My own story based on the online game, S4 League. Disclaimers? I don't own the name, but I do own the story.

Tokyo, Shoguya residence, April 5th 2020

It was Sunday, the sun was shining, but the clouds gave a perfect shade over the town. Tomorrow's the first day of school, and also the start of my freshman year… My name is Taeke Shoguya, I'm fifteen years old. Now I'm just wasting the few hours of freedom I have left. I was just sitting on my desk staring out the window while listening to my radio.

… five casualties and thirty hospitalized. The police department has yet to find the one's responsible for the sudden collapse of the monorail tracks. Shitsu Saionji, director of the monorail security claims…

There have been a lot of these accidents lately. Some say its terrorists; others say it was just because the buildings were poorly constructed. I don't really want to stick my head into it. The less I'm involved in it; the smaller the chances are I'll end up in a hospital or coffin.

"Taeke? I'm coming in," someone said as they entered my room. It was my sister.

"The point of announcing an entrance is to get permission from whoever's inside you know. If you just barge in like that, it defeats the purpose."

"Whatever," she said as she lays down on my bed "you gotta loosen up, Tae," Tokiko Shoguya, sixteen years old. She took a manga off my shelf and started reading it. "Don't you have homework?" she asked.

"Not really, since we're moving up from middle school, they probably went easy on us this year.

"Lucky bastards; I got tons of homework. Enjoy it while it lasts; next year, things will be harder for you," I sighed. I don't mind her hanging out in my room, but if this is all she has to say, she might as well stay out.

"Things around the city have been crazy, huh, all those incidents," she said.

"Talk about it too much it might happen to you."

"Aw, don't say that! Don't tell me you're actually hoping for that to happen!" that's one of the last things I want. Sure she gets on my nerves now and then, but she's still family and… ahem…. I love her. No way I'll say that out loud though.

"*pouts* you're so gloomy," like I care.

"Tokiko! Taeke! Dinner's ready!" I heard mom say from downstairs. Tokiko didn't even bother putting the manga she was reading back on the shelf, she just left it on my bed.

"If you don't hurry I'm gonna eat all the good parts!" she said as she ran out of the room. We're having hotpot today. I better hurry before she takes all the shrimp. I took the manga and put it back on the shelf. I caught a glance of one of my new high school textbooks before I left the room. It was like 4 cm thick!

"I'm so not looking forward to tomorrow."

Teshou High School, class 1-B April 6th 2020

I can't believe I got here so fast! Last night was like a blur, I can't even remember dinner! I hope I managed to get some shrimp though…

"Alright, guys! I hope you had a good holiday cuz, starting from today, it'll be like an introduction for hell!" said our new homeroom teacher, Ms. Kano. If she was giving us pep talk, then that might be the worst ever. I wouldn't be surprised if some of my classmates jump out of the window.

"Right! Let's divide up the classroom responsibilities! Who wants to be class representative?"

"I'll do that, sensei," someone said as they raised their hand. It was a girl. I never met her before, so I have nothing to say about that.

"So… Misaki Kouta is our class representative," Misaki Kouta? I've heard of her from the other students. Her family is supposedly rich and she's a straight A student. Now that I think about it, she's also kinda cute.

"…and, who wants to be medical room representative?" I lost interest in this really quickly. I don't want to have any of these responsibilities. Having people completely depend on me is a real drag…

The class continues.

"Hey, Tae-tae…" I heard as someone poked my back. Only one person ever calls me that ridiculous name.

"What is it, Yuki..?" I responded without looking back.

"Isn't it great? We're in the same class again!" she whispered. Yeah, great… Yuki Sanjo, sixteen, she had her birthday during spring break. I remember it clearly.

"Hey, Yuki. Happy birthday," I said as I handed her the latest Pom-bomb CD.

"Tae-tae! Thanks a bunch!" she screamed as she wrapped her arms around me and shook me in the air. "How've you been! Why didn't you stay in touch! How'd you get this CD, it's not even released yet!"

"Fine… *gasp*… phone broke… *squeal*… I know someone… *gag*"

She's way stronger than she looks. We've been friends since we were five. She lived down the street. She, Tokiko, and I used to play together a lot, but we moved to another neighbourhood cuz we found out someone died in that house a few years ago and my parents are very superstitious.

"Hey, let's get together during lunch, whatdya say?"

"Sure, sure…"

Teshou High School, rooftop, lunchtime

"Wow! Your lunch is great! Did your mom make this?"

"Nah, I did."

"That's amazing!" I gotta admit, it's nice up here. You could see the entire town from up here. I still wish Yuki would quit eating my lunch, but at least she let me eat hers too. We've been doing this ever since 8th grade.

"Hey, what do you think about the incidents lately? Pretty crazy huh?" why do people like to talk about this so much? I would like to tell her what I told sis, but she seems happy and I didn't have the heart to ruin that.

"Yeah, I guess," if I get involved in one of those incidents, I'll blame her.

Suddenly, there was a slight tremble.

"Cool! Was that an earthquake! Haha! I felt an earthquake!" why would she be happy about that?

"Hey, Taeke."

"Hm?" she almost never calls me by my real name.

"Be careful, alright? I would hate it if you got into one of those incidents…" what's with her all of a sudden?

"Uh… yeah sure,"

"Good," well that was weird.

A few minutes later, we heard a commotion. It was coming from in front of the school. When we went to check, we saw students, teachers, and staff running from the schoolyard and out of to the streets. What's going on?

"Wow… what do you think happened?" Yuki asked.

