The Incredible Flutterhulk

A "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" fic by Beige Lantern


It was supposed to be her best night ever.

The yellow pegasus cried softly, remembering the day that everything fell apart. How that morning had seemed so normal and so commonplace, but had led to the loss of everything she had ever known and loved. Her home, her town, her friends, she had lost them all. Her eyes filled with tears as she slowly drifted off to sleep on that dingy cot of hers in the middle of her Buenos Maires apartment. As her mind slowly faded into slumber, her mind filled with pictures, dreaming of that fateful day…


It seemed like just another day on the outskirts of Ponyville. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and small animals scampered about everywhere through the fields. A gentle breeze carried the peaceful sounds of the frolicking animals far and wide across the vast plains of Equestria, coming to rest on a small cottage at the edge of a forest. Of course, while to any other pony it may have just seemed like any other day, to Fluttershy, Ponyville's resident veterinarian, today was going to be a huge event… because today was the day of the Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot.

Of course, before she could get ready for the Gala, she had to get her little friend Angel Bunny to behave.

"Come on now, Angel Bunny, eat your radishes…" Fluttershy pleaded softly, pushing the purple root vegetable towards the small mammal with her freshly manicured yellow hooves, a smile beaming in her wide blue eyes. The small, white rabbit crossed his arms and held his nose up in the air in disdain. "Oh I know they aren't the tastiest things in the world, but they're really good for you! They'll make all your tummy all healthy and squeaky clean!" She said with a grin, showing off her anatomical prowess. Angel, unfortunately, was not very impressed, his beady, downturned eyes staring daggers at his caretaker. He pointed at a bowl of carrots across the room, but Fluttershy shook her head. "You can't just keep eating carrots! You need to have other food too or you'll get sick." She pointed out but the bunny continued to give her a hard time, shaking his head vigorously and sticking his tongue out in disgust.

Fluttershy started to get a little distressed. "Oh, won't you please eat your lunch?" she begged as Angel continued to be defiant. "But it isn't that bad!" she persisted, taking a bite of one of the radishes, her face clearly showing a bit of disgust and struggle as she choked it down. "S-See?" she gulped. "Mmmm… that's good *cough! hack!* …Good eating!" she said with a wavering voice.

Angel gave her a deadpan stare. Fluttershy stared back with a nervous smile, hoping he'd believe her not-so-convincing charade. Finally, Angel picked up one of the radishes in his little bunny paws, an exasperated look on his face saying 'only for you.'

Fluttershy gave a little sigh. "Phew!" she whispered, turning her back. "Works every time." She said confidently… before a sudden crash made her squeak. Quickly whipping around she looked to see Angel had thrown the plate of radishes out the window, now sporting a gaping hole, a remaining radish with a single, bunny sized bite out of it sitting on the floor.

He obviously hadn't liked them.

Fluttershy quickly shifted to see Angel hopping out the front door. "Oh dear! Angel, come back, won't you please?" She said, giving chase. Fluttershy opened the door to see Angel hopping off the path and along the edge of the Everfree forest. Fluttershy gave a little gasp. That stubborn little bunny! What if a Manticore or a Hydra or Cockatrice jumped out of the undergrowth and gobbled him up? She swiftly flew after the little rabbit trying to catch up with him. The little bunny was fast and kept up a good clip, but while Fluttershy wasn't as fast as her friend Rainbow Dash, she could still keep up decent speed when in the air. Gracefully soaring low to the ground she swooped down in front of the small animal and landed frimly in a patch of bright green clover. Standing still, she looked her bunny friend in the eye as he stopped dead in his tracks.

A stern look graced Fluttershy's usually gentle face. Giving Angel a borderline version of her patented "stare" she planted her hooves firmly on the ground. "Now Angel, I know you want to run but you can't just go running around ignoring your health and breaking ponies' things like that!" Angel gulped and nodded. Fluttershy raised an eyebrow. "Now you get back into the house and finish your radishes, young man!" Angel sqeaked in acceptance before dashing off back towards the cottage.

Fluttershy's quickly changed back to her cheery demeanor, a her voice softening and a gentle smile returning to her face. "That's a good little bunny." She chirped, wiping her forehead with a hoof. "Phew! He can really be a hooffull sometimes, though." She said, trotting back to her house.

What she didn't notice as she trotted back to the house, however, was how the clover she was standing in began to glow bright green, sparkling with unknown natural magicks…

Nor could she ever predict how just one little plant could ruin her life so perfectly.


