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Voldemort grew silent as he thought over what his spy had brought him. The Light side's leader was planning to get rid of his 'pawn'. Voldemort thought about what that would mean. "The prophecy would be null and void, with him dead. And would Lupin even allow him to kill Potter?"

"It is already voided, it was fifteen years ago." Severus explained. "For all intents and purposes, you did not survive. The brat did though, which fulfilled the prophecy. And Dumbledore was planning for something to go wrong with the apparation."

"Really now?" Voldemort hummed. Severus was right, the prophecy held no meaning. Their fighting, all five years of it, was for nothing. The Light Side had won, for the moment. Which meant… "Severus, has the old man said why he wants Potter dead?"

"Something about blood and power, that was all I was able to get." The headmaster thought he was alone when Severus overheard him talking to himself. It was what made him a great spy, being able to hide even from more powerful wizards and witches. "What about the watching spell you have on the area around him?"

With a wave of his hand, a heavy mist appeared in front of the three men. Voldemort whispered an incantation and the mist projected an image onto itself like a screen. "It all seems quiet, not even one of the Order members are there."

But something was moving in the picture. What they saw was a small section of Privet Drive, consisting of eight houses and the main roadway between them, with an alleyway behind four of the houses. In that alleyway, a shape was moving about.

"A stray dog, perhaps?" Lucius guessed.

"No," Severus shook his head. "Far too big to be a stray, too small to be a werewolf- at least one of ours-…it looks more like a normal wolf."

"Pretty far out of its habitat isn't it?" The last wolf Lucius had seen around that area was an escapee from a nearby zoo.

"An animagus?"

Voldemort looked closer at the wolf on the makeshift screen. "It looks more like one of the species in the States and Canada…" It was peculiar. None of the Order, according to Severus, were wolf Animagi. The closest two they had were Remus and Sirius. There was something familiar about the wolf though, Voldemort thought as he studied it.

Everything pointed towards the direction of it just being a normal wolf. The tawny pelt on its back gave way gently to a creamier underbelly, chest, tail, and legs. It's muzzle had a splash of darker fur that matched its tail and ear tips. Nothing out of the ordinary about it, no markings to tell if it was an animagus, no marker at all to even tell if it was a pet.

"-More of an Eastern Wolf, possibly a Red Wolf." Lucius was speaking to Severus about the animal. "But the coloring is Eurasian."

"Look!" Severus pointed to the screen. Out of the window in one of the houses flew an owl. "It's Potter's."