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So summer school is finally over and I celebrated it by writing this? D; Oh wow I'm so lame.

"Alright regulars, gather around." said Yukimura with his usual not-so-innocent smile. The sun was shining brightly on the tennis courts that afternoon.

The Rikkai tennis regulars stopped in the middle of their warm-up laps and gathered around their captain to see what he wanted. Yanagi showed up carrying a cardboard box. He put it down in front of Yukimura.

"Here you go, Seiichi. I made them specifically like you asked." said the data master with his eyes closed as usual.

"Thank you, Renji."

The rest of the regulars looked confused. "Captain, what's going on?" asked Akaya.

"I thought I would give a present to my team today." said Yukimura, smiling brightly.

'Something's not right here…' thought each regular at the same time as they looked suspiciously at their captain. Yukimura leaned down and opened the small box Yanagi had brought. From there, he pulled out a green headband, identical to the one the bluenette was currently wearing, except for the Rikkai logo in the front.

"I have headbands for everyone! Now please take one and make sure you wear it today." said Yukimura.

The group exchanged weary looks and fidgeted. All except for Akaya, who was excited at the thought of presents. Sanada turned back to glare at the rest of the team.

"HEY! YOU HEARD YUKIMURA. HE SAID GRAB A HEADBAND YOU UNGRATEFUL LOT!" shouted Sanada and proceeded to slap the nearest person, which happened to be Marui.

Marui fell down from the impact and started choking on his gum. Niou laughed at him.

"Stop fooling around before I assign you enough laps to blow out your lungs." said Yukimura dangerously. They all hastily grabbed one from the box and put it on.

"Cool! Now I can be awesome like captain!" shouted Akaya in excitement. He started bouncing around the field.

Marui gigglesnorted at Jackal. The headband looked ridiculously stupid on Jackal's bald head. Yagyuu politely hid his laugh with a few coughs. Niou burst out laughing and even made a show of pointing and shouting out, "OH MY GOD YOU LOOK LIKE SUCH A MORON WITH THAT HEADBAND ON THAT EGGHEAD OF YOURS". Everyone within a ten mile radius must have heard him and went to look.

"Niou, please stop making fun of Jackal's egg-shaped head. Now go back to running laps." said Yukimura sweetly. The captain began running as well. Sanada followed suit.

The practice went on as usual. After stretching, the capped vice-captain paired them up so they could all have practice matches. Niou and Yagyuu against Marui and Jackal. Sanada was against Yanagi. Yukimura was playing with Akaya, who was still excited about ~*omg headbands*~.

It was a pretty decent practice. Sanada only TARUNDORU!ed someone six times today and Niou didn't make anything spontaneously combust into flames. Even Yukimura was smiling wider than usual. His team members actually found it creepy and tried to avoid the captain when they changed in the locker rooms. Yukimura went around collecting everyone's headbands immediately after before sending the team off to the showers.

"Everyone, we had a good practice today." said the cheerful captain once everyone was cleaned up. The team nervously returned the smile.

"Everything is set up, Seiichi." announced Yanagi. He was pointing at the old television in the corner of their locker room with a bunch of wires and weird looking stuff plugged in.

"Perfect. Gather around everyone and grab a seat." Yukimura pranced to the sofa in front of the television. Akaya ran to the seat on the right side of Yukimura and thought 'oh my gosh are we going to watch a movie? I hope its batman. I love batman oh my gosh.' Sanada took Yukimura's other side.

"What is this about Yukimura?" asked Sanada as the rest of the team took their places on the floor or on a chair.

"I had Renji install a tiny video camera on each of your headbands." said Yukimura matter-of-factly. The team froze up. "That way, I can determine where your attention is during a tennis game and whether or not you are looking in the right place. It will help us improve our game."

"I-Is that why Yanagi was not wearing one?" asked Marui.

"Of course. I have already tested out the headbands, therefore it was unnecessary for me to perform in this experiment." explained Yanagi, holding up the headband and pointing at it. "You see, the tiny camera was disguised on the headband's Rikkai logo and therefore-"

"OOH OOH! ME FIRST ME FIRST! SHOW MINE FIRST!" shouted Akaya with his hand in the air. Yukimura chuckled and asked Yanagi to play Akaya's video first.

The clip started. The video from Akaya's point of view showed Yukimura on the other side of the court, ready to serve the ball.

"Hey, it's my practice match with captain!" said Akaya, pointing out the obvious. Niou shushed him.

The television match proceeded and Yukimura and Sanada making small comments on mistakes Akaya had made. After ten minutes however, the video was not focusing on the match at all. Instead, Akaya's view wandered off to the side. He was looking at a squirrel on the side of the field.

"Akaya, you should have been focusing on the game." scolded Yukimura.

"I tried but that squirrel was STARING right at me." whined Akaya.

The rest of the match consisted of Akaya sneaking glances at the squirrel every two seconds while he got beaten by Yukimura's tennis. "See! Look at those eyes! They were looking at me!" Akaya stood up on the couch, pointing at the screen.

"Shall we move on to the next one?" asked Yanagi. He put it to the next clip, announcing that it was Jackal's. Yagyuu was shifting a lot in his seat.

Jackal's video started with his doubles match against Niou and Yagyuu. After two minutes, Yukimura grabbed the remote control and fast forwarded it.

"What are you doing, captain?" asked Jackal.

"I'm advancing it. This is very boring to watch." said Yukimura with a bored expression. Niou and Marui snickered. The video was now a speedy version of Jackal's match until Yagyuu and Niou left their side of the field. Even after that, Jackal continued practicing his serves.