The rest of the world was already well aware of the remaining part of the story. Her once close friends had quickly been mobbed by reporters of all sorts, attempting to get exclusives and stories about the Pegasus and the events that had transpired earlier that day.

After a quick fix up at the local spa and hairdressers salon, the six pony friends had all climbed into a magical carriage shaped like an apple, dressed in the finest six dresses her best friend and budding fashion designer, Rarity, had ever assembled. Fluttershy was dressed in a luxurious green and blue gown, patterned to look like a breezy spring meadow, her hair done up beautifully. The yellow pony had always been told that she was cute, and she had, in the past spent a relatively good deal of time on her appearance, but this night she truly felt gorgeous. Empowered even. As she and her friends stepped out of the carriage she even began to sing! Her friends singing what could only be described as a spontaneous musical number as they made their way up the shining paths to the Gala. She was truly ready to have the best night of her life!

And then it all fell apart.

The six friends went their separate ways at the party. All had their reasons to be there of course. Pinkie wanted to party with all the classy ponies, while Rarity went to go and find "her Prince," hoping that day to find true love. The thought made Fluttershy blush at the time. Applejack went off to sell her "apples and apple accessories," Rainbow Dash appropriately dashed off to try and meet the Wonderbolts, hoping to join the ranks of her favorite blue-clad flying team. And Twilight, of course, wished to spend the evening with her beloved mentor and Equestria's ruler, Princess Celestia. Fluttershy in the meantime, meandered off into the gardens hoping to spend the evening frolicking with the many diverse birds and animals that were said to romp around the castle gardens.

Fluttering slowly and gracefully over to the courtyards, Fluttershy was filled to the brim with cheer and glee, ready to meet new friends as a small bird flew past her chirping a happy song. Fluttershy's eyes widened in anticipation. "Oh my! A Meadowlark!" she exclaimed, following the small bird into a small square when she heard even more birdsong. "I think it's calling to me! Ooh it's exactly what I wished for!" She cleared her throat daintily before singing a few notes from her favorite song.

"A-ah-ah-ahaaah" she sang, with a perfect voice, hitting every note with precision and grace, grinning when she heard the bird respond. Squealing to herself she quickly cantered around the corner, her bright green dress flowing behind her, only to be stopped in shock when she finally realized that it was not a bird responding to her singing, but an old gardener. "Was that you?" she asked, more than a little surprised.

"Yup!" came a crackly reply from the old pony. "I looove whistlin' while I work!" The gardener replied, raking away some leaves with his old wrinkled hooves.

Fluttershy gaped for a second before shying away in embarrassment. "Oh, yes, well… uh…heh, excuse me." She said, shirking off behind a hedge.

'What's wrong?' Fluttershy thought. Why did the meadowlark fly away from me? Do I look funny? Is my hair messed up? Did I forget to use deodorant?' numerous possibilities ran through her head, but a quick look at her reflection in a pool and a few quick sniffs put all questions about her person to rest. So what was the matter? Why did the meadowlark flee like it was afraid of her?

Fluttershy's moods were lifted again when she heard numerous animal noises coming from around the next hedge. Walking into a new square, she saw the garden filled with animals she had only previously seen in books from Twilight's library! "Ooh! I see a Toco Toucan!" she said, her voice fluttery with excitement. "…And a spider monkey! And- Ooh! Is that a wallaroo?" she continued, beginning to dash into the middle of the square to play with her new friends. But alas, Fluttershy was again taken aback in shock as every single critter playing in the square stared at her in shock as she approached before running off to hide faster than anypony could blink! Fluttershy gaped in near horror. Why were the animals running away from her all of a sudden? No little critter had ever feared her before! That was her special talent after all, being able to talk to and take care of animals! It was everything she ever dreamed of. And now, these animals were fleeing from her in fear, as if they could sense something within her that she wasn't aware of… but that wouldn't make sense… would it?

"Oh Fluttershy…" the yellow pegasus whined to herself. "You're such a loudmouth…" chalking up the experience to her being overly excited.

And as the night went on, the animals continued to flee from the yellow pony, always looking so fearful as she approached. "This isn't what I wished for…" she mumbled, almost ready to give her night up and go back home to spend time with Angel. She almost got ready to leave when she looked back on the day and how excited she was for it. How much she had anticipated being here and spending time with the exotic creatures of the Castle garden. How much effort she had put into coming out into public like this among all these strange ponies just to meet the critters! Suddenly, she found her resolve refilled. Stamping a hoof she put on her game face. "No! I've waited all my life for this moment and I'm not going to let it slip by! If it's the last thing I do, I'm going to make this the best night ever!"

