Summary: Beaten, broken, abused, everything that he believes he deserves. But what will happen once a strange black snake starts visiting Harry in his dreams? Teaching this young kit-animagus how to control the power he has in his claws, will he still be Dumbledore's puppet? Or will he finally see through the façade?

Pairings: Snarry, Mild Drarry, NevilleXLuna, HermioneXBlaise, SiriusXRemus other random ones.

Friendships: Harry and Voldie, Luna and Lucius(most, random, friendship, ever.), Hermione and Draco, Severus and Sirius, Severus and Remus.

Warnings: evil!Harry(or good, however you wish to see it), the usual shit you see in my stories, dark themes, OOCNESS(especially on Voldemort's part)(I do not need comments/reviews talking about this. I already know. This is my first Harry Potter story so go easy ok? Because admit it, the way JKR wrote the stories it left tons for you to figure out on your own, like Dumbledore using Snape and Harry as just pawns or how he was the one to turn Voldie evil, if Ginny really loved Harry or was just after the fame, and character development for quite a few people.), no pedobears though, seeing as 17 is legal age in the wizarding world in which this story takes place.

Later: bold is parseltongue (outside of animagus forms(but to keep it special still, only Harry and Voldie can understand the snakes.))

A faint whimper echoes in the small bedroom as movement comes from the bed. A small dappled cat curling up, wrapping it's tail as far as it could go around itself, up to it's ears as another whimper escapes. The cat hoped that the bird sitting in the room could hear. And to it's luck, she could. A small hoot and she flies over.

"Harry! What on earth… Oh when I get my talons on them!" She hooted angrily, using said talons to gently get her master to uncurl. Noticing half-healing scars all over his body. "At least you have sense enough to stay as a kit to heal!" Hedwig's wings spread out protectively over Harry as the door slams, his uncle on the other side.

"Shut that bird up boy before I kill you both!" He hollered before lumbering away. Hedwig sent a silent screech in his direction before glancing at the kit now nuzzling into her feathers for comfort.

"I'm…scared…" His mew sounded soft and uncertain to the owl who had helped him find his animagus form over the summer. She could tell he still wasn't used to the new vocals.

"I know Harry. But you must sleep. I have to go back to my cage or he'll hurt your worse." She gently coaxed him back from his feline form and made sure he was lying down in a way that his wounds wouldn't hurt before getting back into her cage. "Rest little one." She hooted softly. Harry simply snuggled into the blankets before allowing the darkness to fully take over and sleep come crashing like a wave of water over him.

"So he knows his golden puppet is abused…" A man glanced at the raven upon his shoulder, who simply snapped it's beak in response. "And he allows it…not even the Dark Load is that bad! He at least lets it known that he knows…"

"Yes…and I don't see how he could allow it to happen. But from what I've learned…" The raven glanced over to the snake on the man's other shoulder. "My lord, is that he is trying to break the boy. First the false prophecy, to get you to kill his parents, and now all of this."

"Severus. He is doing to that boy what he did to me. You both know that. Lucius, I think we could get him to join us."

"How, my Lord? I thought we were to kill him?" Lucius said, bewildered at the drastic change.

"Yes…but who is the real enemy here? The boy who is being used as a puppet just because his mother saved him from unjustness? Or the bastard who forced him into that unjustness? What will work better for us?" He reasoned. "I will personally get him to join."

"Are you sure? He is quite stubborn. And probably won't trust just anyone now." Snape informed him. "Although…he would still trust that Granger girl and the Weasleys."

"Yes. What is his animagus form again?"

"A cat, well, a kit anyway." Lucius said. "I saw that owl of his carrying him out for his first steps outside as a feline. I had a feeling that you would try something like this and lead a mouse right into that bird's claws for him. What use is he if he is starved?"

"Yes…This will work out perfectly. I will have to disappear for a while now." Voldemort said to them. "Make sure the others know. And tell Bella she is not in charge this time." With a final hiss, the snake disapparated. Leaving Snape and Lucius alone.

"Telling Bella that is like telling Potter he's finally done a potion right." Snape observed, gaining a chuckle from his old friend.

"Yes well, if all goes as planned, you can teach him one-on-one if you must to help him." Lucius countered. "Meanwhile, maybe we should interfere as well? The owl's due to bring him out again soon."


"Oh come on Sev. Whatever you have against the boy put it aside for two weeks. If the Dark Lord sees potential in the boy then we should help." The raven scowled before flying off, leaving the man to apparate away.

"Get up boy!" Green eyes fell on the door as said boy stood up, dazed. Hedwig looked at him confusedly. It wasn't like Harry to act like that.

"I am up you git." He growled under his breath before his heart skipped a beat. He glanced at the calendar in his room. He searched out the date and grinned. "Hedwig, there's only a week until my birthday!" He whispered happily to her. She hooted in confirmation and happiness. Harry ignored the growl from his uncle as he walked down to the kitchen and started to cook, noticing his cousin taking a plate first and walking slowly to the door.

"What are you doing?" His father asked.

"Eating in my room!" Dudley snapped, continuing his walk. Vernon shrugged and took a large plate for himself, his wife taking a smaller and sneaking the rest onto a plate for Harry.

"Take it to your room." She whispered, ushering him out the door. Harry blinked in confusion and shook his head.

