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Rock Lee was walking around Konoha searching for his mentor hoping to train once more with him.

I wonder where he could be. I went at every training ground and he is nowhere to be found. Maybe he left on a mission without telling me. I guess I will need to go training alone.

He sighed deeply and was about to turn back around to head to the training ground when he spotted his sensei hoping on one foot. He was sweating heavily and his face was red, which meant that he had been doing that for quite some time.

He probably lost another bet with Kakashi-sensei….

"Hey Gai-Sensei!" He screamed while running towards his sensei.

"Oh hello Lee, my pupil. How are you feeling on this youthful day? "

"Great as always Gai-Sensei. Say sensei, what are you doing? "

"Ah, I am finishing yet another challenge I have lost against my eternal rival Kakashi. I am almost finished my hundredth lap around Konoha. Ah there is the finishing line! "He said while pointing at Ichiraku Ramen, as soon as he got in front of the ramen stand he finally put his foot down.

"Finally, another youthful challenge completed. Come Lee; let me treat you to some ramen in honor of this youthful day. "

"Arigato Sensei!"

They sat down and quickly ordered their ramen bowls. It didn't take long for two steaming bowls to appear in front of them and as soon as Ayame placed the two bowls in front of them Gai quickly dug in; after all hoping a hundred times around Konoha gave you quite the appetite. He was enjoying his meal so much that he didn't even notice that his protégé had not even touched his food until the latter spoke.

"Say, Gai-Sensei. Why do you always complete the challenges from your bets with Kakashi-sensei? " Gai stopped eating to look at his student who had, for one of the rare occasion, a very serious look on his face. "I mean it is not like he even watches you do them, nor does he complete them when he loses. "

"That is where you are wrong Lee. "

"Hn? "

"You see, Kakashi does not need to watch me complete the challenges because he knows I will do them. And unlike the popular belief he does complete every single bet he has ever lost. "

"Really? But you have never shown me, I have never seen him! "

"That is because I do not need to stay and watch him complete the challenges as I know he will. "

"How can you be so sure Gai-sensei? I do not mean to insult Kakashi-sensei, but he does seem rather lazy and he does not seem to care much about you sensei. "

Gai took a deep and ate some more of his delicious ramen before answering. "You see Lee, Kakashi and I are not just rivals, we are also friends and we have been for many years. I hold great respect for him as he does for me. He is an exceptional Shinobi, but also very humble. He will admit to anyone who asks him that I am an extraordinary shinobi who can equal him in taijutsu. I do not need to watch him complete the challenge because I trust he will do it; as he does with me. Kakashi just has his very own way of showing his emotions that is all. Do you understand now Lee? "

"Yes I think I do, and now I think I understand why Neiji-san acts the way he does with me. Thank you for sharing your infinite youthful wisdom with me Gai-Sensei. "

"Good, now let's eat before this delicious ramen goes cold."