Set in the Land of Departure.

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the shirt

Aqua looked up, hearing her bedroom door open, and saw Terra standing there. Shirtless.
"Terra…?" she mumbled awkwardly.
He held his shirt in front of her, revealing a rip on its sleeve. "Can you fix it? It's my favorite shirt."
Aqua frowned. "All your shirts look the same."
"Just please?" he begged, his jaw tight.
Sighing, Aqua took her sewing kit from her dresser and began to mend the shirt. Terra watched her work, smiling at her blush, and wondering if he should tell her that it was his favorite because he was wearing it the first time they hugged.

Aqua bit her lip. Her hands were shaking.

She tried to breathe slowly and deeply in an attempt to calm her nerves. But with Terra so close to her – shirtless, her mind was so kind to remind her – it was difficult to ignore that strong, earthy scent and the pleasant warmth radiating from him.

Feeling her face grow warm, Aqua dipped her head and let her hair cover as much of her blush as it could. It was not much help; that was the downside to having such short hair. But it was imperative that Terra did not notice her blushing. Or else.

"Aqua, are you okay?"

She stiffened. "Of course," she said, and tried to get back to her stitching.

Her fingers continued to tremble and she held back a groan of frustration. Her stitches would get lopsided! And Terra might just notice -

"You're shaking."

Great. She laughed awkwardly. "Yes, I know."

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Uh huh," she answered quickly. Too quickly. "Uhm, my hands are just a little tired."


Thankfully, Terra pestered her no further. The more he spoke to her, the more she blushed. And she knew that the more she blushed, the higher the chances of him noticing. Which was unacceptable and must be prevented at all costs. The entire universe knows just how much Terra loved making her blush. Aqua was not eager to give him more foolproof methods of painting her face crimson.

She stared at the needle and thread and bit her lip, realizing that she has only made four stitches on the tear that she estimated would need about twelve. Trying to focus solely on the task at hand, she proceeded with the fifth stitch. Bring the needle through the cloth and pull. Push the needle through the other side and pull again.

Sixth stitch. Seven. Eight.

"Hey, Aqua."

"Hmm?" Nine.

"I can tell that you think this is a waste of time, but thanks."

"Well, no, I..." Ten. "You're welcome," she said softly, raising her gaze for a second to smile at him. It was natural and instinctive for her to look up and smile. Bad move.

Terra was stretching; leaning back slightly and flexing his muscles. The afternoon sunlight streaming in through her window shone on his body, deepening the shadows that defined his well-built arms and his toned chest and abdomen.

Her pupils dilated. Her throat went dry.

Why was she still so affected by his half-naked body? She has known him since they were children, for crying out loud! And he clearly has no qualms about flaunting his shirtless torso in her bedroom. He looked at perfect ease! So why should it embarrass her?

She gritted her teeth and went back to stitching, her embarrassment making her panic and pick up the pace. Eleven. Twelve. Tug at the stitches to tighten them. Snip off the excess thread and knot the ends. And done.

"Terra! Aqua!"

They both looked up.

"What. Are. You. Doing?"

Aqua felt an unpleasant chill run down her spine at the sight of Master Eraqus standing at her open doorway. She was sure that the sight of her sitting on her bed with a half-naked Terra was not settling well in the strict and conservative mind of their Master. Sure enough, the Master looked pale, his face contorted into a frown, and with a twitch just under his left eye.

"Master, I... We were just..." Aqua wanted to slap herself, especially because she could feel her face grow hotter by the second. She and Terra were doing absolutely nothing wrong! Why was it so hard to formulate a response?

"I was just asking Aqua to mend my shirt, Master," Terra said. "It got torn during training."

It was only then that the Master noticed the needle and thread Aqua held. He released a relieved sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Terra, at least have the decency to wear another shirt while you wait." He gestured at Aqua. "You are clearly making Aqua uncomfortable."

Her world fell apart, especially when Terra scrutinized her, noted her blush, and slowly said, "Oh..."

Because it was not just any oh. It was an oh of realization. A realization of the very fact that Aqua had been trying so hard to keep hidden from Terra.

"Actually," she said hurriedly, tossing the mended shirt at Terra. "I just finished."

"Well, then," the Master said. "I'll see you two at dinner."

When the Master left, Aqua dared to steal a glance at Terra and felt her already shattered world crumble further into dust. He was smirking knowingly.

Terra stood up with his shirt in hand and – standing right in front of Aqua – slowly put it on. Then he said, "Thank you, Aqua..."

"No problem, Terra," she said quickly, averting her gaze. He chuckled, a sound that was just as knowing as the smirk he had, and finally left her bedroom.

As soon as the door was closed, Aqua whimpered and buried her burning face in her hands. Terra knows. Great. Just great. After trying so hard to suppress her blush and act normal, all her efforts went to waste!

She whimpered again, despair washing over her. And all she could think right then was, "Well, thanks a lot, Master Eraqus..."

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