Miki Hatori was only seconds away to saving Ayumu from the biggest mistake of her life. What will happen when Ayumu actually died from the train accident? How would Miki feel about this? Will others stand up for Ayumu Shiiba's death? Will the truth about Sako Katsumi's fetish reveal itself? Will Yukino and Reina tell Hiroaka sensei about Ayumu and Hiro's abuse? (This goes in the drama storyline)

Chapter One:

Miki was unable to go to work later that day after witnessing a life perished by the train tracks. Ayumu Shiiba was dead. Miki's only friend at Higashi High's life had perished before her eyes seconds after she reached the train platform. If she were to do her cabaret performance what would be the end of it was hard for Miki to even comprehend.

Miki remembered the tears streaming from Ayumu's eyes as she tripped over embarrassed to see Miki's face and her own dignity tarnished because of what was obviously abuse going out of hand. Ayumu's uniform was tarnished, drinks stained her shirt, her hair was covered with red and blue spray paint, chalk markings covered her back, Ayumu was ruined.

Miki walked to her home, a small apartment building she opened the door and walked inside closing the door behind her and closing the curtains. If only Miki was ready to help Ayumu even sooner her death wouldn't have happened. Miki knew it was not her fault that drove Ayumu to her death but the abuse itself. The sun's rays showered on the curtains illuminating whole room into the red colour of the curtains. Already angry, Miki knew the only way to not put Ayumu's death to waste was to call someone, anyone who had the humane thoughts to not bully Ayumu and stay by her side. But she didn't have anyone's number or knew anyone who was close to Ayumu. Then she realized there was the person who had been with her and never did any harm to her, Yuki Sonoda who was Ayumu's garden partner. He had to ask him what happened to Ayumu whilst she was gone.

The next day, headstrong Miki walked early to school and went to the school lockers hearing the various conversations at the school gates

"Did you yeah about Shiiba-san?"

"Yeah I did! That must have hurt man"

"Well she did die you know?"

"Yeah, it's kinda sad really. I wonder what drove her to that."

"I hear that the class Mana is in had a bullying incident"

Miki tried to ignore the conversation because deep inside it made her feel more guilty and guilty by the second. She walked over to her locker and opened the door. Whilst that was happening a group of girls began laughing at the other side of Miki's low of lockers.

"Finally that bitch died!" Said a voice who seemed to be Hiro's voice

"Mana knows, she's been a burden ever since she stepped into our classroom. Mana didn't do anything wrong right?" said a innocent sounding voice or what was trying to be innocent to her it was definitely Ayumu's nemesis Manami Anzai. Miki placed her normal shoes in the lockers and exchanged them for the Japanese school shoes.

"Of course not Mana!" multiple girl voices replied.

"Yeah! That girl and that Hatori should both die in a hole… wait… one is already dead!" Midori cackled. The girls began laughing again making Miki feeling angrier and angrier by the second. But Miki had to maintain her composure and show the tough side she didn't want to ruin her image of the calm and strong-willed school girl. She closed the locker, wore the shoes and walked around the row of lockers towards the front door to the other side in a way people would think she just walked in, she gave eye contact to Manami and her friends. "Oh! Hatori-san, you actually arrived on school on time! Say did you hear about Shiiba? How is she? Is she like okay?"

"Why do you care now?" Miki calmly answered exchanging looks to the startled Midori and her friends before walking back to her locker row and to her classroom hearing Midori screaming at the locker room.

When Miki arrived at the classroom (fifteen minutes before the bell), there were a few students gossiping about Ayumu's death except for Yukino who was shedding tears which fogged up her glasses and Sonoda who was sketching on his notepad. Reina who sat in front of Yukino crossed her hands wondering about the incident and what caused it, she walked to her table at the front left hand side ignoring the conversations that were happening with the few students in the classroom. She looked below at the garden where the sunflowers were blossoming.