''So, watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do~?'' Lavi sang, watching Allen blush like he was caught in public naked or something. Oh, well. It was the only thing that Lavi could do on this long, boring journey. They had just finished a mission, and were on a train, on the way back to the Order.

Ever since Valentine's Day, two women in his life had been avoiding Allen. One was Lou Fa, and, well, the reason was pretty obvious. The other, however, completely puzzled him. Did he do or say something wrong? As much as he hated to admit it, he was more concerned about Lenalee avoiding him. Much, much more than Lou Fa.

Allen sank deeper in his seat, trying to block out Lavi's incessant teasing. His depression surrounded him like some sort of fog. Lavi finally got the message that he had overdone it, somewhat, and stopped. He crossed his arms and tried to sleep. They had a long way to go.

Allen looked out of the window. Trees and greenery whipped past them. Then the train exploded out of the forest and fields that seem to stretch on and on forever came into view…the beautiful, orange marble of a setting sun could be seen at the end of them. Much in contrary to the sight, Allen let out a heavy sigh. Then,

''Lavi…. Do…do you think Lenalee hates me? Did I do something to her?''

Lavi, who happened to be in the middle of drifting off into a nap, stood up straight with a start and shot Allen a look that Allen didn't get. ''What?''

'And I thought you were never gonna ask…'' Lavi muttered under his breath, blinking the sleep out of his eyes.


''…It's nothing.'' Just how oblivious can he get?

I don't understand how Lenalee and Lou Fa even managed to fall for him in the first place. Well, at least I found out about Lenalee's feelings for Allen before mine got serious with her.


And so Lavi sulked in silence for the rest of the journey, not bothering to answer the question. Allen could only groan inwardly and sink deeper in his seat. Just what did I do this time anyway?

What can I do about Lou Fa? She's a sweet girl, and I shouldn't let how I feel ruin everything.

But to sit back in silence and watch the two of them….Oh, GOD.

This was inevitable, wasn't it? I knew this was coming. Allen will undoubtedly accept her confession 'cause he's that type of guy. And the two of them would get together, etcetera etcetera.

Lenalee clenched the hem of her skirt tightly. She didn't know whether to scream or cry. Just then, there was a knock on her room door. She flinched in surprise, having been so absorbed in her thoughts. ''Y-Yeah? Who is it?'' Lenalee called out cautiously.

''It's me.'' Lavi?

The door came open with a click. Before Lenalee could do anything else, however, Lavi stuck his head in through the small gap. ''Can I come in? There's something I want to talk about.''

''Uhh..okay..'' Lenalee replied, wondering why he was acting so…weird.

Lavi shut the door behind him. Almost immediately, his attitude changed. There was a bang, and then Lenalee found herself pressed against the wall, Lavi clutching her shoulders tightly.

''W-WHAT? O-o-ow, that hurts! Let go or I'll kick your—''

''Shh!'' He hissed in her ear. ''Look, I've got a plan! About...you know!'' Here Lenalee's face got even redder than before. ''You don't have to d-'' ''Just be quiet and listen!''

''Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do this but I miscalculated the time I've got.

Okay, this is gonna sound crazy to you- Allen is on his way up now, and you're gonna have to make a ruckus, okay? Scream and make as much noise as you can, like you're struggling or whatever.'' Lavi said it all in a rush. ''So much that Allen is gonna notice, and he's gonna burst in and bam he saves the day~!''


''Don't worry, I've got it all planned out! Though it was done in a rush I think it should work! Just do as I say-I can hear him coming up now, HURRY''


''Lenalee? What's wrong? Is everything okay in there?'' Allen's voice, though muffled, could be heard coming from the other side of the door.

''.GO!'' Lenalee hissed through gritted teeth, struggling and kicking. (And without realizing it, making a ruckus)

''I don't want to d-''

And just as Lavi had planned, the door came down with a loud crash, with Allen right behind it. His hair was ruffled and somewhat messy…and despite the whole situation being a complete mess, Lenalee had thudded really hard for a moment. Nobody noticed Lavi disappearing into the shadows and with another incredibly loud crash, the whole room seemed to collapse.

Lenalee felt herself falling through space, and she saw Allen jumping down from pieces of concrete after concrete, going after her. This is so nostalgic…somehow…and surreal…

Oh, yeah. This happened before, hadn't it…During the battle with the Noah at the Ark…I think…

When the concrete pathway gave apart…

..I was so scared…and helpless…

Then she felt Allen's arms circle around her, and hold her, just like before. Lenalee felt like she was in a dream, in Allen's arms. She watched as Allen's beautiful gray eyes flood with relief.

I think I could stay like this forever, falling…in his arms…staring into his eyes…

Then the fall was broken, and they hung mid-air. Here Lenalee snapped out of her dazed state.

Ohmygod! What was I thinking? She blushed furiously. Then she felt herself slipping from Allen's grasp, and with a startled 'Oh!' she reached out and hugged Allen tightly, pressing her face against his chest. Then she realized what she was doing and blushed harder. Allen laughed, saying, ''Don't worry, my crown belt won't let you fall!''

Here he raised his head up, squinting. ''Gosh, we sure fell pretty deep into the Order. I think we're in the basement or something…''

Lenalee stayed mute, unsure of what to do. She was still holding on to Allen tightly for dear life, still not reassured by his words. Also, it was such an awkward position! What if she shifted and something embarrassing happened?

Allen, oblivious to Lenalee's silent fretting, continued. ''Err…I think we'll lower us down first. Hold on tight, alright?'' Then he seemed to realize something. ''Ah, Lenalee, I almost forgot! You have your dark boots, right? Is it possible for you to move about by yourself from here?''

''Ah, yes! O-Of course.'' Lenalee immediately let go of Allen while activating her boots.

And so the two of them went deeper and deeper into the depths of the Order. The deeper they went, the darker it got. Soon, Lenalee felt the tip of her boots hit the hard surface of the ground. With a cry of relief, she gently landed, and Allen did too after a moment. ''Finally!''

''I didn't know that the Order was so deep into the ground.'' Lenalee commented, frowning in the dark. ''Or are we even still in the Order?'' Allen wondered aloud.

''Heh….either way, we have to get out of here soon. Everybody might be worried about us.''

FINALLY AN ALLENA MOMENT. This is the first time for me to write a somewhat ''romantic'' moment, and when I read it over, it felt highly weird _ I-I'm s-s-sorry...(Other self: Why are you apologising? o_O Baka..)

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