Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation

Episode 6: "Three Stars in the Night"

By William "Blissey" Raymer

Part Two of

Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation vs. Star Trek: Omega Force

Star Trek: Omega Force Elements

Based on Star Trek

Created by Gene Roddenberry

I may own the basic scenario and the majority of the characters that appear in this story, yet there are some characters that I do not own.

Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana, Lilo (Pelekai-)Jameson, Reuben (Experiment 625) and Gantu are owned by Disney Enterprises, Inc.

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All Star Trek franchise terminologies used in this story are owned by CBS Studios, Inc.


This section runs concurrent to the events depicted in Star Trek: Omega Force, Episode 2: "Some Other World," but the events herein are told from TCTNG's point of view.


A new day dawned over the San Fernando Valley, as work continued at the landing site of the sentient spaceship S.S. Ponyo.

Ten tractor trailers and their crews drove up to the silver spaceship in order to off-load their cargo: the set pieces, costumes, instruments and other materials for "Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation & Hannah Montana-'Return to Destiny Galactic Tour 2028.'"

On the Bridge of the Ponyo, Stargazer "Star" Seville let her thoughts wander to a small gold, pink diamond and ruby ring on her finger.

Elsewhere on the Bridge, the man who gave her that ring—her fiancé, Jonathan "Jon" Stoppable—was coordinating with the loading bays taking care of their cargo.

"Star?" a voice called out. Star looked over and saw Padmé Goof and her fiancé, Eli DiNozzo.

"Star, Eli and I wanted to congratulate you on your engagement," Padmé said. Eli nodded his agreement.

"Thanks, Padmé. You too, Eli," Star said. "Where's Zeo?" Eli said. "He's supposed to be on duty this morning." "Yeah, and Kyla's missing, too," Padmé added.

"I let them take the day off," Star said. "Seeing as they are boojibus now, they need to celebrate, too."

In his quarters, Zeo Pelekai and his boojibu (girlfriend or lover), Kyla Bolton, laid gasping for breath after an intense make-out session.

"I didn't think you'd taste so good in the waking world," Kyla said between gulps of air. "You too," Zeo said, himself nearly out of breath.

"Kyla, I was afraid that you would say no," Zeo said. "You didn't need to worry, Zeo," Kyla said. "You are so cute, I couldn't resist you."

"And you're so kweesta (Turoan for the F-word) hot that any man would be full of blitznak to refuse you," Zeo said.

"Zeo, that is the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me," Kyla said. "And I mean every single word of it," Zeo said.

Zeo and Kyla locked in another passionate kiss as their nascent romance continued to solidify.

Suddenly, Red Alert sirens began to blare. Star's voice came on over all of the Ponyo's audio pickups. "Red Alert! All crews to battle stations! This is not a drill!"

Zeo and Kyla broke their embrace and ran out of Zeo's quarters.

On the Bridge, Jon turned to Star. "All stations confirm Red Alert, Star," he said. "Good. Helm, take us up," Star said.

"Yes, Star," Carla Witwicky said. The Bridge doors slid open, revealing Kyla and Zeo.

"Star, what's going on?" Zeo asked. "We received a distress call from an U.G.F. diplomatic transport in Sector 617," Star said. "We're going to go investigate and assist."

"We are at Configuration Beta, Star," Jonathan Archer said. "All weapons and defensive systems are at full readiness. Cloaking device is standing by."

"Very well," Star said as Zeo assumed the Helm console from Carla. "Zeo, set course for Sector 617, maximum speed. Engage!"

Zeo slid the engine enable levers forward. The pinpricks of stars stretched into rainbow lines on the view-screen as the Ponyo entered hyperspace.

An hour later, the Ponyo exited hyperspace and only saw an unknown vessel. "Unknown vessel, this is the U.G.F.-registered civilian defense vessel S.S. Ponyo, Captain Stargazer Seville commanding," Star said. "You have attacked a diplomatic transport without provocation. Stand to and prepare to be boarded."

The image on the view-screen switched from an external view of the unknown ship to, Star assumed, the command center of that vessel.

"I am Captain Adrian Dorsey of the Federation Starship Yagami," the vessel's captain said. "It is Federation policy to not attack an unarmed vessel without cause, Captain Seville."

"Captain Dorsey, no starship of your name and design exist in the Federation," Star said. "Not in our Federation, anyway," a familiar voice said.

Star watched as the face of Ambassador Lilo Jameson crossed into the range of the Yagami's sensors. "Ambassador Jameson! Are you all right?" Star said. "Yeah, Star, I am," Lilo said. "Star, the Yagami and her crew come from a dimension other than our own. Captain Dorsey?"

"Captain Seville, I'd like to invite you and a couple of your people to come aboard for a tour, so you can see the Yagami for yourselves," Dorsey said.

"We'll be glad to take you up on your offer, Captain Dorsey," Star said. "Jon, take command. Kyla, Zeo, with me."

Kyla and Zeo stood from their stations and followed Star off the Bridge.

Moments later, Star, Zeo and Kyla disappeared in the sparkle of Ponyo teleport energy…and resolved in a strange but somewhat familiar room.

"Captain Seville, welcome aboard," the man said. "I am Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Batali, first officer. With me is our helmswoman, Lieutenant Irina Nielsen."

Batali gestured to a blond-haired woman standing next to him. "Who are your colleagues?" Nielsen said.

Star gestured, first to Kyla, then to Zeo. "These are Kyla Bolton and Zeo Pelekai, nephew of your guest, Ambassador Jameson," she said.

Batali turned to Zeo. "How can you be the Ambassador's nephew? You're not even a human being," he said.

