress creak and groan under his weight and imagined him flopping down onto his bed. "Did you miss me?" He asked, clearly avoiding my previous question.

"Yes, of course I did," I sighed as I wondered, once again, what had gotten into him. "Where were you? I was really worried, E."

I was nagging him, like a girlfriend would and I silently berated myself. I had grown really attached to him and would have given anything to actually be his girlfriend. It didn't matter that we hadn't met, that I didn't even know what he looked like. Physically, I had no idea how he appeared but I knew his soul and I knew his heart. I knew that he was a beautiful person.

"I'm sorry I didn't text," he mumbled into the phone, yawning slightly, which set me off, too. "I was dragged to a frat party by Emmett, my roommate."

I laughed lightly as everything finally made sense. E was drunk.

"Oh, beautiful Bella," E lamented down the phone to me and I tried very hard to stifle my giggles but failed dismally. "Are you laughing at me, Bella?"

"Not at all," I replied with a grin spreading across my face.

"It's late. Why are you awake?"

"I was worried," I mumbled, chewing on my lower lip. I had realized tonight just how much I cared about E. I didn't want him to realize how deep my feelings for him were and prayed he wouldn't question me. "And besides, someone called me in the middle of the night."

I heard his velvety chuckle and felt my body heat at the sound. "Is that so? Maybe you should punish them."

"What would you suggest?"

There was a groan on the other end of the line and I sat upright in bed, the sheets pooling around my waist as I listened intently for any further sounds. Perhaps E was sick. I wondered if he was home alone. My cell was hot against my ear as I pressed it closer, my brow furrowing as I tried to make out the sounds coming from E.

"E, are you okay?"

Another groan and what sounded like deep, heavy breathing.


A zipper.

My mouth dropped open as scenarios ran through my mind. The most fitting was something I had never really allowed myself to consider before and I wasn't ashamed to admit that I was really hoping that that's what he was doing.


"E, are you…" I lowered my voice, lying myself back down, "…touching yourself?"

"Shit," he cursed and strangely I imagined him running his fingers through his hair in a frustrated manner. "Fuck, Bella, you weren't… Fuck. You weren't supposed to hear that."

I felt the heat spread down my body. My frequent blush had attacked my cheeks once more and I was almost certain that the flush was spreading further down my body as the fire and need began to course through my veins. The thought of E touching himself, while on the phone to me, caused my heart to swell and my thighs to tense, trying to tame the throb I had begun to feel at the apex of my thighs. I realized that I should have been appalled by his behavior but I wasn't.

I took in a stunted breath, picturing his lean and muscular body, laid out on his bed. The hard planes of his stomach, tensed, his solid member in his hand as he stroked at his sensitive and wanting flesh. I closed my eyes in an effort to ward off the images which now assaulted me.

Before I even knew what I was doing, I was speaking to E, my voice a breathy whisper. "Tell me what you're doing, E."

There was a long pause and I wondered for a moment if maybe he'd fallen asleep. I was well aware that I shouldn't take advantage of the situation. E was inebriated and was obviously a horny drunk. What would I do if he regretted this in the morning and I ruined one of the best friendships I'd ever had? The chances were slim, I knew that, deep down, but still, I wasn't sure if it was worth the risk.

"What?" He finally responded and I exhaled the breath I didn't realize I had been holding.

I swallowed thickly, my mouth suddenly very dry. "Tell me. Please."

"You want to have phone sex, Bella?"

Was that what this was?

"Yes," I whispered, surprised by my boldness. "Only… I don't know what I'm doing."

"You've never touched yourself before?"

I couldn't believe that I was doing this, talking to E, of all people, about something so intimate. My body heated further, the ache I felt getting stronger as I rubbed my thighs together and squirmed in my bed.

"Not often," I replied, not wanting to let E know just how little I had masturbated. I knew that it was natural and everyone did it but I had never really felt comfortable with it. I'd tried a handful of times over the years but I had never felt satisfied whilst doing it. I would reach a point where the pleasure would border pain, my muscles would tense, my back would arch and I would be right there, right on the edge but seemingly unable to fall.

