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Yukimura glared at the fingers Sanada was holding up.

"What's wrong? I told you; you have to suck on these and make them wet if you don't want it to hurt." said Sanada.

Yukimura huffed. "Do not command me, Sanada." he said. "I do not think saliva is a good enough lubricant to take the pain away. You do realize this will hurt me whether I suck on your fingers or not?"

Sanada rolled his eyes. Geez, they were both naked, painfully aroused and lying on the floor of the tennis field in each other's tangled limbs. This was really not the time to stop and think about it.

"Are you backing out, Seiichi?"

"Of course not. I'm just stating the facts." said Yukimura. He grabbed Sanada's hand and brought the fingers to his mouth. His tongue darted out, licking a trail from the top to the bottom of the first two digits. He put the index completely in his mouth, coating it completely in saliva. He added the second and gave it the same treatment, swirling his tongue all around it and paying even more attention to it.

Sanada groaned, wishing Yukimura would finish. Honestly, his fingers didn't need a hundred layers of saliva. Yukimura hadn't even put the third finger in his mouth yet.

"Seiichi, hurry up." said Sanada, moving his fingers inside Yukimura's soft mouth.

Yukimura pulled the two fingers out. "I would be done if you would stop moving your damn fingers. God, you are choking me over here." said Yukimura, annoyed.

"Sorry…" said Sanada. "Look, if you can't put three fingers in your mouth at once, then at least alternate between them."

"I can put in all three, you idiot." said Yukimura. "I just told you to stop moving your fingers."

"Really? You don't seem to be able to fit much in your mouth, Seiichi. Is that why you refused to give me a blowjob?"

"No. I refused to blow you because you have such low pleasure tolerance and I don't want to drink your semen when you climax pre-maturely." growled Yukimura. "Are you sure three fingers in my mouth is okay for you, Genichirou? You would probably come from the excitement of that."

Okay, that's it. An impatient Genichirou brought his two slick fingers around Yukimura. Really, two fingers, three fingers… it's no big deal; It's practically the same thing. They were both much too impatient to continue talking anyways. Plus, with the exhaustion from practice… they were both a little grouchy.

Yukimura said nothing so Sanada didn't stop. Slowly parting one ass cheek, Sanada pressed his index finger to the hole, pressing on the pink, puckered skin and rubbing it. Yukimura did nothing; he even seemed to have stopped breathing.

"Ah, Gen." moaned Yukimura, feeling one slick finger entering him.

The tight warmth around Sanada's finger felt amazing. Every movement of his finger made Yukimura's insides clench and the bluenette moan. He soon added the second, gently stroking the moist inner walls.

"Ngnn! Genichirou. Hurry up. Put it in." said Yukimura, squirming against Sanada's body and putting one leg around the vice-captain's side. Sex was going to be painful, especially with their impatient foreplay and preparation, but Yukimura honestly did not care at the moment.

The vice-captain removed his fingers. Yukimura pulled Sanada up to a sitting position, making the larger teen sit up against the net pole.

Wait… the net pole? Sanada remembered setting Yukimura down on the serving line. How the hell did they manage to get all the way to the net? Sanada looked around and behind Yukimura, seeing a trail of clothes starting from the serving line and ending right where they were. Had they really moved around that much?

"Sanada, attention on me." said Yukimura, annoyed that Sanada was not paying attention to the current situation.

"Oh, sorry. I was just noticing that- AH!" Sanada yelled out when Yukimura brought his hips down, effectively engulfing his member in tight heat to the hilt.

Yukimura's face scrunched up in pain. "Ugh… d-don't move." said the bluenette, gripping Sanada's shoulders so tightly that his nails dug in. Sanada didn't mind the slight pain Yukimura's nail caused since it was greatly overpowered by the amazing tightness that surrounded his cock. He member throbbed, desperately seeking friction and movement, but Sanada stayed still. Yukimura was hurting.

Well, what else had he expected from putting the whole thing in one go without proper preparation?

Yukimura was panting and swearing. "Argh, Genichirou. Fuck, why are you so damn big?" said Yukimura, as if it was Sanada's fault.

The bluenette brought himself up ever so slightly using his knees, bringing his hand back and touching the place they were joined. Sanada rubbed soothing circles on Yukimura's back with one hand and used the other to place fleeting touches to the bluenette's cock, making sure not to move his hips.

Sanada gasped when Yukimura's hand touched the base of his cock. The fingers darted down and played with his balls, stroking between and under them. Yukimura soon began moving carefully and painstakingly slowly, bringing himself a few centimetres up and a then down again. He squeezed his insides and moved around, getting used to the feeling of being filled. Sanada didn't move, waiting for Yukimura to finish adjusting. However, it was increasingly difficult since Sanada could very well feel every single slow movement Yukimura did. Sanada longed to just thrust up and satisfy himself.

But seeing Yukimura's flushed yet pained expression and trembling arms stopped Sanada's impulses. He took hold of Yukimura's hips, helping the bluenette stay up. Yukimura looked grateful; his knees had been shaky and feeling ready to let go.

Sanada pressed a gentle kiss to Yukimura's lips. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah. Just… hold on for a second." Yukimura had his eyes closed and was breathing deeply. He shuffled around a little more, his flinching expression disappearing as he got used to Sanada's huge cock. Yukimura's tense body became more relaxed, his entrance no longer stiff around Sanada's member. Yukimura sighed in relief.

"Okay, now move." said Yukimura.

