A/N: Not really set in a timeframe- any time post Somalia really

Ziva walked the familiar hallway to his apartment before letting herself in; he purposely left the door open for her, because he knew she would be there within the hour. Before everything went pear shaped, and she'd been in Somalia- this had been a routine. They would do this at least once a week.

Only it used to be at her place.

She seated herself quietly on the couch and waited until he finished whatever he'd been doing. She ran her fingertips over the wooden coffee table- the sides had been worked with fine detailing. She couldn't imagine the time someone had spent on creating it.

After examining the table for a time, she leaned back into the soft leather cushions, and crossed her legs. She tapped her foot to keep herself occupied.

It had taken him a long time to work up the courage, but he'd finally approached her at work. She took pity on him- he seemed so unsure of himself when he asked. She could understand his nervousness. She was just as nervous.

When she first came to America, Tony seemed to be a brash, insensitive and over confident agent who wasn't worth the time it took for her to ignore him. Sometimes, that remained the same, but at other times, she saw past his bravado and they slipped back into a familiar place with each other. Where she was just Ziva, and he was just Tony- and the special agents faded into the background.

He walked into the living room, two glasses of wine in hand, and his book in the other. She rose from the sofa and took her place beside him. It was an exhilarating feeling, as her slender fingers rested lightly on the ivory keys. The music poured from the touch of her fingers, and she played.

Tony sat by her side, waiting for the perfect moment. His fingers glided over the keys like they belonged there, and together their music rose to meet each other. Ziva's voice soared above the music of the piano, and Tony's low tenor provided a counterpoint. Although his voice wasn't strong, it was enough.

An immeasurable span of time passed and finally there was silence. Tears streaked down Ziva's unusually pale face, and she shook with the sudden release of the tension that had come between them. Tony put a comforting arm around her shoulders and held back tears of his own.

She had been his crazy ninja chick for so long- strong and silent. He was glad she trusted him enough for this. Glad that she finally past breaking point so he could now put her back together, and he would. Piece by piece she would be reassembled, and she would be his crazy ninja chick once more.

Not all the pieces would fit again, but she would no long be the shadow of her former self.