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A Fragmented Heart

Story Number One: Surviving Flame…

"…W-We should take him back to the Order now," Komui managed to say after hours of crying over the body of their fallen comrade, "H-Hevlaska will want to retrieve the innocence from his body."

All of the exorcists just nodded.

"What about L-Leverrier's body, Komui?" Reever asked.

"Just leave it here for the wolves," Lenalee growled, eyes still locked onto the body of the man she loved.

"Lenalee…" Komui whimpered.

"He's the reason that Allen's dead," she whispered, anger evident, "If he had never restricted Allen's use of the ark, Allen would have never been put in this situation. If he had never sent him on all of those missions to set up gates, then maybe he would have had more time. It's all his fault."

"But Lena-" Komui tried to reason.

"I don't care what you say!" Lenalee cried, "That man put everyone one at the Order through hell! He deserved to die-"

A resounding smack filled the air. Nobody moved, some even stopped breathing for a second. That didn't just happen, right?

"K-Komui," Lavi stuttered, stunned.

"N-Nii-san," Lenalee whimpered, too shock for words as she held her cheek.

"That's enough!" Komui shouted at his little sister with tears in his eyes, "I don't care if he did do all of all of that crap! It doesn't matter anymore! He's dead, that's it! Yes, he was horrible but he was still a human being. Yes, he made mistakes that he could never fix. So what! He's still a human and deserves to be treated as such!"

"B-But N-Nii-san…" Lenalee whispered.

"Think of what Allen would want!" Komui roared in potent mix of anger, pain, and sorrow.

Lenalee's eyes widened as even more tears flowed out of her eyes at the mention of his name.

"Do you really think that Allen would allow us to just leave Leverrier's body here!" Komui snapped, "He wouldn't ever think of doing such a thing! He hated Leverrier just as much as we do but he would never just leave his body as if it were a piece of trash!"

"…right," Lenalee slowly nodded.

"…Let's go," Komui ordered, pointing to the scientist and Link, "We'll go retrieve Leverrier's body. Lavi, Kanda, you two take Allen's body back to the Order. Each group will try to go through the gate. If possible, use it. If not, return through normal ways of the Order."

"Yes sir," every said solemnly.

As the scientists and Link walked away, the exorcists all looked down upon their fallen comrade. This all seemed so surreal. They were all expecting their friend to jump up and yell gotcha. But he wouldn't. They all knew that. He had laid there on the ground through all the hours of their crying. Jeniya looked up to the sky, letting her tears mix with the still falling rain. It hadn't stopped raining since her papa had fallen to the ground for the final time.

"How can he…" Jeniya whispered.

"What?" Ryan questioned his sister.

"How can Papa be so happy to be dead?" Jeniya asked the sky, "The rain started the second he died. How can he be so happy to be dead?"

"…" Ryan just looked at his adopted father and then to the sky, "He's not."

"Huh?" Jeniya blinked, looking at her older brother.

"He's not happy that he's dead. He wanted to watch us grow up and stand beside us. He's sad that he can't do that," Ryan stated, "But he's happy that we're all alive. That's the one thing that he wanted to ensure. That we'd all live. That's what he's happy for."

Kanda slowly knelt next to his stupid Moyashi brother, "Two years…"

"Huh?" everyone questioned.

"He's been at the Order only for two years," Kanda said before picking him up, "How could such a small, stupid Moyashi like him change everything so much?"

Lavi walked up next to his best friend and placed his hand on his shoulder, "I don't know, Yuu. I guess it was because he was a small, stupid Moyashi that we all attached ourselves to him. He was innocent. He honestly thought that if he fought hard enough, he could save everyone. We all know that he couldn't but we prayed that he would. We wanted someone that could cause we all couldn't. After a while, we had all lost ourselves to how everything worked in our false world. Allen never did. He did everything his way. He tried to protect everything but never himself. In his mind, to protect himself was stupid. To us, losing him was stupid. It will always be stupid to have lost him."

The group just stood there for a few moments in silence, taking in what Lavi had just said. It really wasn't fair. Allen shouldn't have had to die. He was the innocent one. He shouldn't have had to hold all of them up. It should have been the other way around. But none of them saw that until it was too late. He was already gone…

"…We should get him back home," Lavi said, earning a nod from everyone as he placed his hammer down on the ground, "Grab on everyone."

Everyone did as they were told, "Extend…"

The halls of the Order were silent as Lavi and his group reentered from the Ark, carrying the body of Allen Walker. No one could believe it. No one could believe that the Great Allen Walker could die. That he had died. Many tried to convince themselves it wasn't true. He wasn't really dead, right? It was just him and Lavi trying to trick everyone, right? But they knew that that wasn't true. No…Allen Walker was dead.

The group descended down to Hevlaska's chambers with tears in most of their eyes. Kanda had finally pulled himself together and dried his tears. There was nothing else to cry about in his mind. His little brother was dead. No amount of tears would bring him back. The only thing that they would bring him was a major headache.

