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Chapter 7: Pluie's Final Chance Part 2

It had been maybe not even a minute or more since I had taken off from the alleyway, and had flown off in the direction of where I had previously heard a loud scream. That, as I got closer to where it had originated from, was when I began to feel a big amount of negative devil waves of energy that, sure enough, were emanating from Momoko's house. "Oh my, I hope something bad didn't happen to Angel Celeste, because if that is the case, then this could be a very difficult battle for me, I just hope I can handle it" I said as I touched down in front of the door of Momoko's home.

But, it was when I had actually just gone through the front door, that I immediately heard a familiar voice say from somewhere ahead of me "I'm glad to see you could find your way here Angel Bluebell, I sure hope you know how to dodge and react just as quickly as you, and the other Love Angels had quickly humiliated me the way you did during our last two encounters, because it's now mostly due to your multiple interventions that I now only have one chance left to defeat you, and the other Love Angels before Reine Devila ends up "banishing me".

It was after Pluie had finished his speech that I decided to try to tell him why everything he was doing was for all of the wrong reasons. "Did it ever even once maybe occur to you that maybe you might be doing all of this for an absolutely non-sensible/sane reason?" I said/asked in a somewhat very irritated sounding tone of voice. But, it was after I had said that that Pluie immediately responded with what I had been fearing from the start, he ended up saying "Let's see if you can support yourself, because as far as I know, you have no way of contacting anyone of your Love Angel allies outside of this house to try and get them to support you". "Which reminds me, meet the last Love Angel that you will most likely ever see, Angel Celeste, destroy her!

It was then that my worst set of battle fears and circumstances had been completely realized. Because it was at that moment that I heard a somewhat altered, but still somewhat recognizable female voice say "As you wish Lord Pluie". And it was then that Angel Celeste appeared next to Lord Pluie and then literally fired what looked like a dark devil wave attack of sorts straight at me, which I barely managed to dodge and avoid completely. "Oh man, how am I supposed to get help without either Celeste or Lord Pluie noticing? It was then that I remembered that my Sword of Bluebell's Bluebell five petal flower shaped gem in the center of the handle, had allowed me to communicate with Limone temporarily during my first encounter with Pluie, I just hoped that I could do it again. I would need his help if i was going to get out of this fight both alive, and in one piece. So, it was with that thought in mind that I then unsheathed my Sword of Bluebell and mentally said into the Bluebell flower shaped gem in handle's center "Limone, please help me in finding and contacting Wedding Peach, Angel Lily, Angel Daisy, and Angel Saliva about this urgent message, I am in a very tough battle right now, somehow, Pluie managed to gain full control and possession of Angel Celeste's form. Please get them here to Momoko's home as fast as you can, I don't know how much longer I can remain alive in this fight!"

And it was meanwhile, in the Angel World, about maybe a second or two after I had finished relaying my very desperate call for help to Limone that he then wasted no time in quickly teleporting to Aphrodite's throne room after he had heard my "very desperate call for help" in its entirety. It was after Limone had informed Aphrodite of my "desperate situation with Pluie and Angel Celeste", and after he had been given permission to look for Jama-p and tell him to inform Wedding Peach and the others about "my very desperate and very dangerous predicament with Pliue and Angel Celeste" that Limone then began to descend down the crystal stairs that would take him to just outside the gates of Saint Honazono, which was where he would soon find Jama-p, and then, the other Love Angels.

Meanwhile, in the Human World, at the outside of the gates of Saint Honazono Campus, Jama-p was growing very worried about how I was currently fairing in locating where the scream had come from, and also whether I was currently in a very dangerous situation that required the other Love Angel's help. And it was, at that moment, while Jama-p was was still deep in thought, that he saw Limone appear right in front of him from the top of the crystal stairs. "Limone, what are you doing here, is there something going on that is requiring Lady Peach, Lady Lily, Lady Daisy, and Lady Salvia's assistance?" Jama-p asked him in a very concerned and worried sounding tone of voice. Limone responded to Jama-p's question by quickly saying to him that Pluie had taken control of Angel Celeste, and had used her to attack me, and that I had recently relayed a desperate message to him, telling him that I was doing my absolute best to stay alive, but I needed the other Love Angels to come and help me as fast as they possibly could, because their was not much time left to get their in time, before some bad stuff might end up happening to me, that would most likely have more negative results than any positive ones come out as a result of not getting to me in time to help me in my battle with Pluie. And it was after Limone had finished explaining all of this to Jama-p, that they then wasted no time in running off into the campus to find the Love Angels, and get then to me before it was too late.

To Be Continued…

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