Sanada wasted no time in changing their positions. He took hold of Yukimura, pushing the bluenette down on the short grass floor, never pulling out. Sanada's body lay over Yukimura's, leaning down for another kiss. Yukimura whimpered, gripping Sanada's waist with his legs as the vice-captain gave a first thrust.

It did hurt, as Yukimura expected. He bit his lip, wrapping his arms around Sanada. The vice-captain had a look of pure bliss on his face as the sucking heat of Yukimura engulfed him.

"Genichirou… be gentle please." said Yukimura softly.

Sanada looked down at Yukimura's face and saw eyes filling with water. Oh crap. He leaned down and kissed Yukimura on the mouth, cheek, and forehead, wiping a tear with his lips. How the hell did Yukimura manage to do that? One second the bluenette was in total control, ordering Sanada into various positions and provoking him; and the next, he was back to being a sweet and fragile teenager that made Sanada want to do nothing but protect Yukimura and take away the bluenette's pain.

"Seiichi… if it's hurting you too much, we can stop and do this some other time." said Sanada.

Yukimura shook his head, tightening his grip on Sanada's shoulders. "N-No. We are already here. We might as well do it. I-It's alright. Having you inside me feels amazing… you're so hot and thick, Genichirou."

The vice-captain moaned, pulling out extra slowly and pushing back in with the same speed, causing delicious friction and making his mind go blank with white hot pleasure. Sanada touched between their stomachs, rubbing Yukimura's swollen shaft to help the bluenette feel better.

As Sanada made Yukimura's hips buckle with the attention he was giving the bluenette's cock, the vice-captain focused on increasingly moving in and out faster.

"Nnnn… Gen, ah yes. Yes pleas- OH!" Yukimura squealed loudly after a particularly hard thrust.

Sanada paused, concerned. "Seiichi, did I hurt you?"

"No. Do it again." growled Yukimura hungrily. Sanada had hit a spot that had felt amazing. Yukimura saw Sanada's concentrated gaze as he thrust back in, angling it perfectly and grazing Yukimura's sweet spot. It was much easier now that Yukimura was relaxed, his entrance slick with their liquids.

Yukimura's legs tightened their grip on Sanada's waist, his hips moving in tune with the thrusts. Sanada kept on hitting Yukimura's sweet spot, causing the bluenette to arch upward, moaning and shouting words.

"Mhm… ah yes. Genichirou… so good… yes!" Yukimura moaned out. Sanada's grip on the bluenette's waist was loosening as he felt his limit approaching. A light layer of sweat was coating both their bodies as they moved, urgently seeking more friction.

The vice-captain grabbed Yukimura's leg, angling one over his shoulder so he could thrust in at a deeper angle. His body slid down, pressing their chests together and rubbing Yukimura's member between their stomachs.

It was a good thing Yukimura was flexible, thought Sanada. He kissed the milky smooth skin of Yukimura's neck.

His movements soon became frantic. "Sei…ichi… nhnn… I'm almost th-there…" moaned Sanada, lightly biting Yukimura's collarbone. His hands were now touching the short grass on either side of Yukimura after having lost their grip on the bluenette's wet body.

Yukimura's nails dug in at Sanada's shoulders.

"Gen, faster. Now." Yukimura panted out, still managing to sound demanding. Sanada used what was left of his endurance to comply, sliding his member in and out harder and rougher. If it hurt, Yukimura didn't voice anything to show it. The bluenette's mouth was open in a silent cry, eyes closed and pleasure bright on his face.

Seeing Yukimura's euphoric face sent Sanada over the edge. He hit Yukimura's special spot one last time, squirting his essence deep inside his captain.

Feeling the hot liquid gushing on his insides and Sanada's member twitching as it released made Yukimura reach his own peak, complete with a high-pitched shout of "Genichirou!" White essence exploded on their touching bodies. Sanada slumped forward, happy exhaustion taking place in his body.

That was until Yukimura began beating on him with his small hands.

"Oi, get off! You're heavy." said Yukimura.

With a short grunt, Sanada rolled over to his side. The vice-captain looked over at the bluenette. Yukimura's usually white skin was pink, flushed from their activity. He was stretched out, legs still spread. His rosy hole was leaking out Sanada's seed onto the grass. All in all, the captain looked absolutely beautiful and ravished.

Instead of voicing it, Sanada turned Yukimura's face around with his hand and kissed those luscious lips. Yukimura's fingers came up and latched themselves to Sanada's, entwining their hands together.

Yukimura smirked. "That was not bad, Sanada. But I still won." he said.

"Won what?" Sanada asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"Forgot already? I told you I would last longer than you." said Yukimura smugly. "And I did. You came first."

"Hmph. I didn't know we were competing." Sanada indulged himself in another kiss. "Besides, it doesn't matter. We both came in the end."

"Oh, I suppose its fine for you." said Yukimura innocently. "I forget that you are so used to losing to me. You must go through your entire life thinking that it's okay to lose and be a failure. If you are fine living that way, than please, don't let me bother you with my rambling."

Sanada narrowed his eyes. He knew Yukimura was doing it on purpose to provoke him. Sanada Genichirou never accepted a loss so easily.

"Seiichi, don't patronize me." growled Sanada.

"Or what? You'll orgasm again?" Seiichi snorted. "Don't be a sore loser, Sanada."

"I'm not."

"Good. Than you'll have no problem facing punishment." said Seiichi before ordering Sanada to run fifty laps around the entire school. Sanada merely scowled before getting up and obeying, promising to himself that he will definitely win next time.

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I had to re-start this chapter 5 times because Yukimura kept on sounding/acting way too bitchy like he was male PMSing or something. D;

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