The classroom- Ellie and Will

(These characters belong to the author )

This is in the form of the book and not the movie. Thanks and enjoy .

Ellie's POV

I walked into World History and sat down. A lot had changed since I had moved and started going to Avalon High. I had helped Will realise he was the recantation of King Arthur and I helped him stop Marco from killing him. I pulled out my text book out of my bag pack and placed it o my desk.

Jen and Lance walked in, openly holding hands. I smiled at them. Jen waved before leading Lance to sit down. Will walked in behind them, holding his bag over his shoulder. He walked over to his desk which was now next to mine (since we got the teacher to change it) and sat down. He grinned when he looked over at me. I smiled. "Hey," I said.

"Hey, do you have track practice after school?" he asked, pulling out his own text book from his bag.

"Yeah, do you?" I asked. Will nodded.

"Yep, I'll wait for you in my car if you want," he offered. I smiled and nodded. I was in love and happy. I never wanted this relationship to end.