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Prologue June 30th

Harry couldn't help but watch Draco's search for the flies for the Wyclyve case. The blond was wearing plastic gloves pulled up to his elbows and searching with a disdainful but determined glare at the mess that made up Harry's half. It was a wonderful source of amusement and it didn't hurt that Harry had a great view of Draco's arse as he bent to dig through the papers on Harry's desk, rummage through Harry's drawers, throw random objects toward the trash….

"Wait! Don't throw those away!" Harry yelled, rushing away from the doorframe he was leaning on to save the old calendar pages Draco was shoving brutally into the overflowing trash can next to Harry's desk.

"These are from last year, Potter! They are a hindrance and are going to go," Draco huffed.

"They are not a hindrance!" Harry frowned. When had he left some of them out?

"Yes, they are!" Draco waved his arms wildly, gesturing around the office. "Look at this! You don't even need half of this stuff. And no one can ever find anything in here because of it!"

Harry snorted. "Not true." He sauntered to the wobbly, wooden table behind his desk and uncovered a hidden folder with the words Wyclyve — Confidential written across it. "You were saying?"

"You knew where it was this whole time?" Draco fumed. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Why Draco, didn't you know? I love to see you in distress."

"Oh very nice, Potter. I don't know how I managed to stand being Auror partners with you for all these years," Draco sniffed, snatching the folder as he passed Harry on the way out. "I'm telling Shacklebolt it's your fault we're going to be late for our meeting."

"Sure, sure, whatever," Harry rolled his eyes as he stuffed the calendar sheets into a drawer on the underside of his desk. Draco would never know, but the calendar pages he had found were actually transfigured sheets of unsent love letters and doodles Harry wrote unknowingly whenever he daydreamed about the Slytherin. It happened embarrassingly often, much to Harry's dismay. Draco had almost caught him doodling during a meeting once and nearly found out about Harry's year-long obsessive crush on Draco. It had scared the shit out of Harry. Sure, the he and Draco were partners and even friends now, but would Draco allow Harry as a lover? Harry realized had never tried to find out.

Harry's eyes narrowed in a burst of determination. Why didn't he find out? He could tempt Draco into showing a little interest in him. Why not woo Draco a bit? And if Draco refused to love him back? Well, at least Harry would know and maybe then he would stop pinning after the blond.

Just before he left the office for the meeting he was now incredibly late for, Harry glanced at the real calendar on his desk. June 30th. Just a month from Harry's birthday. Yes, that would be the deadline for him. It was perfect; just like a little birthday present to himself. Harry vowed to win Draco's heart by July 31st.