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Chapter 1 – My shocking encounter with Limone

It had been a very eventful and extremely special day for me, well that is if you consider graduating from high school a very big deal. But anyway, I was sitting in my room relaxing while surfing the web for some photos of the Love Angels from Wedding Peach. "Man I wish the love angels were real, I've always wanted to be their most trusted friend and ally, and I've also always really wanted to meet Limone in person. But I guess because they aren't real, I guess I'll never know what it would be like" I thought to myself sadly. But, I was soon going to get an unexpected visit from a certain someone who was going to send me on a journey that I had always dreamed of going on.

Meanwhile in another world known as the Angel World, a certain blond haired angel named Limone was looking through a portal in front of him, and the image that he was looking at was none other than an image of me wishing how I could experience what it would be like to become an ally and friend of the Love Angels. "It appears that I have at last found the chosen human who is to aid the Love Angels in their fight against the devils, I must tell Aphrodite about this good news at once" Limone said as he turned around and faded from sight to Aphrodite's throne room.

When Limone arrived in the throne room, he immediately approached the throne to speak to Aphrodite. "Aphrodite, I have found the chosen one who is to aid the Love Angels in their battles against Lord Pluie and the devil world, his name is Zachary" Limone said.

"Good, then I think it is for you to go and tell him about his new destiny and bring him back here so that I can give him his powers" Aphrodite said in response.

"But, what if he doesn't believe me at first?" Limone asked.

"Then I would suggest that you show him the truth about why he is the chosen one" Aphrodite said in response.

About a second after Aphrodite had finished her sentence, a long line of descending crystal stairs appeared behind Limone.

"Yes Aphrodite, I will do as you ask, I will not disappoint you" Limone said as he turned around again and started to slowly descend the crystal staircase towards my world.

Back in my room, I was still on my computer and I was still anguishing over the fact that I may never get the chance to see what it would be like to become an ally to Momoko and her friends, that is, until the ceiling of my room disappeared and a bright white light started to shine intensely.

It was then that I immediately looked up from what I was doing on my computer, and I was immediately met with a bright blinding light. The light was actually so intense I had to shield my eyes with my arm so I would not go blind from it. But when the bright light had finally faded and I had removed my arm from in front of my eyes, I was in complete shock from what I saw, for where my room's ceiling once was, was now a long descending line of what appeared to be crystal steps. But, what really almost make me lose my breath was that someone who I would not have even thought was real was descending down the long line of crystal steps. "This cannot be real, there is now way this can be real" I said to myself in a very quiet tone of voice.

About a second after I had finished saying to myself that this could not be happening, Limone decided to tell me otherwise. "Look Zachary, I know that you might be thinking that I might not be real, but I have come here to tell you that you are the chosen one who is destined to help the love angels in the fight against the devils" Limone said. But unfortunately for Limone, I was not the type of person who was going be easily convinced about something like this.

"How do you know my name and what makes you think I should believe what you are saying to me? Do you honestly expect me to believe that I'm supposed to help Momoko, Yuri, Hinagiku, and Scarlett just because you are telling me that I'm the chosen one?" I said to Limone in a very shocked and also very confused tone of voice.

It was then that Limone let out a big sigh. "I had a feeling this would happen" he thought to himself. He then decided that he would have to tell me about my destiny with the love angels. "Listen to me Zachary you have no idea of what lies ahead for you, and it would be best if I told why you are the chosen one and why I am here to take you to the Angel World to meet Aphrodite" Limone said.

I then started to get a strange feeling that I should at least trust Limone and listen to what he wanted to tell me, but I still was a little bit unconvinced. "Okay Limone, I'll listen to what you have to say, but, I'm still not convinced of you saying that I'm the chosen one" I said.

"Trust me Zachary, after I'm finished telling you what is needed to be said, you will be very much convinced" Limone said to me in a very kind tone of voice.

"Alright I'm all ears" I said

A second after I had finished my sentence, Limone began to tell me about my past life as a love angel named Angel Bluebell and how I was brought to this world after Angel Celeste had fallen down to earth, lost her memory, married Shouichirou, and after Angel Lily, Angel Daisy, and Angel Salvia had been reincarnated on earth as their current human identities. Limone also told me that I would soon be given back my memories as Angel Bluebell, and that I would also have my powers again.

It was when Limone was finally done telling me just about everything I was going to need to know about the journey ahead that I slowly began to think that he might actually be real after all. "Okay Limone, I guess you are telling the truth, but I'm confused about one thing" I said in a somewhat confused tone of voice.

"What is it Zachary?" Limone asked in a kind tone of voice.

"How can I become Angel Bluebell if there isn't another piece of The Saint Something Four or a magical item that I would need to help me aid the love angels in their battles?" I asked in a confused tone of voice.

"I think that in order for your question to be answered you should follow me up these stairs, Aphrodite is waiting for you" Limone said.

"Ok Limone, I'll come with you, but, this doesn't mean I'm convinced about their being an item that is going to aid me in my battles against the devils and Lord Pluie" I said as I walked up the crystal steps towards Limone.

"Like I said earlier Zachary, once you meet Aphrodite, everything will make sense to you" Limone said in a reassuring tone of voice.

And right after Limone had finished his sentence; he turned around and walked back up the crystal stairs towards the Angel World, while I followed close behind.

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