A/N: hi guys and girls, this is just a very short little story, but it's quite hot I hope you like it. Let me know.

Trouble with Texting

Harry's texts

Severus' texts.

Hello love,

Say that again?

That's what I thought you said, you need to press the button more than once to get the different letters.


Ok, now add a space its the button in the middle at the bottom.

Why have you got this ridiculous contraption.

Because I thought it would be fun.

I'm trying to teach.

Only trying?

If my students weren't incompetent I would be succeeding.

They say a poor workman always blames his tool.

I don't remember you complaining about my tool last night.

Lol, true, I didn't, never do for that matter.


It means laugh out loud, you made me laugh.

I hope you're not anywhere that could cause a problem.

No, I'm alone, in our bed.

You're in our bed without me, you minx you,

I'm beginning to see the appeal of this phonon.

It's a Phone, and it can get better, just think of all the thing I can say, I can tease you all day and be here waiting when you get home.

That works both ways Brat, are you willing to follow written instructions?

Try me, where, how, do you want me?

I want you on your back, spread your legs, feet flat on the bed.

I'm ready Sev

Get the tub from under my pillow, I want you to be well stretched when I get there.

How many fingers shall I start with?

Start with two, but don't take long, three fingers soon, and no touching that pretty cock of yours.

Fuck, so good.

I want you to get one of our toys, I think the second biggest will do.

I found it Sev

Good boy, now back in position. Put plenty of my lube on that toy but don't put it in yet.

I'm ready Sev, when are you going to be home?

I'll be home in an hour, but for now this will do.

I need you Sev.

You need to be filled and fucked, my own, when I get home I'll take care of the latter, for now, we'll fill you.

God you're even hot in text

Press the toy into you, hold it still

Need to move, please.

Move then, just not fast, pump in slow shallow movements, the way I do to drive you wild.


One letter that's all you can manage? I think you'll have to give me more if you want to be allowed to fuck yourself.

I'm moving just the way you said, driving me mad, need more, please Sev

Alright, speed up, not too much, I don't want you to come yet.

Now what?

Are you panting yet baby? I know you're getting close when you start to pant.

So close, need, neeed

Pound yourself, hard and fast push yourself over.

Fuck that was so hot.

I'm not done with you yet baby, grab the plug from the second draw, the red one.

The red one? But you said... are you sure

I'm sure, when I come home I want to see that bright red monster stretching your hole for me use plenty of lube I don't want you hurt, just begging with need.

Ok, give me a few minutes to put it in.

It took a bit of working, not that my cock's complaining, but it's in.

All the way? I'm impressed, if you're hard again you'd best put on the ring, you're not allowed to come again until I'm inside you, then we can see how many

times I can make you come

What happened why did it cut me off?

It cut you off because you went over 160 characters, the ring is on now, I used your green one, I didn't think you'd mind

I'll just make sure to keep the amount I write low. My green ring looks wonderful on your tanned cock

Fuck Sev I need you, when will you be home.

Only another 20 minutes Harry love, I'll be home before you know it.

Good, I miss you.

Um Sev, why am I getting calls and messages from people asking when we got together? Did you tell everyone?

No, you know I wouldn't do that without you.

Oh hell, Sev how did you send the messages

Like you told me to

You clicked send

No, I clicked send all, it's a stupid question really, if I didn't want all the message to be sent I wouldn't have written it all

Sev, my love, you are one of the cleverest wizards I know, but send all means send to everyone who's number you have.

Fuck, Bugger I'm dismissing my class, I'll be right there, no doubt your friends numbers on it and your about to be under siege, dare I ask who else's number?

Well, all the order, the faculty, the Weasley's, Sirius and Remus, (watch out for them on your way home) um I think there were a few others

Who? Tell me damn it

Draco, and his parents, um all the Gryffindors,

Why in god's name would you do that? Luc will never let me live this down.

In case I was out and you needed to find me, or in case you needed one of them.

And anyway, think of all you said just your parts, I don't think you come off that badly in all of this.

I'm nearly at the main floo. Are you still wearing the plug for me

Anything for you baby you know that.

Even not killing me after letting everyone find out like this?

Even that, at least your only hitting send now.

... oh yeah

Get home mister, you have some serious making up to do.

I'm getting the powder, I love you.

I love you too.