"Oh Bella," he murmured, "I'm going to make you feel so good, love."

"Please," I whispered breathlessly, smiling when I heard his responding chuckle.

"Do you trust me, Bella?"


"I want you to do everything that I say. Can you do that, beautiful?"

I nodded. Then I realized that he couldn't see me and all of a sudden, I was grateful for that fact.

"Yes," I finally managed to respond, my body burning up at the sound of his husky voice. "I can do that."

"Good girl," he breathed into the phone, those two simple words bringing a slight moan from me as my tongue snaked across my lips, wetting them. "I want you to take your right hand, Bella, and I want you to cup your left breast, squeeze it gently. Get yourself good and worked up." He continued. I heard his mattress move again then the unmistakeable sound of his trousers dropping to the floor, his belt clanging as it fell, before he climbed back onto his bed again.

My nipples began to pebble under my touch, hard and erect and just begging for attention. I sat upright and pulled my tank top over my head, shivering as the chilled air touched at my heated skin. I placed my cell on speaker and placed it on the pillow beside my head, freeing up my left hand as I brought it into the mix, massaging my breasts before taking each of my taut buds between my thumbs and forefingers, rolling them gently as I tested the waters before giving them a sharp tug.

"Oh!" I cried out as the butterflies in my stomach rolled, the stimulation I gave to my aching body seemed to be in direct contact with every part of me but more specifically, the pleasure was shooting straight down to the apex of my thighs.

"Feel good?" E whispered with a smile evident in his voice.

"So good," I whispered as I shivered in pleasure, the deep seated ache growing worse. "I need more, E, please." I begged.

He chuckled, then moaned and I realized that he was still touching himself. This thought only turned me on more.

"What are you wearing?" he pressed once more, his breathing heavier.

"Boy shorts."


"Just boy shorts," my fingers continued to pinch and pull at my elongated nipples.

"Fuck," he hissed, his voice conveyed that he was on the verge of losing control. My right hand began to unconsciously travel over my flattened stomach, heading in the direction it was most needed. "Fuck, the thought of you half naked and touching yourself. Jesus, Bella. I'm so fucking close." E grunted. I smiled, immensely proud that he was thinking of me as he pleasured himself, picturing me as he brought himself close to completion.

"Tell me, E." I whispered as my fingers danced across my skin, my mind conjuring up the feel of his hands on me. "Tell me what you're doing. I need to know how it feels, what you're thinking and I really need to know how you like it."

I had no idea where this side of me had come from, she had never been present before in my life but I liked her. I liked her boldness and her ability to ask for what she wanted with no concern for the consequences.

"Shit Bella, where do I start?" he was panting now, his breathing heavy and I could picture the sweat building on his perfect forehead. I could see his jaw clenched in concentration, his hand wrapped around his girth as he stroked himself harder. "I'm… Shit, I'm pumping my cock. I have my hand wrapped tight around me. Fuck, so good."

"Keep talking," I begged as my hand slipped beneath my shorts and ran lightly over the curls situated between my thighs. I could feel the heat emanating from my body. Without having really touched myself, I was already at the point I had found myself before, ready to fall off over the edge and into orgasm. I only hoped that this time I would be able to.

There was a deep growl, a long, drawn out moan and then the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. I pictured him perfectly, his hips rising and falling as he lost himself to the pleasure. "Oh Christ, Bella I'm so close. Fuck, yes. Your hands are so good."

"What?" I asked, needing to make sure I hadn't just imaged his last words. My fingers slipped between my folds and I shuddered at the intense burn. My clit throbbed in anticipation, begging me to touch it.

"Your hands," he grunted between breaths. "Fuck, I can imagine your hands. Oh God!" He shouted before the only sounds left were those of his laboured breaths.

"E?" I whispered, my index finger deftly tracing circles around my throbbing nub, my hips moving against the rhythm of my hand. I bit down on my lip to stifle my moans.

"Mmm?" He hummed, obviously sated.

"Feel good?" I breathed, throwing his words from earlier back at him.

"So good," he quipped back at me with a chuckle. "What are you doing beautiful? Are you touching your pussy?"

