(A Short Time Later)


Diana, Clark and Lara entered the commissary. Every pair of eyes present watched them enter and walk to the front

of the room. Having gathered here at the Martian Manhunter's telepathic request, any and all current members not

engaged in a mission or answering a crisis situation was assembled in the room.


Superman steps forward and speaks.


"Less then thirty hours ago, a young woman appeared seemingly out of thin air. Those present during the quarterly

meeting will no doubt attest to her arrival. Her name is Lara-El and she is the daughter of both Wonder Woman and

I from the …."


The room erupts into verbal chaos. Snippets of questions that range from 'I had no idea that Superman and Wonder

Woman were an item.' to 'How long have they kept this a secret?' are mixed together with general surprise and shock.


Bringing her bracers together sharply to produce a high pitched and very loud ringing noise, Wonder Woman quickly

regains control of the room. "Lara is from the future and has come to us for aid. Her journey was quite perilous and

the matter of her parentage is of little moment considering that fact. Superman, Batman, The Martian Manhunter and

I agree that the League will try to assist her to the best of our ability. She will be our guest for the time being and I

would hope that everyone will welcome her as such."


Clark listens to Diana speak. Her years of service as an Ambassador had sharpened her voice like a bladed weapon.

Also taking into account that her tone at the moment was that of a military commander, he half expected several of

members like John Stewart and Captain Atom to bring their heels sharply together and say 'Yes Ma'am' just out of

conditioned habit.


After a few moments of awkward silence, The Flash approached with a grin and extended hand.


Clark needed to remember to thank his young friend, for despite his sense of humor and tendency for practical jokes,

he was always the first to welcome and accept new members and guests. Eventually everyone approached to meet

Lara. She gladly exchanged words of greetings and her eyes shone with unshed tears as she smiled and 'met' friends

that were like her own family and seemingly back from the dead from her prospective.


Lara's addition to the Watch Tower did cause quite a stir initially. Having the benefits of both of her parents looks made

her an obvious magnet to some of the younger members. Surprisingly, Wally West was not among that number. Sure he

did find her attractive, but for some reason his own flirtatious urges did not rule his actions. As he contemplated this,

Booster Gold passed by and Wally waved his team mate over.


"Hey Boost. Can I ask a favor?"


Booster Gold approaches and immediately goes on the verbal defensive.


"Flash, I'm sorry man but I'm kinda strapped for cash right now and can't loan anything out."


Flash smirked and shook his head slightly. Booster Gold was always crying poverty. Even though much like Flash himself,

he was quite wealthy due to endorsement deals and a very busy schedule for paid events and personal appearances.

The main difference was that Flash was just as generous with the money he made to various charities and Booster Gold's

main objective was to become rich and stay that way.


"Booster, I don't need any money. But I figure, your experiences with time travel and how to deal with them might be

something that Lara could benefit from. She's been thrown here from a different time. I'm sure she is in need of a friend

that could relate."


Booster Gold smiled and the look resembled that of hunter thinking about his prey. He spoke in a voice that gave no doubt

that the look on his face was nothing compared to the thoughts in his mind. "And I wouldn't mind spending time with her

either. Have you seen her legs? A super model would be hard pressed to compete with THAT!"


Flash narrowed his eyes and fought the impulse to slug his team mate. His reply was filled with utter disbelief. "Dude, you

do realize who her parents are right? And besides that, there is no place where you could run that I could not get to if you

DO touch her!"


Booster Gold brings up his hands in an attempt to shield himself from the Flash's anger.


"Take it easy man. I'm just stating the obvious. I know who her parents are and would never EVER risk my skin for a pair of legs.

Geeze, the way you flirt with women, I thought you would feel the same way. I guess I was wrong."


Shaking his head Flash watches Booster Gold as he walks away. As he turns to depart himself, a female voice calls out to him

and makes him turn. Shayera Hol approaches and in one motion, leans in and kisses the Flash on the cheek. "I saw what you

tried to do to help Lara. And I also heard what was said. I'm honored to consider you my comrade in arms Flash."


As Flash looks on in shock, Shayera walks past him but turns her head to the side and speaks once again. "I was once like Lara.

Not from a different time, but new to my surrounding. Trying to help her adjust and also protect her from those that would use her

is a very honorable thing for you to do."


"Shayera?" Flash calls out to get her attention.


As she turns to look at her team mate from the other side of the long corridor, Flash approaches and speaks in a low voice. "Please

don't share this incident with anyone. I have a reputation as a flirt and sometimes a goofball. I would kinda like to keep that intact.

Lord knows some of our fellow Leaguers could use a laugh now and then.


Shayera says nothing in return, but offers a smile and wink before she enters the lift that will take her to her quarters. The Flash

turns himself and speeds off in the opposite direction.


None are present to see a robotic arachnid phase up through the floor. Its overall size is that of full grown man's hand. Eight legs

propel it forward and when it finds a power junction node hidden behind a plate of steel in the corridor, it easily phases one of its

legs into the junction point and draws the energy it needs to recharge itself. Backing away from the wall, it phases further towards

the exterior hull of the Watch Tower to better make a detailed report to its master. If what the two human males and the female

Thanagarian said was correct, it had finally located Lara-El.


Elsewhere in the Watch Tower, two women spar with swords. Both are dressed with very little except where modesty requires.

The swords they wield are made of steel and quite sharp, but it is clear to see that neither combatant is trying to harm the other.

As one signals to the other to disengage, both stop and lower their swords.


"Mother may I ask you something?"


Diana nods and Lara continues after taking a deep breath. A two hour long sparring session with a warrior as skilled as Wonder

Woman would make anyone winded.


"I mean no disrespect to my father, but the man I knew had much more of a commanding presence. In the dining hall, it took your

raised voice to calm the League members that were present. The man I know could nearly calm a tropical storm by telling it to stop.


Diana smiles at this mental picture and then thinks a moment about her response before answering her daughter. "I can understand

your point of view. But you have most likely seen Kal-El in situations of crisis. And I assure you, when he is involved with situations of

that nature, he is indeed a force to be reckoned with. His presence and personality is so powerful that you can not help but want to

bend to his wishes."


Lara looks at her mother with some confusion "Then why does he not act this way around the other members?"


"Lara, the man you may remember was more then likely forged in the fires of a global crisis that stripped him of a lot of his better self.

Your father is a simple man from Kansas with a very solid and well rounded upbringing. His adoptive parents are two of the finest

examples of humanity that I know. My mother herself has met them and considers them both to be honorable and worthy of respect."


Passing a water bottle to Lara, Diana pauses to take a drink from her own bottle.


"I willingly take the role of bad cop as Kal calls it. For if your father ever imposed his full will upon us, I would do nothing less then move

heaven and earth if he asked it of me. And the other members of the League would be just as powerless to resist as I."


Stationed at the command and control center of the Watch Tower for his assigned shift, John Stewart observes the slight power fluctuation

as it occurs. Normally this would draw his attention immediately. But as luck would have it, several orbital stabilizers fire and gently nudge

the Watch Tower back in to its assigned orbit. Another look at the power indicators confirms that the station reactors have replenished all

expended energy and power reserves are back to one hundred percent capacity.