As I'm writing Social Studies Teacher is discussing his lesson just inches away from me...what could possibly go wrong?

Ai looked at Reborn as the said Hitman sat on the table, cross legged, and sipping coffee. Reborn continues to ignore her as Ai stands; arms crossed, and narrowed eyes.

Reborn sat unfazed as Ai continues to scrutinize him. Years of being a Hitman, she guessed.

"What are you staring at Ai?" Reborn asks in his normal flat toned voice and Ai ignores his questions.

What was wrong with Reborn? How could he know everything and still unfazed and cool like he normally is? Granted that he is a Hitman and learning everything about anything is part of his job but it's just…so abnormal it was freaking the hell out of her. And she was going to get to the bottom of it.

After a minute of scrutinizing at Reborn and Reborn just continuing to ignore her, Ai gasps and places a hand on her mouth.

"You're a Gary-Stu!" Ai exclaims. Reborn, seemingly interested in what she was spouting about now, places his cup down on the saucer. He looks up at Ai and stares apathetically at her.

"I sooo get it now! How you can know everything, how you can be good at everything in a snap, and how you can twist every situation to your evil ways! You. Are. A. Gary-Stu!" Ai continues to ramble on and on as Reborn sighs.

The sudden closing of the door reached both of their ears. Ai and Reborn looks towards the door and sees the familiar brown spiky locks of the Tenth Vongola Boss. Ai's eyes brighten and she beckons for him to come.

Tsuna blinks curiously as Ai smiles widely. Tsuna sweat drops but decided to listen to what she had to say.

"Is something wrong Ai-chan?" Tsuna asks in his usual cute voice. Ai smiles and continues,

"Reborn's a Gary-Stu! Don't you get it? The reason why he is the way he is!" Ai points to Reborn sitting on the table. Tsuna turns to Reborn and a flicker of recognition passes through his eyes.

"I can't believe I haven't seen this!" Ai exclaims once more. With Ai and Tsuna conversing as to why Reborn was a Gary-Stu. Reborn jumps off of the table and walks out of the kitchen.

None of them notice when Reborn walks back into the kitchen with a slightly annoyed look.

"Dame-Tsuna, Baka-Ai."

Tsuna and Ai turns to look at Reborn near the doorframe with him petting Leon. Tsuna and Ai gulped as they both take a small step back.

"Let me introduce to you two,"

Leon starts to change into Reborn's usual green accurate gun. Tsuna gulps and tries to reason with Reborn and Ai just stays silent.

"A good friend of mine,"

Reborn points Leon at both of them and their eyes widen in fear. Reborn smirks and finishes his sentence,




That afternoon gun shots and two feminine scream echoed in the small house of the Sawada household.