Feeling empowered once more, she began to set up a little trap. She had never had to go this far before to meet animals, but she would do what she had to for tonight! "I just have to be more bold, like Twilight says!" she whispered to nopony in particular. The trap was simple and nothing violent. Just a box held up by a stick attached to a string, a carrot being used as bait. Putting on a convincing tone, she stood tall and called out. "I'm so sorry to have scared you, my friends, but I'm leaving now so you can all come out!" Giggling at her scheme, she zipped behind a corner and waited to hear the juicy carrot being munched on. Quickly she yanked the string, hearing the box fall with a soft 'fwump.'

"Gotcha!" she called. Trotting out from her hiding place she quickly tried to explain herself. "It's okay! I won't try and hurt you I just want to be your-" she stopped, eyes wide at what she saw. The old gardener had returned and was munching on her carrot! "…friend?" she finished, baffled and bamboozled.

"Mmmm! Sounds good to me!" The old pony croaked out.

Fluttershy stopped, disheartened, but then her eyes started to slowly slant downward. She was beginning to get frustrated. Why was this happening to her? She had tried being kind, singing, trying to play, and all the things that usually worked. She had even gone to more extreme measures than she had ever gone before, but still the animals feared and ran away from her! The pony felt a twinge of anger begin to well up inside her. Not much, but enough to start getting agitated. The pony let out a small growl, stomping off to try something new.

And that's how the night went for the next few hours. Slowly, Fluttershy began to get angrier and angrier, her methods becoming less and less gentle and more and more foolhardy. She began to fling herself at the critters and birds, faceplanting herself into trees and bushes, no longer even noticing how scared they were, cowering in the trees. "COME OUT!" she would shout to no avail as she threw her hooves up in frustration. And all this time, she felt something strange. A pressure, or perhaps a tingle welling up in the bottoms of her hooves. Some sort of strange feeling similar to when your leg falls asleep, but a little less tingly and more prickly, like her hoof was just barely brushing up against a porcupine's quills. Fluttershy was too distressed to even notice though, as the feeling started to migrate up her hooves and into her abdomen.

Slowly, Fluttershy's senses started to leave her. She was feeling lightheaded, like she had gone a whole day without water or food, but her mind was focused on one goal now: to catch one of those critters. "I'll catch you yet, my pretties." She whispered menacingly. "Oh yes… as soon as one of you little birds… or monkeys… or bears touches this net you'll be mine! MINE! HAHAHA! AHAHAHAAA!" Fluttershy let off a frustrated cackle before suddenly losing her balance and falling into the net herself! She felt the wires of the net twist and tighten around her as she was lifted up into the air. Looking around, she saw the critters still in their hiding places, tentatively giggling at her but still careful not to go anywhere near the yellow pegasus. Fluttershy growled as she swung in the net. Unbeknownst to her, her eyes were starting to change from their usual deep blue to a pulsating, even glowing green.

And that's when it finally happened.

Fluttershy's muscles began to tighten, feeling like they were growing even. Twisting around the yellow pony broke the net that she had been trapped it, ripping it open with hoof and tooth, her once beautiful dress slowly ripping across her frame, her once styled mane falling around her shoulders becoming ragged and wild. Fluttershy let out a menacing scream as the net fell to pieces around the shrieking pegasus. The animals were all horrified at the sight. The previously threatening pegasus was starting to change! Her hooves and flank had started to change from a creamy yellow to a vibrant shade of bright green. The animals began to flee in terror from the monster pony, running towards the only shelter they knew of: the ballroom where Princess Celestia was hosting the grand galloping Gala.