'What the hell is going on?' He thought as he walked up to the room and noticed his cousin standing there, handing a bit of the eggs he got to Hedwig. "What the hell?" Dudley jumped, looking guilty before realizing who it was.

"She seemed hungry…"

'And I must be dreaming…' "Ooookay then…" He sat down on the bed after shutting the door. Dudley didn't mind, or didn't notice rather as he handed Hedwig yet another piece. "Just don't get her too fat off of the stuff."

"I wouldn't….hey, where's that cat you keep in here?" Harry froze half-way through eating part of the toast he had. He shared an uneasy glance with Hedwig. "I heard it mewling in pain last night and your owl was hooting."

"uh…Dudley…" Harry sighed. "Wizards usually have another form…if their magic can handle it." he noted how Dudley seemed calmed. The boy usually was tense if magic was talked about. "It's an animagus form…the kitten mewling was…me." He whispered. Dudley let his hand drop to his side from where it was at the cage before looking at Harry.

"It was dad again, wasn't it?" Harry nodded slowly. "well you're not the only one keeping secrets…Listen, if he asks why I was in here, I was chasing your bird out so you couldn't talk to anyone. Me and mom are actually trying to understand half of this and figure out what to do, even though you're only here for another week right?"

"Yes. 17 is the magic number for me." Harry chuckled. "although I don't think the number could come to life with magic…" He leaned back against the wall, thinking about what Dudley had said. 'Talking to anyone…like I could. Hermione's at least tried to contact me…' He jumped slightly when his door shut. Dudley must have left. Harry yawned. "Hedwig, can we go back outside?" He pleaded, already shifting into the little kitten.

"Oh alright…What's with your relatives too? They're acting strange, like they're under an imperious curse." She picked up the kit lightly in her talons before flying silently out the window and gliding to a sunny patch of grass near the park Harry always went to. She dropped the kit gracefully and landed nearby, watching as her child took tentative steps towards her. "That's it Harry. Come on." She cooed, hooting in laughter at the pout Harry carried. The kit thought back to his first night being a kitten. Hedwig said it wouldn't last long, only a month at most before he became the cat equivalent of a teenager for the next year. His little tail flicked experimentally, both animals unknowing of the pair of black eyes watching, crystalline silver ones near as well as a raven swooped dangerously close to Harry, causing him to shrink down and mewl in surprise and shock. Hedwig screeched and ran over to him, hissing in bird at the raven.

"Calm down! I won't hurt the runt." The raven grumbled, landing gracefully onto the grass. "What are you doing with a kit anyway?"

"Teaching! You must be a familiar or animagus…there's no ravens around here in my territory." Hedwig straightened up, drawing Harry closer to her with her talons. "So, which is it?"

"Animagus of course…Someone from Hogwarts." Harry's ears perked in curiosity at that. No one from Hogwarts ever visited him until after his birthday! The dappled tortishell lifted his head form the long grass and finally got a good look at the bird. He noticed how huge it was, bigger than any that he had seen around the school before. It's feathers were sleek. Harry pounced lightly away from Hedwig and closer to the raven, who clicked it's beak in encouragement. The teen glanced back at Hedwig, getting the OK before making his way over to the raven. Jumping back slightly when something got put in his way. He sniffed cautiously at it, recognizing it suddenly as a nutrient potion.

"What's that? It looks like it's from the infirmary!" Hedwig hooted, drawing Harry away from it.

"It is. Even in that form you can tell he's in bad shape." The raven's eyes darted over the small form of Harry. 'Even for a new animagus he should be well bigger than that!' "Had I known he was a kit I would've brought formula instead…"

"You're a Slytherin…I can tell." Harry said after that, lapping at the potion that was now open as the vial fixed itself with magic into a saucer. He let a small purr out as he felt it take effect, bringing strength to his shaking paws. If Severus could, he would've allowed himself to smile at that. "but…why help me?"

"Because you need it." Snape said. "I might not be able to tell you who I am yet, but I will help you." He and Hedwig watched as Harry finished the potion, bouncing around soon after. The kit-animagus leapt out of the tall grass, landing ungracefully on his back in front of his potion's professor, laughing. The two birds watch closely for a while as Harry lets the potion take full effect, giving him more energy.

"Great, I'll never get him back now!" Hedwig complained, watching her kit stalk a beetle.

"I'll help if it is needed." Severus offered.

"I doubt he'll want your help…professor." The snowy owl cast him a sideways glance as the raven tensed. "Just because my child is dense enough to believe all you tell him, doesn't mean I am the same. His godfather comes around every week on Fridays so if you want to avoid getting caught then don't come on those days. And if you're the one who lead that mouse over then thank you."

"Wasn't me, but I know who did do it." They stopped their talking as Harry trotted over proudly, a leaf trapped in his jaws. 'His animagus form must be allowing him to have a small bit a childhood back…'

"Are you gonna stay Raven?" Severus glanced down at Harry, who was looking up at him with wide eyes. He sighed.

"I'll be around." Harry smiled and walked back over to Hedwig, yawning. "Be sure to get more sleep Harry. And come back tomorrow, I'll bring more of the potion." He nodded as Hedwig gently picked him up again.

"Goodbye raven…" He murmured, falling asleep quickly.

"Goodbye professor." Hedwig hooted before flying off towards the house, gently carrying Harry and setting him down on the bed before flying over to the window. 'There's still loads of time before the sun sets…I hope he can stay safe.'