"I don't know… looks like the alarm went off. How come we didn't hear it?"

"I heard that the alarm can't be heard from here."

"How come?"

"Well, right below us are the music rooms. They lined the floors and walls with soundproof carpets, for obvious reasons. Most of the sound probably got drained out through that floor."

"But shouldn't there be an alarm here?"

"*pouts* Well, I wouldn't know about that. I just started out in this school too, remember?" pouting at a time like this? I think Tokiko was a bad influence on her.

"Well, whatever. Let's get out of here."

"I'll go get our lunchboxes."

Tenshou High School, music floor

Did they really have to line the ENTIRE floor with soundproof carpet! And where are the alarms one this floor? I hope they weren't stupid enough to not install alarms on this floor just so they won't disturb the music classes.

"We gotta hurry before whatever reason for them setting off the alarm reaches us!" I said as I pulled Yuki's arm while running towards the stairs.

"I hope it isn't a fire…" I was surprised. I never heard her without her usual energetic tone. It was kinda creepy.

"Uhm… tell you what. I'll treat you to ice cream after school's over, to celebrate our freshman year. What do you say?" what the? Where did that come from?

"Uh… o-okay! You promise, right!" I nodded. I'm not sure why I did that, but it was relieving to hear her usual voice again.

We were almost to the stairs when I heard someone say something behind us.

"Huh, there's still some left?" I looked back, and saw Yuki look back. But then I turned my attention to the guy in front of us. I went a little pale. He wore some kind of suit; it was a white long sleeved shirt with a grey striped vest and a tie. The sleeves had some kind of ribbons tied around it. The pants where striped too. It was like a suit, only it was more… anime-ish? He also had a giant metallic glove on his left arm and a short sword in his right.

"Well… since you saw me, I guess I have to kill you, sorry," I went even more pale. Before I could react, that giant glove and his sword exploded like shattering glass and the pieces joined together and formed a heavy looking sword. He charged at the closest one of us, which happened to be Yuki. I pushed her aside as fast as I could. He hacked towards me with his sword with one hand as if it's as light as a stick. I closed my eyes.

"Huh?" I heard him say. I-I'm still alive? I slowly opened my eyes. I saw the sharp blade of the sword just 10 cm from my face, but it looks like I managed to stop it by clapping my hands onto the flat side of the sword. How did I do that?

"Well well… you're strong, aren't you?" He stepped back, I relaxed myself.

"Yuki, stay back," I whispered to her, but I doubt our unknown assailant didn't hear me.

"O-okay…" she ran towards the stairs and went down.

"That's no use, y'know. I'll just finish you quickly and go after her."

"Hurgh…." He's right, no way I can win without any weapons. I just need to hold him off long enough for Yuki to get out of the building.

"Heh… I hope you had a satisfying life!" he charged at me with his sword again. The air around him turned blue and moved according to his charging at me, kinda like a meteor. I sidestepped, but he stomped down left foot in front of him and he slid to a stop, right in front of me. He swung his sword at me, but I ducked and jabbed as hard as I could into his stomach. He coughed out blood.

"Heh… not bad…" he dropped to the floor, face first. I can't believe I did that. I better go make sure Yuki is safe… or maybe I should stay here and make sure he doesn't go after her… before I could make the decision, I saw someone come up the stairs. It was Yuki.

"What the hell are you doing here!" I shouted.

"Uhm… I was worried about you, so I…"

"Came back! That was dangerous! He could've noticed you and attack you!"

"Well, I can't help it if I was worried about you okay!" grr… this is no time for fighting amongst ourselves. We gotta join the others outside.

"We'll talk about this later! Let's go!" She pouted again. Damn that's annoying. I ran down the stairs, but halfway, I stopped. I guess I should be glad she worried about me…

"Thanks for worrying about me, but as you can see; I'm fine," I said. I didn't look back to see how she reacted, but it didn't matter anyway. I got the guilt out of my system, so I guess that's that.

"How touching…" I went pale. That sounded like…

"I guess… grr… it's better if you die beside your girlfriend…" I looked back, he was up! He's clutching his stomach though, good to know I have a good right hook, but he was holding a gun this time. I could see his trigger finger move. I grabbed Yuki's arm and pulled her aside again. I could hear the bullet jump off the floor; he missed!

"Yuki, RUN!" I pulled her arm as I ran downstairs.

"You can't run from me forever!"

Teshou High School, Lobby

"We're almost outside!" I yelled as we got closer to the exit. What a way to start out the new school year! I just want to sleep the rest of the day off.

"Finally! I thought we were never gonna make it," she commented. I gotta agree with her. That guy had a gun; he just needed us in his line of sight and we're done for. We're gonna talk about this for months… but then again, I'd rather forget today, save me some trauma.

"I guess we can relax now-" I was disturbed by the difficulty of pulling Yuki's arm. "Yuki, c'mon, let's go."

"I-I can't move…" what? I looked back. She stood still. I looked at her feet, I saw small chains float around her feet.

"What the…"

"I told you; you can't run from me," I looked towards the staircase. He caught up to us! Crap… Yuki can't move and he has a gun. He raised his arm.

"Time to die, little girl…" NO! My body reacted. My right leg moved, his inserted his finger into the trigger guard. I stepped in front of Yuki, his finger moved back towards the trigger. I planted my feet into a strong stance, the trigger was being pushed back. I raised my arms and closed my eyes, I heard a gunshot.

Not too much into the S4 part; this is just the introduction. Hope it was good, chapter 2 underway!