He wants to ask why she's always falling (jumping, leaping) off things, tumbling out in to space, and yet the only thing she ever breaks is his heart. Instead he keeps his mouth shut, a skill he perfected living with his father, and contemplates the virtues of lives half lived and happily almost ever afters.

She wants to ask why he found it easier to hold a dagger to his father's throat in her defense than to just hold on to her. Instead she calls him a bandit and a plunderer (again) and whenever he asks what he's stolen she always has an answer and it's never the truth (her heart).

He wants to ask Loveday if it was worth it, all those years curled up in her cave (cage) waiting for the world to grant love or end in violent oblivion. Instead he goes to his sister's wedding and realizes his cave is a girl who says "yes" when asked to dance but doesn't say if "yes" means "I'm Yours".

She wants to ask Miss (Mrs.) Heliotrope when she fell in love with Digweed and if she knew (really could have known) her own heart before he gave her his. Instead she coaxes Periwinkle to a gallop, hoping the wind rushing in her ears will whisper the answers his voice never speaks.

He wants to ask those who knew her before (before pearls, periwinkle, and plunderers) what she would have thought of him (if he had been a boy with no feathers). Instead he tells her he might set out for London (doesn't say-to follow you, when you leave) and tries not to flinch at the way she calls him ridiculous.

She wants to ask the characters in her fairy stories if the hero ever got bored of the heroine once evil was vanquished and rode off in to the sunset (the smoggy city where she was born) alone. Instead she tries to picture the valley (herself) without him and fails so utterly that she cries herself to sleep.

He wants to ask why she's avoiding (forgetting?) him, finally heeding the warning to stay out of the forest long after the danger has disappeared. Instead he climbs the massive, twisted tree outside of her tower window in a fit of gallantry (love) and grabs the hand she offers to help him in (he doesn't let go).

She wants to ask what right he has to scale the tower when he's the one who trapped her with "I'm still listening" and a smile and hasn't released her since. Instead she clutches his hand hard enough that she hopes it hurts (hopes he doesn't let go).

He wants to ask if her heart is pounding as hard as his and if any girl (princess) has ever looked as beautiful with moonlight sparkling in her eyes as this (his) one does. Instead his free hand reaches in to his pocket and retrieves the blue ribbon he keeps there (he went back for it), a not so false trail to his heart.

She wants to ask if even the pearls with their power to reveal the hearts of men (or boys with feathers) could tell her as much as the crumpled ribbon in his hand. Instead she utters a soft "oh" (so this is how it feels when you know) as his lips meet hers.

They want to ask why "the end" didn't wrap up their story with a happy ending and the ease of a bow (blue, of course). Instead they whisper of "love" and "how will I know" and "just ask" (always).