6. Telling

"Oh my god, oh my god, what do I do? Shun has a girlfriend! A girlfriend! And I'm not supposed to know! What the heck do I do?" the brunette mumbled to himself as his fingers trembled violently. He was slumped on his desk and covering his panicked expression with his arms, thinking of any other possibilities on what his friend said to himself could mean. Yet no matter which way he saw it, the only thing that came to mind was that the ninja had a crush on someone.

He wasn't sure how to react, so he was still in the shocked state even after a day. The boy decided to try and calm down and figure out who this mysterious girl was. It didn't hit him that his panicking would be pretty obvious to the rest of the class, and while some glanced at him with worried faces, it was only Miku, a classmate of his, that actually asked him what was wrong.

Dan hesitated. "Well, uhm, it's kinda complicated..."

"Why? Does it have to do with your friend?"

"Shun? Uh...yeah, it does." realizing that he might feel better if he told someone, he gestured the blond-haired girl to lean closer to him so that he can whisper what he had been concerned about all day. His classmate's eyes widened. "No. Way. You're lying."

"I won't lie about something like this, y'know. Why the heck would I ever tell anyone that Shun had a girlfriend? That's like asking death to his fan club."

"True, but maybe you're just jumping in to conclusions. Wouldn't he tell you that he had a crush on someone..? He's your best friend, right?"

"He said it himself...that he couldn't tell me about this."

"Are you even sure that he's referring to you?"

"Sure I'm sure! Who else would he be talking about?" a small pause surrounded them, and before either them could say anything more, the bell rung, signaling it was classes again. "We'll discuss this later."

The brunette's face lit up. "You mean...we're gonna do it like old times?"

Miku couldn't help but smile back. "Yep. We're gonna play spy."


Shun had the chilly feeling of being watched ever since dismissal rolled in. Being a trained ninja, he always had that sort of sense about this, but he has been really edgy lately, so he simply pushed it away and thought it was him being paranoid. Anyway, it was almost winter now. The wind was starting to get a bit colder.

Moving swiftly past the crowds, the teen's mind was somewhat blank until he reached the same park he was in yesterday. Glancing around, he turned his attention to the bench and sat on it followed by a sigh. "If only he would let this go. Just this once." he mumbled.

Unexpectedly, the ravenette heard rustling behind him; a loud noise that was impossible to miss. He was tempted to look, but he had a guess on what or who made that mistake, and he wanted to see why they were here in the first place. "I wonder if I should tell Dan?" he said, trying to lure his friend out. Sure enough, he could hear someone breathing harder behind him, and the noises came back, yet were faint. "You'll blow our cover, you idiot!" the teen could hear a girl's voice whispering. That caught him off guard. He knew that voice. "What the heck are you doing with Dan, Miku?"

Immediately after that, the brunette popped from the bushes with a shocked face. "You knew we were here?"

Said girl appeared right after her classmate with an equally surprised expression. "How did you know?"

Shun couldn't help but laugh. "You seriously think that I will miss all the ruckus you're making? You're forgetting who went through training to be a ninja. Anyway, mind answering my question?"

The blond also laughed, yet in a nervous manner. "Ahaha...you see, this was all Dan's idea-"

"My idea?" he cut in. "You were the one that said we're gonna spy on Shun!"

"You were the one that said that Shun has a girlfriend!"

"I have what?" there was a long and awkward pause after that. Each of them had no idea what to say; all of their faces were beet red. "Oh, uh, I have to go back home. See ya, Dan." before the brunette could say anything, she sped off, leaving the two friends alone in an even more awkward moment. "Uhm, Shun...I..."

"Where did you get the idea of me having a girlfriend?" the older teen asked in a composed yet demanding tone which scared Dan like heck. He hesitated and couldn't find the words to answer him. "Well?" Shun asked again.

"I...well, I was worried, okay?" he muttered while twiddling with his fingers. "I tailed you to the park yesterday and...overheard...that you said you liked someone..."

Another long pause.

Which was then followed by a lot of laughter. "W-what's so funny?" the brunette was totally confused why his best friend found this hilarious.

"N-nothing..." he responded while trying to calm himself. The teen had to cover his mouth while trying to stifle his chuckles. "It's just; you've got it all wrong, Dan. I wasn't talking about a girl. My grandfather hates cats."

'My grandfather hates cats.' the statement repeated in the brunette's head a few times. That lone sentence cleared up whatever he was talking about yesterday. "Wait, so, you...found a cat?"

"A kitten, yes. It could barely walk; I think it's less than a month old. I wanted to take it home, but my grandfather never really liked cats. I was trying to figure out what to do with it yesterday since I couldn't bring it anywhere else."

The younger boy was still in a state of shock. "You...I...ah, man, I...can't believe I freaked out over a little cat."

"That's what you get for eavesdropping, Dan. Misunderstandings. And besides, if I ever did have a crush on someone, I would've told you."


"Yeah." Shun smiled. "You kind of did the same thing with Runo."

The brunette blushed again. "R-right...please don't mention to anyone how I acted after that first date, alright? Anyway, I have a classmate that's been wanting a pet for some time already, so why don't you ask him about it?"

"I would rather if you ask him."

"Oh, yeah, I will."

"Sure." the ravenette stood up and put his hands in his pants pocket. "I'll be seeing you tomorrow then."

"Okay." with that, the teen started to walk away, but then Dan stopped him by calling him again. "Shun?"


"Please don't keep any more secrets. I'm always here to help you out if you need it."

He smiled broadly. "No promises."

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