"Jackal-senpai, my video is a lot better than yours." said Akaya. Jackal went to mope in a corner.

The next one was Marui's. Marui's video showed the sky.

"You idiot! You put your headband on too high." said Niou.

"Hey, I'm a genius. If I would have known there was a camera on it, then I would have worn it on my forehead." said Marui.

"Who the hell even puts their headband on top of their head like that?" continued Niou.

Suddenly, the video went black. There was silence in the room.

"What happened? I don't remember the sky falling." said Akaya in a panicked voice.

"Sorry, I sort of got tired of it and put the headband in my pocket after that." explained Marui, making a bubble with his apple-flavoured gum. Yukimura nodded in understanding before assigning him a thousand laps to do the next day.

"HOW DARE YOU PUT YUKIMURA'S PRECIOUS GIFT IN YOUR POCKET? TARUNDORU!" Sanada slapped Marui across the face again.

"Ow! Hey, it was not a precious gift. It was a spy-cam." said Marui.

"Not really." Yukimura smiled. "You are allowed to keep them in the end." Akaya yayed at that.

"Shall we move on to Masaharu's?" asked Yanagi. The team nodded.

Niou's video showed his short match against Marui and Jackal. Sanada nodded and complimented Niou and Yagyuu on their skilled combination.

After ten minutes, the Niou on the screen was shown following Yagyuu back to the locker rooms after telling Jackal they were going to get a drink of water. The moment Niou shut the door, he grabbed Yagyuu and pinned him against the wall, the camera thrust right to the front of Yagyuu's face. The two teens on the screen were kissing passionately while making small needy noises.

"TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF!" yelled Marui in horror. Groans and slurps could be heard from the screen.

"C-Captain? What's happening? I'm scared…" whispered Akaya, clinging to Yukimura.

Yukimura hid Akaya's face from view as the teenagers on the screen became more and more daring. The camera was now moving down Yagyuu's body until it was face to face with the hem of Yagyuu's pants and an obvious bulge in the gentleman's shorts.

The real Yagyuu in the room groaned and buried his face in his hands out of embarrassment. Niou had on a feral grin as he watched the screen.

"Damn, it's even better on TV. You'd make a good porn star Yeahgyuu~" said Niou.

"Ah…ngh…Niou-kunnn. Ah!" cried out the Yagyuu on the screen. Sanada looked back at the TV and regretted it instantly.

"Renji, turn it off this instant." growled out Yukimura over the increasingly loud moans. Yanagi obeyed and everyone except Niou sighed in relief when the video was turned off. Sanada stood up, a light blush tainting his cheeks. He gave Niou and Yagyuu a deserving slap each.

Yukimura looked angrier than ever. Even Niou was getting slightly scared.

"Niou. Yagyuu. How dare you try to corrupt my baby's innocence." said Yukimura in a dangerous tone, pointing at a frightened Akaya. The trickster swallowed nervously.

Akaya was eyeing the wall where the Niou and Yagyuu from the screen had done the deed.

"Have you two ever been out camping in a snowstorm at the top of an icy mountain with no food, water or shelter for a week?" asked Yukimura.

"N-no, captain…" stuttered Yagyuu.

"Good. There is a first time for everything. Don't worry; I hear grizzly bears give humans very swift deaths." Yukimura sat back down on the couch. No one doubted that Yukimura would really exile Niou and Yagyuu to a frozen mountain top; the bluenette had already done worst punishments. The trickster and gentleman looked scared.

"Let's skip Yagyuu's video for obvious reasons…" said Sanada.

"Oh, can I have it then?" asked Niou. He was then silenced by Yukimura's death glare.

"The last video is Genichirou's." announced Yanagi. They all groaned. No one was really in the mood for a serious tennis video.

The clip started when Sanada and the team were running laps. Sanada ran in back of Yukimura. Unfortunately for Sanada, the camera's angles shifted lower and lower until it was displaying a full view of Yukimura's ass while he ran. No one made any noise. The running Sanada on the screen continued staring at Yukimura's behind for the entirety of the run. Even when they began stretching, the screen never stopped looking at Yukimura's lower parts, shifting from legs to thighs to the bluenette's behind.

Yanagi paused the video to look at Sanada behind closed lids. The rest of the team did the same. Sanada was beet red and had never felt so uncomfortable in his life. He refused to meet Yukimura's gaze.

The awkward silence continued for a while until Yukimura finally spoke up.

"Practice is over. Everyone go home and rest. I expect to see you all back here at seven o'clock sharp tomorrow morning." said Yukimura.

They all quickly grabbed their tennis bags and sprinted out the door. Sanada cursed himself for leaving his bag all the way in the back of the locker room. By the time he grabbed it, the rest of the team had left except for Yukimura.

Sanada turned to leave, feeling Yukimura's stare on him. He stopped in front of the door when Yukimura's voice purred out.

"Sanada, how about you stay here with me for a while?"

Author's Rant:

Look, I don't know why but I somehow thought that Yukimura placing hidden cameras to spy on his team members would be a fantastic idea. This probably made no sense to everyone else. D; WHAT IS MY MIND I DON'T KNOW.

(and yes, there was a squirrel staring at me as I wrote this. It was on the tree close to my window and I was like O_O STOP JUDGING ME YOU OBESE SQUIRREL.)

I might be continuing this... which would probably mean a higher rating next chapter JUST BECAUSE THAT'S HOW I LIKE MY ALPHA PAIR. =_=