For the names here to make sense you need to read my other story "A Ripple Through Time."

Since I gave some of the witches human names here.

Mikitihara Pre-school, while not as high tech and stunning looking as it's middle & high school counter-part it was almost impossible to get into simply out of competition.

Location, location, location.

Whereas other schools in the district and the city looked nice, none were as experimental and advanced looking as this one.

On the outside, lusciohous blossom trees danced with the wind, the sun gave a glow that made the orange blend with the pink and the park that was fully green and shady combined with the sounds of the pond made it all soothing.

There was no money charged and it was just whoever signed up for the class first raw kind of deal.

It was understandable, parents were busy working and kids needed to be watched and the only money that came in was for food and the uniforms which were black pants and a white polo.

On the playground, which was a strip of concrete with typical equipment like monkey bars, slides and a sandbox away from the playground...

Madoka Kaname, 6 years old was defending Robin Grayson (W.N) from Kyouko Sakura in the sandbox.

"You shouldn't take her snacks just because she isn't eating them now. What if she is trying to save it for later?" The pink haired and eyed girl said putting her arms out making her look like a star in front of the curly white haired, hazel eyed helpless child who was trying to hold back tears.

Kyouko grumbled and kicked the sand up and stormed off pissed that she wasn't able to eat despite the fact she took a tiny Mami's granola with tea just a few minuets before. Her long red hair flew as she left with her hands in her pocket with a scowl, her fang showed and her red eyes look unsatisfied at the fact she was foiled by someone her own age.

Homura Akemi, a girl with twin braids and red-framed glasses always stayed in doors and watched the other kids with envy, her friend, E.L. Kristen, a tall-for-her-age 6 year old with long black hair in twin-tails stayed with Homura because she was an albino.

They would often read books and watch anime together with Miki Sayaka, a girl with blue hair and eyes joining them and yelling out attack names. Sometimes they would enact a play in which Kristen was the bad guy and Sayaka would save Homura from her.

Mami, a blonde haired girl with the same colored eyes and "Roberta", a girl with a black side-ponytail and green eyes would argue about which was better...

Beer vs. Tea.

Roberta was to work at her father's bar when she grew up and mocked Mami for going to work at an Otaku Cafe somewhere.

Mami would often cry and Patricia, a girl with auburn hair and emerald eyes would try to comfort her trying to tell her that she shouldn't lose her head.

Perhaps the only children who got along in a mature fashion was Kyousuke (One of the few mature and nice boys in the class) and Hitomi who both played instruments. For show and tell they would play a well known song like Ode to Joy on the violin and piano respectively.

"Charlotte", a bratty pink haired girl who was often mistaken for Madoka's younger sister (due to her short size and similar looks but with two black and red polka dot scrunchies) refused to share her toys with Albertine, a girl with green hair in twin-tails with an ignorant nature, and they would argue about how got the blocks or the ball.

By the end of the day if Madoka couldn't help her fellow classmates behave or solve their issues then their teacher Soatome would sigh and drink hard.

She wasn't getting paid enough to babysit all these kids on her own coupled with her own relationship issues.

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