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1. Seesaw

Life is often a teetering seesaw. It has its ups and downs and never seems to stop in one place. For Shun, his life is definitely a teetering seesaw...

He just wasn't sure whether his own seat was up or down on today.

"Welcome, freshmen!" a voice bellowed at the stage where a kind of large man was behind the podium with a smile. "Today is officially your first day..." the teen sighed as he placed his elbow on the armrest of the chair he was sitting on; gazing sleepily at the lit stage with his batch mates surrounding him. He tried his best not to look too sleepy or even yawn for he thought that it would be rude, but the others couldn't care less. Some were even slouching on their cushioned seats; taking a nap while others were closing and opening their eyes every few seconds.

Orientation was always such a bore. High school apparently wasn't as different as grade school in this. The nervousness he had felt a while ago faded for now; most of his classmates though didn't seem bothered by the new change. Maybe he was over thinking things again; maybe high school wasn't as bad as it sounds.

Still, it would be hard to visit Dan as often as he habitually did now that they were in two very different levels.

At some point the incredibly long speech finally ended with that same creepy smile the principal wore as he exited the wooden platform. All students inside moved out in a slightly orderly line with its usual silent chatter and people stretching. "That was the longest two hours of my life, don't 'cha agree?" one of his classmates told him while stifling a yawn. The teen nodded quietly as usual. "At least we won't have this again until next year." he replied.

"True. Hopefully high school has much more exciting things in store for us newbs."

Again, he nodded without a response.

The freshmen all walked out and returned to their classrooms to finally start the schedule they eventually should get used to. They were introduced to their adviser first and more teachers followed; everybody was just glad that there were no lessons as of yet. Before long, morning break had arrived; giving everyone a chance to wake up a little and talk with their friends like old times.

Only this time it seemed that Shun had to get through the day without the hyperactive brunette...or so he assumed. "Shun!" a familiar voice called to him. The teen spun around to where the sound came from; shocked to hear it now of all times. Where is he?

"Over here!" the voice called again. The ninja finally located his weird friend on the fence; gripping the top as if his life depended on it. The metal fence was pretty high to begin with and supposedly hard to climb because it only had smooth vertical bars, but somehow his friend was able to accomplish climbing it...his problem now was that he couldn't pull himself over.

"What are you doing here?" the teen asked; his tone was filled with concern and something along the lines of 'you shouldn't be here, idiot!'

"Trying to see what high school is like?" he replied with a toothy grin. Shun groaned and mentally face-palmed as he approached the brunette that was still perched on the top of the cylinder shaped top. "How did you even get up there?"

"Simple, I made my own seesaw!" the younger boy answered matter-of-factly. As he said, there was a thick board below him with a container at the other side and a fulcrum (a triangle-thing) below the board. How he was able to accomplish this by himself he didn't know, but he got there; and that's what mattered now, he guessed. "So how are you planning on getting down?"

There was a small pause. "Honestly I didn't think it would work." he grinned sheepishly. "Can you help me, please?"

Shun sighed. Without saying anything, he jumped in to a nearby branch and then on the metal fence. His sense of balance was amazing; the teen didn't even waver even on the thin circular surface. Moving carefully, he picked up his friend and helped him down before jumping back to the other side. "Thanks! I have to get going now though; it's almost time."

"Whatever. Just don't do anything that reckless again, understand me?" the brunette nodded. "Okay!"

For Shun, life is definitely a teetering seesaw...a seesaw with not only himself on it, but with another.