I blushed furiously at his choice of words, my desire rippling through me as my hips began to move faster. "Yes."

"Are you wet?"

"Yes," I moaned, unable to articulate any more than that at the moment.

"I want you to slide a finger inside yourself, Bella. Imagine it's my hand, my finger inside you, my thumb on your clit."

I did exactly as he asked, I had promised him at the start that I would and so I did. Besides, he seemed to know what he was doing and I was enjoying myself far too much to stop now. My hips bucked against my hand as my finger slid inside. Warm, wet and sticky, which shouldn't have felt all that good but with the added imagery of E being the one with his hand down my shorts, it felt amazing.

"To see you now," E commented wistfully. "I bet you're a sight for sore eyes, Bella. Your skin flushed with your impending orgasm, my fingers working inside you as my lips caress your neck. You'd like that wouldn't you? You'd like my body covering yours, my bare chest against you and your hard nipples in my mouth."

I realized what he was doing and it was working, I was right there, his dirty talk pushing me right to the very precipice of release. "More. Please." I begged. I was so close.

"To watch you fall apart in my arms, to know that I'm bringing you a pleasure that no one else has," he sighed, barely audibly. "I'd work you through it until your body ceased to tremor, then fold you in my arms and hold you as you slept."

The thought of sharing his bed and of being encased in his arms was the catalyst I needed to throw me into an explosive orgasm. I cried out with my shoulders pressed into the comforter, eyes tightly closed, fingers working harder and deeper as my legs shook and my muscles tensed.

"There's no sight more beautiful than you right now, Bella," E whispered reverently. I smiled slightly and quickly burrowed myself under my blankets, scared that the shame would soon fill me and surprised to find that it didn't come. I realized I had no reason to feel ashamed. E and I were both consenting adults and we had known each other for quite a while now. What we had shared tonight was not as seedy as a one night stand with a guy you just met in a club. At least, in my opinion it wasn't.

I let out a large yawn as I pressed myself further into my pillows, taking my phone off of speaker and bringing it back to my ear. "Thank you," I whispered, my body feeling boneless and free.

E chuckled. "No, thank you, Bella. I'm sure you'll sleep well tonight. Goodnight, beautiful." I returned the sentiment, wishing him a goodnight before we disconnected the call. I turned over in bed, plugging my phone into its charger and placing it on the nightstand, my heavy eyes closed and sleep took me instantly.

I awoke early the next morning, feeling incredibly refreshed even though I lacked my usual eight hours of sleep. A smile crept onto my face the moment I had cleared the sleep from my eyes and the memories of the previous night crawled into my mind. I curled up tight in a ball as I reached for my phone, surprised to see two messages from E. He must have text me before he fell to sleep, after we talked, but I had fallen asleep the second that my head hit the pillow.

You're so beautiful. One day I'll see you fall apart like that for real. E x

I want to see you, really see you. I want you to know who I am. E x

My heart rate picked up as I read his last message. I hadn't expected him to want to do this so soon. Surely things would be awkward between us now. Wasn't there supposed to be some sort of adjustment period?

There was a gentle knock at my door and I raised my head as the doorknob turned and Alice poked her head around the door. She smiled when she saw me and bounded into my room, raising my covers and climbing in beside me. Her fingers stroked through the birds nest on top of my head as she smiled at me sweetly. I knew that smile. She had something to tell me and it was likely to be something that I didn't want to hear. The last thing I wanted today was for something to spoil the great mood that E had put me in.

I kissed Alice's cheek and asked her to give me just a moment before I slid out of bed and padded across the laminate floor to the bathroom. I closed and locked the door behind me, leaning my back against the wood as I opened up my messages to respond to E.

When and where? B x

I placed my phone on the edge of the bath tub as I moved to the sink and cleaned my teeth then ran a brush through my messy hair, pulling it back into a tight pony tail. My phone buzzed and I picked it up, sliding my thumb across the screen and smiling nervously at the response. I was excited, yet nervous all at the same time. What if E didn't like what he saw? I knew for me that it didn't matter at all what he looked like. It wasn't his face that I was in love with, it was all of him.


