Hunter's Moon.

This is my first ever attempt at writing Fan fiction. I wrote it so I could see what level my writing ability is at and where it needs to be improved on. (If anyone actually reads this then please feel free to point out any grammar or spelling mistakes – I'm dyslexic and so may not see them.)

This Fic is a response to Dracohalo117's challenge 'NarutoxPredator' so if you want details go check it out and his other challenges


Danzō Shimura sat in his office, hidden deep in the bowels of the Root base. He was reading over reports of the operations his forces had carried out for the benefit of Konoha in the past two months. He was disturbed from his reading by three sharp knocks on his door, a sign that it was of the utmost importance that his agent see him.

"Enter", Danzō called. He wondered what could be so important that someone would dare interrupt his report reading, something his agents know not to do.

"Sir, as you ordered Orochimaru's lab was raided and all data relocated to the lower levels." The Root agent informed him. "The preliminary studies have revealed some strange results."

"Very well, I shall be down shortly." Danzō said, wondering what his scientists had found among the insane Sannin's research that could actually warrant being classed as strange, or well stranger than normal.


Danzō could only stare at the scientist in front of him, what the man was saying sounded impossible. An unknown, organic liquid which seemed to enhance vitality, augment physical abilities and even cure certain illnesses. Danzō took the research notes left by Orochimaru and began to read, by the time he was done Danzō wasn't sure if he should vomit or cry tears of joy. Orchimaru had used this liquid as an early version of the curse seal he had left on the Mitarashi girl, only the effects were nothing like what the seal could cause. While the seal increased charkra and aggression levels temporally, this actually increased physical ability permanently but slowly ate away at the charkra system of anyone exposed. Its vitality increasing properties however allowed the experiment to survive if the doses were right. It seemed that too little and the charkra system decayed too quickly and too large a dose would cause the body to shut down due to the strain of the changes occurring suddenly. Orochimaru seemed to believe that a certain dosage over a prolonged period of time would allow for best results. However to ensure no complications he noted that the test subject would need some form of resilience or enhanced longevity, such as found in the Uzumaki clan.

"Kushina has been dead nearly three years, but the boy should have inherited her longevity. Besides the boy has the demon to aid in his healing" Danzō mused to himself as he left the lab. He had to see if he could acquire samples of the boy's blood to test. After all, it wouldn't do to end up killing the boy and allowing the Kyuubi's return in a few years.

Right, I know it is short, but it was written so I can get use to writing stories. If anyone actually wants it continued please say so in a review and leave any ideas you have to improve it. Right I have a few quick questions for anyone who knows the answers:

Are most Japanese names gender neutral? I mean I know that names ending in 'Maru' are commonly male and names ending in 'Yuri' are commonly female names. Then would I be right in saying that most other names can be given to either boys or girls?

The above question is because I may pair Naruto with a female version of someone, not sure yet. So, the question is would that be okay with you all? (Note it will not be Haku)

Well that is everything I have to say, thanks to anyone who reads this, all I ask is that you don't flame it. If you dislike the story then, please, politely explain why and offer some ideas on how to improve it. Thanks again.