A/N: I had a blast writing my first fiction that I decided to give it another whirl and seeing THE KISS inspired me. I've been obsessed lately with AU stories so I wanted to give it a try. This story takes place in New York and the last time I was there was 4 years ago so if you see any inconsistencies I apologize in advance. Any review always makes my day so don't hold back. Once again I do not own anything.

Chapter 1

Brittany was hyperventilating once she heard the news that she was back. She as in the bitch who left her 6 months ago. She did not even say goodbye. After a year of being in a no-commitment pseudo relationship with her (aka FUBU), Brittany was starting to feel all kinds of butterflies whenever she was with her. When she brought up the idea of taking their relationship to the next level she told Brittany that she needs to go on a business trip and that their current setup was fine. Brittany hasn't talked to her since. Now she can barely understand what Sarah was saying on the other end of the line. Her brain seemed to turn to a complete mush when she said that Jackie will be on her birthday party next week.

"Brittany are you still there?" Sarah's high pitched voice broke Brittany's reverie.

"Yes, sorry about that I was trying to multi-task." she said, hoping that the background noise of her office will fool Sarah. She was after all in Brittany's opinion not the smartest cookie to ever walk the earth and that's saying something since she was not exactly in the MENSA mailing list.

"So, are you coming to my party next week?" she asked impatiently.

Brittany was stuck, she knows she need to show up if she doesn't want to be the topic of everyone's conversation. She doesn't want to be known as one of Jackie's conquest. She was sure that they will be snickering behind her back about how lovesick she was about Jackie. Brittany could feel her face turn red thinking about all the scenarios that might happen if she did not show up next Saturday. Finally Brittany cleared her throat and said,

"Yes I'll come to the party and is it possible to have a plus one?" The words were out of Brittany's mouth before she could stop herself. Where on earth will she find a plus one?It was hard enough finding decent dates in New York.

After hearing Sarah shriek on the other end of the line she was officially in panic mode.

"You have a new girlfriend! Details girl DETAILS!"

She had to put the phone a few inches away from her ear to prevent hearing loss.

"Sarah I have to go I have a meeting in 10 minutes. I promise that you'll be the first person who can scrutinize her."

"Fine but I want the full lowdown on this mystery girl."

After a few more excruciating seconds with Sarah, she hit the end call button on her phone and thought about the mess she got herself into.

She only has 6 days to find a new girlfriend and with her current luck, she is more likely to get hit by a cab in the busy streets of New York than meet someone who will be her plus one before Saturday.

It was official, fuck her life.

It was Wednesday and Brittany only has 2 more days to find someone to bring to the stupid party. She wanted to kill herself for saying yes to that stupid party (note to self: suicide might be a viable option). She have tried joining chat rooms but the someone who calls herself sexylezzie69 is still active at the chat room she joined and is persistently asking her if she can suck Brittany's toes. She even tried stalking people in Facebook but most of them are either straight, married, or in a relationship. In her weakest moment, Brittany even tried looking at the friends of her friends in Facebook but she thinks getting a message from a complete stranger with a the subject "If you're gay, will you pretend to be my girlfriend on Saturday" is a complete turn-off.

She was back in square one and it doesn't help that her friends who are all going to the party has called her one by one demanding details. She had to make up things about her non-existent girlfriend just to get them off her back:

Q: What does she look like?

A: Absolutely gorgeous.

Q: Is she rich?

A: You know that's not important to me

Q: Does she have a job?

A: Of course she does!

Q: Is she smart?

A: Yes she is and I love talking to her for hours.

Q: Does she smell nice?(this question came up because one of her friends dated someone who is very casual about hygiene and seems to have a a phobia of deodorants)

A: Yes and she always smells like she just came out of the shower.

So for Saturday she needs a gorgeous smart girl who has a job and smells like she just came out of the shower. It was not as if I was asking for Angelina Jolie or Penelope Cruz, she just needs someone who will be her girlfriend for at least 2 hours and that's it. She's not bad to look at by the way and has a banging body because she has been dancing since forever.

It did not help that she was having a crappy time on her job as well. Everybody she knows seems to be handing in their resignation letters moving on to other things but she was still stuck here. The plan was to do this until she gets a a dancing gig but life and bills got in the way and the diploma in performance arts has managed to become just another piece of paper. She was having a full blown quarter life crisis and it was ugly. When she started having feelings for Jackie she thought that she was the one. She ignored the nagging feeling that she was just another notch in her bed post.

Brittany was zoning out when her phone rang and saw the one person who can probably knock some sense into her.

"Quinn!" she said sounding a little more desperate than usual.

Quinn was an old friend from high school. We were openly gay since high school and they helped each other out during the painful coming out process. Both our families was not really enthusiastic by our sexuality but at least her family did not kick her out unlike Quinn. She had to move in with one of their friends and had to support herself until she graduated with a communications degree in NYU. She was definitely more mature and definitely has more common sense than the rest of Brittany's friends combined. She was also seeing an up and coming Broadway star by the name of Rachel Berry.

"What's up? Did something happen to you?" Quinn asked Brittany her voice sounding a little concerned.

She texted Quinn earlier saying that she needed her help or else her life will be over. Brittany told her the whole story. The best thing about Quinn is that she never judges Brittany even with all the mess that she has managed to frequently get into.

"So you basically lied to your friends that you have a girlfriend because the BITCH that left you is coming to the party this coming Saturday and you need a girlfriend ASAP." Quinn said emphasizing on the bitch part.


Leave it to Quinn to encapsulate all of Brittany's miseries in one short bitter sentence.

She sighed and Brittany could tell by the silence that followed that she was thinking.

"Did you ever think about not showing up at all?" she said after a few minutes.

"But Quinn!" knowing that she anticipated Brittany's reaction to her suggestion.

"Let me see, most of the girls I know are in a relationship and the girl I was telling you about it turns out she is back with her ex and they're getting married next year. I can't exactly pretend to be your girlfriend since all your friends knows me and hates me by the way. If you get the chance tell them I hate them too and they're all pretentious little shits"

"You're not exactly helping." Brittany said, she knows Quinn hates her dancer friends but not all of them are bad and being in touch with them helps Brittany forget about her non existent dance career but if Quinn can't help her then no one can.

"And I can't believe that you got into a mess AGAIN." she said emphasizing the last word.

"But Quinn if you can't help me then I might as well commit suicide!" adding a little more drama knowing that she loves Brittany and that she can't resist my little lost girl voice.

She sighed and said "Fine but the only person I can think of right now who is available this weekend is my roommate."

I couldn't resist adding Quinn and Rachel to the story, let me know what you guys think and reviews are awesome.