When they reached Hevlaska's chamber, the group gently placed Allen's body in front of the guardian before leaving. They didn't want to watch Hevlaska extract the innocence from his body. The reason being was they knew that the second his innocence left his body, they knew that he'd truly be gone. There was nothing they could do. The only thing that they could do was to gather his best clothes to dress him in before taking him to the cemetery in his family's home town and secretly burying him there. They would do it in secret from his family and the rest of the Order. After all, all Order members were to be cremated after death…but they couldn't do that to Allen. After all he had gone through, no one wanted to have to watch him burn. He deserved better than that.

The group split off after that. Lavi and Kanda went to fetch his best clothes while Jeniya and Ryan took Lenalee to try and comfort her in peace. The two friends knew that that would be better. They didn't have the hearts to watch her go through her love's belongings. It wasn't right to make her. They would do it for her. No one else would. At least, that's what the two thought. When they reached Allen's room, they found Howard Link standing by the window and staring at the single candle that still had its flame. At first, neither exorcist thought anything of this. They just entered the room and went straight for Allen's clothes drawers and closest. Then Link said something strange that caught both men's attention.

"His final flame…It hasn't been blown out," Link whispered, barely loud enough to be heard.

"Huh?" Lavi questioned.

"Those candles are the candles from his birthday cake. He lit them all after the party and decided to let them burn out by themselves," Link said.

"So?" Kanda scoffed.

"Every time one blew out, he had an attack," Link explained, earning shocked stares, "Each time one blew out, he came closer to death."

"…but then, you're saying that he-" Lavi whispered.

"Walker's alive…" Link nodded.

"That's ridiculous!" Kanda snapped at the Crow, "You saw the Moyashi! Tell me based on what you saw that he didn't die!"

With that, Link was silent. All three were silent. The pain was just too great to fight off. They just stood there in silence, trying to keep from letting the pain take them over. At least until a certain Chinese man came sliding into the room.

"Y-You've got to come to H-Hevlaska's chamber!" Komui shouted, a bright smile and tears filling his face.

The men did just that. Each one ran faster than they ever had before, all for that small glimmer of hope. They all knew that it was ridiculous. That it would be nothing but a miracle. Then again, though, what was that white-haired teen famous for?

They busted down the door to Hevlaska's chamber. In front of them were all of the exorcists, including the remaining Generals and Bookman. Kanda and Lavi never thought they had ever been so happy to see their teachers. Lenalee flung herself around her brother with joyful tears sliding down her cheeks. Then they all turned to see the body of their beloved comrade being held up by Hevlaska.

"He's not dead," Hevlaska said warmly, "His Innocence is keeping his heart beating as we speak. He's still breathing on his own, though it is very weak. His body had taken quite a major beating but…he'll live."

On that day, everyone in the Order would remember hearing the cheers and cried coming from the base of their home just before hearing the news over their golems. They would all remember grabbing hold of whoever was closest to them in bone crushing hugs. They would remember the tears of joy. The news was spend throughout the Order and to all the branches. They would all remember. Allen Walker was alive.

It was not an easy road for the white-haired exorcist after that. Even though he was alive, he was in a coma. Not that the rest of the Order cared. He was alive. The Head Nurse took care of him personally until all of his injuries were healed. After that, they moved him back to his room mainly for the fact they hospital wing needed the space. His stomach never growled for food during his deep sleep. While this worried many, Hevlaska soothed the worry saying that it was just the his synchro rate had dropped to less than ten percent for while he slept on.

After being assured that his none existent hunger would go away when he awoke, everyone in his family at the Order still helped to feed him. They took care of him while he slept. They cared for him through his seventeenth birthday. They cared for him through the spring and summer. They cared for him until he awoke on his eighteenth birthday. He was weak and couldn't walk on his own, but he was awake.

Jeniya and Ryan were overjoyed when they watched Lenalee help their papa into the cafeteria for his birthday. Everyone was ecstatic when Allen immediately started to gorge himself on Jerry's food. They laughed more that night than they had ever since he had been asleep. Everyone, excluding Komui, cheered when Allen kissed Lenalee underneath the mistletoe. Even more so when they broke apart and Allen asked for her to be his until he really did pass on. Of course, Lenalee said yes and Komui started cursing about how he was going to kill the beaming white-haired man.

They planned to marry on Valentine's Day, mainly cause Allen wanted to mess with Komui's head. However, after his birthday party, Allen went to bed and didn't wake up for another week. As soon as he did, he was dragged back down to Hevlaska's chamber to see what was wrong with him. Hevlaska soothed everyone's fear that it was just because his body had teamed up with his innocence in trying to regain at least a quarter of his life force. She told them that he would go through stages that he would sleep for possibly weeks on end and that they didn't have to worry. So when Allen fell back to sleep and didn't wake up until the week before his and Lenalee's wedding, everyone understood.

It wasn't long after their wedding that the Order found out that Lenalee was pregnant. That was a week everyone would remember. Allen's family had just joined the Order and after being told of what happened to their son and seeing his sleeping comatose body, they agreed to take the poor man to their home while Komui and Bak calmed down. Everyone else in the Order had to live with two rampaging scientists…Let's just say that it wasn't pretty. Whenever anyone would ask Lenalee what happened to Allen when he finally came back, she would just smile and say that the candle next to their bed flickered quite a bit that day…

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