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Sam's POV

I never imagined that there could be another life form.

I was proved wrong.

Samantha Puckett, when you look at me, what do you see?

Bully, vicious blonde, but, another life form? Impossible

You're about to be proved wrong. It started with a walk after going to Carly's…

"Bye, Mom!" I screamed, and shut the door. I was wearing normal people clothes; jeans, penny-tee shirt, and converse. Hey, I'm not going somewhere fancy like you.

As I walked, no one else was on the street, but somehow, I felt that I wasn't alone. I turned around, and I could havesworn I saw someone hide behind a corner.

"Dude, whoever you are, you're terrible at hiding." I smiled in satisfaction, and continued walking.

"Sa-am! Do you really need to do that?" Carly complained, "I don't find it necessary." She crossed her arms, and huffed. I was pinning Freddie down, and Carly didn't like it.

"Maybe it is necessary. Besides, I was going to go anyway." I got up, and began to walk toward the door. Before they could protest, I opened it, and walked down the hall.

"GET OUTTA MY-" Lewbert screamed but I threw a pineapple at his head. I walked out of the door, and saw the lonely streets of Seattle get even lonelier. People weren't walking, nor driving. All that was moving was the blinking streetlamp, and not even that can keep a girl from being lonely. As I walked down toward the Groovy Smoothie, I still felt like I was being followed. I turned, and before whoever was stalking me, had no time to hide, for I caught him. Whoever he was, he was wearing all black. Black converse, black pants, black hat, black sunglasses, black leather jacket, black tank top.

"Samantha Puckett, you are ordered to die today." Whoa. Did I just hear right? Me… die today? Dude, that's low. Real low.

"Excuse me? What do you mean, 'die today?'" I stepped back.

"I mean that you have to die today, by the order of my leader." He stepped closer to me, which I find uncomfortable.

"Sam, I didn't mean that you had to leave!" Carly's voice carried down the street, and I find it a miracle. "Sam, who's that?" Who do you think it is, Carly?

"I don't know, some dude who wants to kill me." I yelled, stepping away from him. He knelt down, grabbed me around the waist, and led me away, me kicking and screaming.

"LET ME GO! MY MOM HAS DATED PEOPLE LIKE YOU, AND EVEN THEY'RE NICER!" I kicked him, but he wouldn't budge, he just carried me to some place I wasn't sure of. And, for once in my life, I didn't feel safe.