I frowned as I looked at myself in the mirror. Was that what this feeling was?

My gaze moved back to my cell and my heart thumped loudly in my chest, the smile on my face increasing and I knew then that it was love. I also knew that E was the one.

Today, SU parking lot, when you get in at 9. E x

I'll be there. B x

I crawled back into bed with Alice, propping myself up against the head board and turning the top half of my body, slightly, to look at her properly. "Spill," I ordered. She grimaced a little before responding.

"You remember my cousin, Edward?"

I nodded, vaguely remembering the geeky, glasses wearing boy that I had seen at some of Alice's family gatherings.

"Well he goes to SU, too," she continued, looking at me as if I should understand where she was going with this. She sighed and began speaking again. "My mom phoned last night and apparently Edward has like one friend and his mom is really worried about him and they want us to hang out with him."

I opened my mouth to protest but Alice pressed on.

"I promise it won't be all the time, Bella. We can meet him this morning and go out to dinner tonight and maybe just hang with him a few times a week?" Her eyes were begging and it was impossible to say no to her.

"Fine," I replied, pretending to be more annoyed than I actually was as I pushed on her shoulder. "You'd better get out of my bed so I can get ready to go then."

She grinned, kissed my cheek and hopped out of bed, dancing her way to the door. I laughed as I watched her leave, then slowly released myself from my comfortable blankets again and headed to my closet, getting dressed for the day.

"So, where are we meeting him?" I asked Alice, half an hour later as we were pulling onto campus, my eyes flitting around for a glimpse of the geeky boy I had met a few times. I hadn't ever really taken too much notice of him on the few occasions we had hung out but I did remember thinking that should he lose the glasses and get some contacts, he would be a really attractive guy.

"He lives in the dorms," Alice said, checking her mirrors as she pulled into a parking space. I reached into the foot well and grabbed my messenger bag, slinging it over my shoulder as I excited the car. "He said he'd meet us here."

I nodded and looked down at my phone noticing that it was almost 9. "Alice, I have to meet someone soon okay? I promise, I'll hang out with your cousin when we go to dinner tonight."

Alice frowned a little but nodded her acquiescence before her eyes sparkled and her lips curved up into a smile. "Hi Edward!" She said excitedly. I looked up and gasped, Edward had grown up and by the looks of it, he had moved onto contacts. The sun glinted off of his copper hair and his green eyes sparkled as he wrapped his arms around his vertically challenged cousin.

He released her from his clutches then turned to me and held his hand out. I shook it politely and smiled, then immediately switched my gaze to the phone again. I had no messages from E and he still wasn't here. I wondered for a fleeting moment if he'd changed his mind.

I tried to tune out the conversation taking place between Alice and Edward, Edward's voice reminding me of something but I couldn't place my finger on it, putting it down to memories of summer barbecues with him and his family. My eyes began to scan the nearly empty lot. It was filled with cars but the majority of the students had already made their way inside the buildings. I sighed and wrote out a message.

Where are you? B x

A chime signalled nearby and I looked up desperately hoping to see E walking toward me but instead it was Edward, who smiled slightly at me as he pulled his phone from his jeans pocket, he smiled at his phone, a smile so bright it was clear that whoever had messaged him, meant a great deal to him.

I flicked the switch on the side of my phone to turn off the ringer and immediately my cell vibrated in my hand. I eagerly opened my messages, praying that E was just running a little late.

Look up. E x

My brow furrowed as I raised my head, a smiling Alice and a nervous Edward, standing in my line of sight. Alice winked at me then quickly ran off with a giggle as I looked around confused. Edward stepped toward me and suddenly it all clicked.

I had dreamt of E with copper hair, his voice was so similar to Edward's tones of crushed velvet and of course, the biggest clue was that their names began with the same letter.

Edward ran his fingers through his hair, exactly as I had imagined him doing so. I knew then that this was E and I knew that my heart had known it all along. My heart had made me dream of him, made me trust him and now my heart had me fall for him.

I smiled as he closed the distance between us, his arms wrapped around me, holding me close to his body and then his lips were on mine and I was complete.