Fluttershy bounded after the critters reaching the ballroom to a chorus of gasps and shrieks. "YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE MEEEEE!" she screamed as the transformation finally took. All eyes were glued on the pegasus as her fur coat quickly changed color turning a solid grass green color, her eyes a glowing lime. Ponies gaped as her mane began to lengthen and change to a dark green, so dark it almost looked black, and swung low around her knees like the mane of a wild monster. Her frame began to crack and bend as her limbs and core started bulging with muscle and her bones shifted and strengthened to support a larger, heavier structure. Enough emphasis could not be placed on Fluttershy's new muscles. They were enormous, looking strong enough to carry whole buildings. Even princess Celestia would report never having seen muscles that big on a pony. Fluttershy let out a scream which quickly changed into a menacing roar as her voice deepened and turned harsh and fierce; bestial even. Fluttershy's joints popped and her bones snapped as her height gradually grew from her normal measly three feet to a menacing six and a half feet tall, her once elegant dress finally giving way to her monstrous height and girth. At this point, the towering green pegasus stood taller than Princess Celestia! One oddity of the transformation was how her wings did not grow with her, disabling her ability to fly, but her newfound strength and speed would surely make up for that. Her new powerful legs looked capable of jumping over a mile! And finally, all ponies gasped as the cutie mark on Fluttershy's flank simply vanished into her coat, leaving the beast in her place a blank-flanked monster of a pony. A beast without any purpose it seemed.

"Fluttershy?" A voice called out meekly, fearing for the once small yellow pony as much for herself. The monstrous green pony turned to see her best friend, Rarity, standing there a horrified look on her face, not paying attention at all to the newly shredded dress she worked so hard to make. All her concern, her care was locked on the green pony before her.

And on some subconscious level, Rarity's concern may have made some impact. Fluttershy couldn't be able to say because from then on after the transformation all she could remember of the event was… flashes. Images, comparable to snapshots or photographs in her head of what was going on, like stillframing a film.

A few stood out in her mind: A horrifying thunder as she approached the animals backed against the walls. A blast from a unicorns horn hitting her. Suddenly the whole ballroom is in panic, ponies running away in fear and panic. Princess Celestia herself standing up to stop her. Princess Celestia herself lying unconscious on the ground, her faithful student Twilight desperately trying to wake her up. The Wonderbolts taking a stand, Rainbow Dash trying to get them to back off. All of them, Rainbow Dash included, thrown violently into the walls. Applejack and Pinkie Pie tossed into the piano, the band lying on the floor among other knocked out ponies. And then Rarity, standing in front of her pleadingly.

Rarity, lying on the ground, a gash on her face.

Finally, Prince Blueblood, at last growing some balls and staring into her face with contempt and vengeance. Prince Blueblood tossed aside as the hulking beast leaped out of the ballroom and sailing miles with one leap.

…And that was all that Fluttershy remembered of what was supposed to be her best night ever.

She woke up later in a forest, over a hundred miles from Canterlot, and back to normal. Her yellow fur having returned, her cutie mark on her flank as always, and back to her slim, three foot height. Stumbling to her hooves, she started crying, tripping over her own hooves as she tried to make her way out of the wood. Desperately the poor pony racked at her brain, trying to remember what really happened the past night. Everything was fuzzy or fragmented, and it would take weeks to mentally retrieve as much as she finally would. Stumbling out of the forest, she found herself limping into a dirt road. Her coat disheveled, her mane limp and ragged, and covered in cuts and bruises, she slowly ambled down the dirt road tears welling in her eyes. Hours later when she would find herself in Hooflyn, she would read what happened in a newspaper.

Her eyes widened with horror as she scanned the black and white newsprint, recognizing the pony in the photo. She was more than familiar with the manestyle, the slant of the face, the shredded clothing on the floor. She didn't know how or why… but the green hulking monster was definitely her. Fluttershy. A Monster.

The paper would tell her more about what had happened that fateful night. The story read that a small pegasus had burst into the ballroom at the annual Grand Galloping Gala, and transformed into a 'hideous green beast.' Fluttershy felt a dagger pierce her heart at the words. As she read on she discovered all the horrors she had enacted upon her friends and fellow ponies. She had severely injured the Wonderbolts, one of them, a pony named Soarin', may even have to retire because of her, if his wing didn't heal properly. She had tackled Princess Celestia herself when she had attempted to detain her, besting Equestria's most powerful sorceress and benevolent ruler, and given her a concussion. Her friends, Twilight, Pinkie, and Applejack had all gotten away with only some minor cuts and bruises, but Rainbow Dash had suffered two broken ribs and Rarity, her best friend, had landed herself with a broken shoulder.

A tear dropped onto the newspaper as she read all that she had done. Destroyed the ballroom, injured her friends… Thank Celestia nopony was killed, but there was just so much destruction! How could anypony ever trust her again?

