Everybody could tell that she liked Allen. It was so obvious. So very freaking obvious. From sneaking peeks at him to losing her cool in his presence, who wouldn't guess that she had this huge, gigantic crush on Allen? And that was not even including all the other little clues from her behavior that showed just how much she liked him.

Oh, wait. Except for Allen himself. He was completely and utterly oblivious to the fact that Lou Fa liked him.

And that Lenalee did too. But of course, she was loads better at hiding that. (Well, there was Komui, so if she accidentally let slip, Allen would most likely be murdered in his hands.) Just not so good at the jealousy part. Everybody seemed to be fully expecting Lou Fa and Allen to get together some day…After all, both of them were cute, sweet, young, etc.

Valentine 's Day was coming too. There were rumors flying around that Lou Fa was 'finally going to do something about it-the Japanese way.'

Which is why Lenalee was on her way to the library now. It was time to do a little research on how Valentine's Day worked in Japan. She couldn't help it, honestly. Curiosity was clawing at her, and she has to know what Lou Fa was going to do on Valentines day. Now. At this very moment.

Lenalee hurried past Lavi, who had his hands cupping the back of his head in a lazy manner, as usual. He blinked when he noticed Lenalee, and held up a hand to wave hi, but Lenalee acted as though she hadn't seen him and walked right past him. Confusion and surprise clouded his eye, but then he shrugged and walked off.