Bring Him To Me

A Superman & Wonder Woman Fan Archive Challenge

By John Hughes

May 21, 2011

Disclaimer: I don't own. Please don't sue.


This story is partly based on the DCU Online Trailer for their MMO. I have included the

original link so that you may view the trailer prior to reading the story. Keep in mind that

despite the trailer itself, this story is an AU and as a result, only part of the presented

video is accurate. /EWQHYUsptJk


The Challenge is to re-write the DC Universe Online Trailer in such a way that it introduces

a new character. This character will take the place of Lex Luthor in the present day as he

addresses the Justice League on what will likely come to pass in the future.


(The Near Future)


Wonder Woman is grabbed by a massive robotic arm. As she is lifted from behind, her face is brought close to that of Lex Luthor's.

His body, encased in a suit of advanced combat armor, it is apparent that he has given up not only most of his fortune for to pursue

this war upon the Man of Steel, but his body and sanity as well.


"Call to him." Luthor demands in a voice that devoid of any shred of emotion other then cold hatred.


As Diana struggles in this artificially enhanced grip, Luthor again pulls her close and lowers his face to stare in to his captives eyes.

"Bring him to me" he again demands with a cruel look. The blast of energy from Luthor's armored right hand courses into Wonder

Woman's body and tears a scream of such agony from her lips that it is easily heard around the ruined city that has become just

another battleground in this ongoing war.


High above the planet, floating near the sun, Superman's eyes snap open as Diana's tortured scream reaches his highly enhanced

hearing. Without a further thought of recharging his spent energy reserves, Superman streaks through space and into the atmosphere

of Earth.


The concussive sonic blast that follows his wake topples the remains of buildings as well as foes and allies alike. Landing hard, Superman

calls out to Batman just as Luthor commands Black Adam to engage the Man Of Steel. Punches are exchanged, however the enraged

Kryptonian easily dispatches the former champion of Ancient Egypt.


As Superman turns and advances on Luthor, his face easily conveys that any control that he possessed on his emotions is gone. "You don't

deserve to live!" screams Superman as he easily picks up Luthor and throws him back fifty yards into piles of battle created debris.


Falling to his knees before Wonder Woman, Superman calls her name and partially lifts her body to him. As her head tilts forward, a greenish

liquid spills forth from her mouth and causes Superman to release her body and clutch his own. The effects of the Kryptonite cause the Man

Of Steel to convulse and shake.


"Beaten by a mere man."


Lex's statement as he approaches his prone enemy is tinged with a gloating satisfaction. In his hands, a small rod elongates into a spear tipped

with a Kryptonite head.


"No, you have lost everything.." growls the fallen Man Of Steel in pain. And as the spear pierces Superman's back and is driven through to his chest,

Lex states "No, I beat you!"