I Remember

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny With A Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: T

Authors Note: Used another Kelly song, making it a trend. :) I think that her songs were perfectly for this story :) But I may be biased haha.

You Found Me

Is this a dream?

If it is, please don't wake me from this high…

I'd become comfortably numb,

Until you opened up my eyes.

To what it's like, when everything's right.

Her heart was tapping away beneath her ribs, threatening with each pound to break the bones. The emotions she was feeling were a blur. After so many years she was finally standing at Tawni's door, again, only this time she would be staying with her. Her music career seemed completely obsolete; her husband whom which she would be getting a divorce with had been begrudgingly pushed to the back of her mind. The previous night had been spent crying and trying to turn off her anxious and excited mind, and now that she was once again standing on the porch she felt sick to her stomach.

Lifting a shaking hand she rapped her knuckles against the wooden door, quickly. Shuffling her feet she uncomfortably looked around the neighborhood. It was nothing like California, but it was beautiful and Sonny was almost certain she would live anywhere if it meant she could be with the blonde she had been missing for so long.

"Gosh what's taking so long?" It seemed the longer that she had to wait the more nervous she grew. Though it was more of an excited feeling than anxious.

Finally the door opened revealing the most beautiful girl in the world, well at least to the brunette and that huge trademark smile spread across her face, ear to ear, she even let out a squeak of excitement. "Hey there!" She stated a little rushed with an awkward wave at her friend.

"Hi." Tawni said a little too simply, it almost disappointed the other but the smile on beautiful pink lips was enough to make her see that the blonde was simply nervous and uncomfortable as well. Which made complete sense. She had admitted her love for the shorter girl years ago and now they were finally taking the chance that they gave up. Both sat there staring at each other with shifting eyes, fidgeting here and there. Finally as if snapping back to reality, blue eyes widened and a manicured hand moved to open the door. "Oh, sorry. Come on in." She smiled.

"Thanks." She whispered before moving into the house blushing a little at the body contact made as she passed the diva in the doorway.

Once Sonny was inside Tawni closed the door and turned on her heels. "Make yourself at home." She said in that high-pitched voice, which was slightly shaken. She was nervous, over the last few years she had not been in a relationship with anyone. Girls that she invited home she slept with and then kicked out. It was not the same this time. When the brunette raised an eyebrow at the diva and her smile spread Tawni let out a sigh and shrugged. "Sorry, I don't know what to say." She laughed uncomfortably. "I guess I'm nervous."

As she realized that the blonde was just as nervous as herself Sonny moved closer to the taller girl placing her hands on her hips. Enjoying the way that blue eyes fluttered down to her catching her large brown. Smirking she leant up pressing her lips to the diva's. The kiss was short and caused both girls bodies to react and breathes to catch in their throats. "We don't have to talk, we could—"

Tawni lifted a manicured finger to the brunette's lips and smiled brightly. "As much as I would enjoy making love with you, and I would. Trust me." She added in a deeper voice, before continuing. "Maybe I could just hold you tonight, talk, catch up, and spend time together?"

"I would love that."

You found me when no one else was looking,

How did you know just where I would be?

You broke through all of my confusions.

I guess that you saw what nobody could see,

You found me…

That night was the first night in a long time that Sonny slept peacefully, and it certainly was not her guilty conscience making her feel safe. It was those thin spray-tanned arms encircling her waste, the scent of the blonde hair that was sprawled all along her chest and neck, and of course knowing that every time she opened her sleep-filled brown eyes to cast them downward she would find the beautiful woman she had always loved holding onto her.

It was perfection, and she had never been happier. She knew that they would have a long journey ahead of them, that they still had Chad to deal with. All that the brunette could hope was he would still be her friend because she did love him, just not in the same way that she loved Tawni. Yet, she would not blame him if he could not forgive her. All she knew was that in that moment she was content and she never wanted to lose Tawni again.

So, here we are, and that's pretty far,

When you think of where we've been.

No going back.

You're by my side, Now everything's fine.


Authors Note: Welp this will be the last chapter. I decided to wrap this one up… I still love reviews… haven't gotten many on this story but I really did enjoy writing it. It was supposed to be a one shot but it turned into quite an enjoyable little story with of course a happily ever after. Not that all stories have them, I'm actually wanting to write a more morbid and depressing story with a sad ending. I just have problems with them. You would think with all my one tree hill watching I'd be an expert, but I just hate writing it. It's like when you play persona or dragon age or something and you're like I'm gonna be mean the whole time! I never can. Haha. Anyhow. Adios my faithful and amazing readers! Hope you enjoy this short conclusion.

-Tracy Cook