Set in the Land of Departure.

A while back, I told Maneki Neko that I would do something about that little story about a rock that I once had up on my Profile.
I cannot lengthen it, I've tried, really. And I still think it's too short to stand as a one shot.
So I am starting this compilation of short one shots, each with maybe five hundred to a thousand words.

All of these are going to be sequels of sorts to the shorter drabbles I have written, such as those in the theme challenges or the alphabet stories I have.

Keep in mind that none of these were ever written for posting.
They are all part of my personal collection and so are only supposed to be for my amusement. Therefore, they are not exactly reader-friendly.
But I will post a few, because I promised I would do something about this rock story. And this is all I can do. Hahaha!

This is the continuation for what I wrote for the letter I - Impulsive in my other story Deep Within.

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the rock

Vanitas was not an impulsive person. He liked to think things through. But when he saw Terra casually trying to drape his arm across Aqua's shoulders while they were stargazing, he couldn't care less what the consequences would be as he threw a rock at the brunette.

"Ow! What the-?" Terra shouted, reaching to touch the back of his head.

"Terra!" Aqua interrupted, knowing that some profanity was bound to escape.

"Something hit me!" the brunette exclaimed, as he looked at the fingers he had pressed against the sore spot. "I'm bleeding!" He resumed pressing on the wound, scowling and wincing and writhing in pain and frustration.

"Hold still, let me see," Aqua said, checking the back of his head. "It's not so bad; I can heal that in a second."

Aqua cast Cure against the wound and the bleeding stopped. She wiped up his hair with her handkerchief and he asked, "What the hell hit me?"

"A rock," Aqua answered, noticing the small, jagged stone that lay behind them. It had a smudge of blood on it that clearly showed its guilt.

Terra turned around, furious, and he picked up the culprit. "As if a rock would just suddenly come flying at my head!"

"Terra…" Aqua said, thinking of what she could possibly say to calm him down. But before she could continue, Terra's eyes had narrowed, staring at something.

She followed his gaze and gasped at seeing that Ventus was on the opposite end of the Summit, kicking rocks around.

"Wait, don't jump to conclusions," she said, but the brunette ignored her.

Terra, with rock in hand, pulled back his arm – while Aqua could only watch in horror – and flung the rock at the younger apprentice.


Aqua promptly gave Terra a slap and her most furious frown as Ventus turned angrily in their direction. She hurriedly ran up to him and checked the spot on his temple where the rock connected. It wasn't bleeding, but the skin was torn a little, so she healed it for good measure.

"What was that for?" Ven asked, glaring at Terra who had also come closer.

"You started it!" Terra argued.

"Started what?"

"You threw that damned rock at my head!"

"Did not! I just got here!"

"Well, who did, then?"

"I don't know, but it wasn't me!"

"Just admit it!"

"I'm telling the truth!"

"Do you want another rock to the head, you little liar?"

Aqua placed her hand over both their mouths. "Stop it! Or I'll start shoving rocks where they don't belong!"

The two boys stared at her in horror and Aqua blushed. She let her hands fall. 'I… I meant…"

"Oh, we know what you meant," Terra said, crossing his arms and raising his eyebrow.

Her blush grew and she pressed her lips into a hard line as Ven started laughing. "Look, I only meant - " she tried to explain.

"No, really, Aqua, we know what you meant," Ven said, still laughing like an idiot. Terra, too, was laughing quite uncontrollably.

Aqua sighed, finding herself once again at the mercy of their laughter. She wasn't quite sure if she preferred their bickering to their making fun of her. And to be quite frank, she blamed this entirely on the rock.

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