And as she read further, the more terrible the news became. Prince Blublood himself, normally a prissy narcissist, turned out to have a combative side to him somewhere in that aristocratic shell, and had personally stepped forward to lead a specialized army to "Take down this horrific creature and bring the pony responsible to justice!" And the worst news was yet to come. At the very bottom of the article was a picture of Fluttershy. Not as the great, hulking green monster but of her. Just plain old Fluttershy, yellow coat, pink mane and all. The Pegasus pony gasped in horror as she read the next few words. "Reports are inconsistent but many ponies claim that it was Fluttershy, the famous former superstar fashion model, that changed into the monster and destroyed the gala." It wasn't until now, at this realization that her identity was compromised, that she even noticed the title of the front page article: "Flutterhulk Smashes Grand Galloping Gala."

It was then that Fluttershy heard the whispers.

Finally taking a moment to take stock of her surroundings she noticed she was in the middle of the street, completely exposed to everypony's view. And people who had read the morning paper had obviously taken notice. Citizens were backing away from her fearfully, whispering to one another and pointing hooves. Parents were taking their foals out of the streets and ushering them indoors, casting her terrified glances. Some were even rushing towards nearby phone booths, trying to call the police ponies, obviously.

Fluttershy was aghast. Her mouth dropped open in shock and apprehension, worried she might be attacked by somepony, worried she might transform into the beast again and hurt them all.

"Ohhh… I'm so sorry." She said, backing away from most of the ponies in the street. "I- I never wanted to hurt anypony, I just got a little upset and- well I…"

"Dat's da pony who hurt da Princess, yea?" a voice shouted somewhere to her left.

Fluttershy quickly turned to face the voice and continued backing away, a terrified look on her face, almost to tears that ponies had begun to lable her such a monstrosity. "Ohhh… No no! I didn't mean to hurt her! I… I couldn't control what I was doing and-"

"You think you can jus' knock out our princess an' think the rest'a Equestria will let you walk away, do ya's?" Another, burly sounding pony yelled behind her.

Fluttershy was at a loss, terrified and alone with everypony around her starting to rise against her. Her pulse was rising and adrenaline was firing through her system faster than a bolt from a crossbow. Her heart was pounding in her chest like a bass drum in a fast tempo song. Backing into a corner, she started to stutter more fearfully than normal. "Oh- I… I don't want… I didn't want to… I never… I…"

The angry mob was forming together very quickly, ready to do who knows what to the poor pony, and at this point she could hear sirens approaching. The police had arrived. Fluttershy's eyes were clenched tightly; fear, sadness, depression, and shame all running through her. "Oh please… won't everypony just-" And something snapped. A new emotion. One she so rarely felt. Anger.

"Leave. Me. ALONE!" She concluded powerfully. Furiously. She reared up on her hind legs and landed back down with a thunderous 'CRACK,' breaking several paving stones as her eyes again glowed green.

It was sudden this time, as if somepony had simply switched on the kitchen light. The anger flowed through her, and her body changed with it. Her shoulders broadened, her limbs grew with tough, sinewy muscle, her mane lengthened and her cutie mark vanished, her whole body turning various shades of green. She doubled in height, towering over everypony that had gathered around her and harassed her. The pony that stood there was no longer Fluttershy. Instead, the ponies found themselves staring into the furious green eyes of the Incredible Flutterhulk.

The angry mob of ponies suddenly changed into a fearful, cowering lot. Some ran for the hills, some hiding in alleys or behind dumpsters, and some even had the stones to try and buck at the giant green mare. Their hooves simply glanced off of her body as the Flutterhulk gave out a mighty roar, swinging out with her powerful forehooves and knocking all the ponies off their feet, hurtling them into buildings, carts, or hundreds of feet down the street. The police ponies tried to fire their hoofheld crossbows at her, but those too had little impact, simply bouncing off of her thick, green skin and falling fruitlessly to the ground. The Flutterhulk turned to the police ponies, growling in rage. Her wings too small to take flight now, she leaped into the air and came crashing down heavily on one of the many police carts, demolishing it entirely. Roaring in fury, the Flutterhulk grabbed two enormous pieces of metal shrapnel that had once been the police cart and started swinging wildly out with her hooves, sending ponies and carts sailing out of sight and reducing anything in her vengeful path to nothing more than scraps of rubble. At the sight of one of her previous antagonists fleeing from the giant mare, she hurled the pieces of metal at his direction, howling in triumph. Buildings, carts, ponies, shops, stands… none were safe from the Flutterhulk's mighty wrath as she leapt through the city, viciously searching for all of the ponies who had done her wrong.