"It is a long story, Commander," Zeo said. "It would be easier to explain by interfacing with the Ponyo's data banks."

Batali turned to Star. "With your permission, of course, Captain," he said.

"Zeo, remain with me," Star said. "Kyla, return to the ship and tell Jon the situation."

"Yes, Star," Kyla said. She leaned in to kiss Zeo, then stepped back onto the platform.

"Send Ms. Bolton back to the Ponyo, Ensign," Batali said. "Aye, sir," the operator said. "Energize," Nielsen said. Kyla dissolved in the blue and silver shower of the Yagami's own matter-transport beam.

"This way, Captain," Batali said, gesturing for Nielsen to join him in escorting Star and Zeo out of the transporter room.

In his office just off of the Yagami's Bridge, Captain Adrian Dorsey was reading a report on their transit to Star's dimension.

Suddenly, a chime sounded which caused him to interrupt his work. "Come in," he said.

The doors slid open, revealing Batali, Nielsen, Star and Zeo. "Thank you, Commander and Lieutenant. Dismissed," Adrian said.

Batali and Nielsen nodded as the doors closed in front of them. Then, Dorsey turned his attention to Star and Zeo.

"Captain Seville, Mr. Pelekai, I am sure that you two have a lot of questions," Dorsey said, gesturing for Star and Zeo to sit in the chairs in front of his desk.

"First, who are we, and how did we end up in your dimension?" Dorsey said. "Well, we were en route back to our home port from a diplomatic mission to a planet called Romulus, when a malfunction in our propulsion systems created a wormhole that brought us…here. We received a distress call, which led us to come upon an unknown vessel which was attacking Ambassador Jameson's vessel."

"Do you have any records which show that unknown vessel?" Star asked.

Dorsey tapped some controls on the desk, then swung a monitor around so that Star and Zeo could see the images on it.

Star found the ship that attacked Lilo's transport dreadfully familiar. "Decepticons!" she spat out in disgust.

"What are Decepticons?" Dorsey asked. "Captain, this is Commander Batali. Interface with the Ponyo's data core is now complete," Batali reported.

"May I?" Star asked. "By all means," Dorsey said. Star tapped a button on the monitor. "Computer, initiate link-up between this terminal and S.S. Ponyo computer system Beta-47," she said.

"Linkup established," the Yagami's computer said. Star swung the monitor back around to face Adrian.

On Dorsey's monitor, a file played which consisted of archival footage stretching all the way back to the original Team Chipmunk's battle against Unicron and Thrax, culminating in TCTNG's rescue of Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana.

"The Decepticons, as you can see, are a group of evil, sentient, transforming robots," Star said. "Their rivals, the Autobots, are our allies."

"Captain Dorsey, to the Bridge, please," Nielsen said. "On our way, Irina," Dorsey said. Adrian tapped a control on his desk to turn off the monitor, then gestured for Star and Zeo to follow him onto the Bridge.

"Report, Mr. Selev," Dorsey said as he approached the command chair.

A blue-skinned humanoid with antennae extending from his head reported from a console on the other side of the room.

"Captain, a vessel matching configuration with Ambassador Jameson's vessel is approaching at the equivalent of Warp 6," Selev said.

"On screen," Batali said. The ship in question came out of what Star would call "hyperspace" in a shower of rainbow light.

A beeping sounded from a panel at the front of the Bridge. "The vessel is hailing, Captain," the pointy-eared female at the panel said.

"On screen," Adrian said. Star smiled when she saw the ship's captain. "This is Captain Reuben Jookiba of the U.G.F. starship Enterprise-A," he said. "Please identify yourselves."

"I am Captain Adrian Dorsey of the U.S.S. Yagami, representing the United Federation of Planets," Dorsey said. "Captain Jookiba, rest assured that Ambassador Jameson is safe and sound."

"I'll be the judge of that, Captain Dorsey," Reuben said. "Now, to my second question: what is your business in this sector?"

"A malfunction in our propulsion systems caused us to fall into a wormhole, which transferred us from our home dimension to this one," Dorsey responded.

The Bridge doors slid open, reveling Lilo. "I'm all right, Reuben," she said. "My transport was attacked by the Decepticons, but the Yagami was able to rescue us before it blew."

"I see," Reuben said. "Captain Dorsey, it appears that I owe you an apology. You helped to rescue one of our most valued ambassadors…"

A smile creased Reuben's face. "…and a very close friend," he finished. "If there is anything I or anyone in the U.G.F. can do to assist you, please tell me."

"We need to put in for repairs to damages suffered in our transit here and the attack by the Decepticons," Dorsey said.

"From what I've been able to see of her, the Yagami's technology is directly identical to U.G.F. standard," Star said. "We could dock her at the nearest U.G.F. facility and fix her with ease."

"I will consult U.G.F. Central Command and request further instructions," Reuben said. "Until then, we shall remain here and wait."

"Sounds fine to me, Captain," Dorsey said. "Star, as captain of the Ponyo and the first to encounter the Yagami, you are bound by U.G.F. regulations to file a report as well," Reuben said.

"Zeo and I were about to return to the Ponyo right now to do just that, Reuben," Star said.

"In fact, we can beam you back to the Ponyo directly from here," Adrian said as Reuben signed off and the view-screen image reverted to the exteriors of the Ponyo and the Enterprise-A.

Dorsey gestured for Star and Zeo to stand in front of the view-screen. "Mr. T'Vara, send Captain Seville and Mr. Pelekai back to the Bridge of the Ponyo," he commanded.

"Aye, sir," T'Vara said. Star and Zeo dissolved in Starfleet transporter energy. "Now, we wait," Dorsey said.