Then a calm came, a silence from the Flutterhulk among the screams and panic of the townsponies and flaming wreckage of a good chunk of the city. Surveying the wreckage she had caused she felt her vengeance was through. She was getting ready to move on, to leave the ponies of this town to their own misery, when a single bolt hit her in the back of the head, bouncing harmlessly away. The Flutterhulk turned with a growl, a sharp, vicious stare emanating from her glowing, green, furious eyes. There, still standing defiantly was a single police pony, holding out his hoofbow at her, sweating profusely with a trembling lip. The Flutterhulk advanced upon him, the police pony backing away, repeating the same word over and over. "No. No. No. No. No no no no…" he muttered, tripping over a pile of shrapnel.

The Flutterhulk reared up on her hind legs, a furious glare on her green, monstrous face. Opening her mouth, the beast roared out a fearsome battlecry!



"-OOOOOOOOOO!" Fluttershy wailed, shooting up in bed.

Fluttershy panted, wheezing, quickly checking her heart rate monitor. 173. A close call. Slowly Fluttershy came back to reality, breathing deeply and trying to relax as best she could to get her heart rate back down. Tears falling on her dingy bedsheets as she slowly got up for work that day.

The pony sniffed as she slowly plodded along the floor. A nightmare. She had one every night, always a flashback to one of her previous outbursts. That first one… the Gala… the night she lost everything… that was the most common.

The pegasus had been forced out of her country, out of Equestria to get away from the police, the military, Prince Blueblood and his newly formed elite army of "Flutterhulkbusters," and the shame of itt all. She had lost everything. Her friends her home, and all her animals. The thing inside her would never allow her to go back. Indeed, she truly had lost everything…

A knock at the door.

…Except hope.

"Un momento, por favor!" Fluttershy called out in the native Buenos Maires tongue, quickly throwing a cloth over her cutie mark and a hat on her head to hide her identity. She trotted up to the door and answered it. "¿Puedo ayudarle?" she asked, 'Can I help you.' In Sponish. She found that being on the run all the time, she tended to pick up a lot of different languages.

"Paquete, señora." The deliverycolt at the door said, holding out a small brown package to Fluttershy, a smile on his face as he went about his daily rounds. Fluttershy looked at the package, the return address reading "Ms. Blue."

Fluttershy smiled bashfully at the deliverycolt, taking the package in her hooves. "Gracias, señor." She said, hoofing him a few Buenos Maires bits.

Fluttershy quickly trotted to a small table in the middle of her dirty, overheated apartment and opened the package, pulling at the twine with her teeth and unwrapping the brown paper carefully. There, sitting on her desk was a potted plant, one that, upon reflection looked slightly familiar. It was a small green clover that gave off a faint glow. A familiar glow. One that emanated menacingly from her eyes every time she changed.

This small flower. It was the offending agent.

Fluttershy's eyes turned downward in frustration that such a small thing could cause such a big problem for her and all her friends, but quickly calmed herself before she overreacted. Picking up a card that had come with the package, she read the words aloud.

"Ms. Green.

This is the flower of which I spoke. A very rare plant known as 'Gamma Joak.'"

"Gamma Joak…" Fluttershy repeated to herself softly, having become intimately aware of this plant's cousin, Poison Joak. Now that she looked at it, the two plants appeared incredibly similar. The only difference she saw was that Poison Joak was blue and this plant was a bioluminescent green. She read on.

"If together we use our brains and intuition, we might use it to find a cure for your condition. Please respond soon, sincerely Ms. Blue."

Fluttershy put the letter down, eyeing the plant. Maybe I haven't lost quite everything… she thought to herself. After all, this mysterious Ms. Blue was looking out for her, and she always had hope…

Still, she was alone. She had never particularly enjoyed being around most ponies… but she had never been so utterly alone before. The thought, the lonely turn her life had taken; it all brought a tear to the yellow pegasus pony's eye.

She sat and cried for a short time before finally mustering up the strength to put on her uniform for work that day: a blue engineer's outfit that thankfully covered her flank, along with a hardhat to hide her mane. Even if they hadn't concealed her identity so well, she was still not very well known as a model in these parts. Still, better safe than sorry.

She trotted out the door, switching off the light as she left. Sniffing softly before putting on a tough face for work that day.

…And it was supposed to be her best night ever…