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A Fragmented Heart

Story #7– A father's job…

(Takes place directly before story #4- Nee-san?!)

Jeniya loved her dear Papa with all of her heart. Don't get her wrong, she loved her older brother, Ryan, and baby brother, Junior, but her Papa was the one that held the greatest spot in her heart. He meant the world to her and she had never questioned anything he asked her to do. Whenever he was sick, she would refuse missions so that she could stay by his side until he was better. When he fell into one of his coma-like states, she would stay up late for days watching over him to the point that she would literally fall asleep standing up. If he asked her to do anything, it was done and completed within the hour. Her father was all that mattered to her.

She loved when she got to go on missions with him because it was when they really got to act like father and daughter. It was even better when anyone of the Walker family came with them for that was when it truly felt like they were one big happy family. Sure they had their moments in the Order's European main branch but there they had the constant reminder of what was required of them all. It was when they were free of the walls that she truly felt at peace with her family.

Whenever questioned why she loved him so much, she would always look at the person as if they were crazy. Everyone in the entire Order knew of how her Papa saved Ryan and herself and gave them a new life. They all knew of how he adopted them and gave them the love that they needed to grow up with. He always put them first and himself always last. He held her whenever she was frightened. He helped Ryan when he needed a father's support. He was the father that they had lost and at the same time so much more.

After the question of why, the next was always if she missed her real father. At this, Jeniya would snort before stating that her Papa was her real father. It was true that she had lost her biological father and missed him, the same with her mother, but it was never something that she had really thought about since her Papa brought them to the Order. They had given her and her brother life, love, and what they could and she would forever love them for that. But it was her Papa that stood next to her now to protect her. He was her Papa now and that was all that mattered.

Then, just like night follows, one last question would always leave the lips of the idiots that had taken her time to ask such stupid questions:

"He's only like nine years older than you, right? How can he be your father? It just doesn't make sense to me…"

By that point, Jeniya had activated her innocence and thrown the person across the room or down the hallway before stomping off. It never failed to happen and nobody ever faulted her for lashing out the way she did. Newcomers just didn't understand how things were. It wasn't a thing of age that made parents. It was the love that they felt and showed to their children. Her family all understood that but the same couldn't be said the same for the victims for Jeniya's rage.

After an outburst, she would always stomp off to her bedroom. Flinging her door open, she would kick it shut before jumping onto her bed face first. The second her face collided with her pillows, the tears that she always held back would finally be released. Minutes or hours could be spent with her just crying out her frustration. People who walked by her door occasionally had to flee from the accidental activation of her innocence depending on the intensity of her emotional outburst.

Then, without fail, when she had nearly calmed herself down, a gentle knock on her door would be heard. Never waiting for her to answer, the door would open to reveal her Papa standing there with a gentle smile gracing his face. All tears would stop as he came in and sat beside her on the bed. No words are ever said in this moment. She would just crawl up to his side to sit and stare that the floor. Then, without warning, he would pull her into a tight hug and whisper that it was okay and that so long as they knew that they were family everything would be fine. After a moment of hesitation, she would return the embrace wholeheartedly as a few leftover tears slid from her eyes.

This was the pattern for seven years, never faltering from the course with the few exceptions that lacked the tears. Whenever a newcomer would try to question her about her Papa, she would ultimately end up in her Papa's arms, surrounded by the love that she had grown up knowing. And despite how it happened, she would always end up loving every moment of it.

"Sooo Jeniya," a new male finder around the age seventeen with black hair and brown eyes sounded as he trotted up to her in the lounge area, "What's the deal with your "Papa", huh?"

'Here we go again,' Jeniya thought with a groan from her comfortable position on the couch before setting her book down.

"What do you mean…um, who're you?" Jeniya asked, noticing the guy plopping down next to her.

"Flynn Conwell," he introduced himself, puffing out his chest, "I just joined with my folks so we could keep an eye on my little bro."

"Oh, you're the older brother of the new equip type exorcist," Jeniya stated, trying to scoot a little further away, "He's lucky that he got General Cloud as a master. Sokalo and Tiedoll are pretty weird."

"No weirder than your old man!" Flynn laughed happily.

"Excuse me?" Jeniya asked, eyes narrowed and voice sharp.

"I-I didn't mean it that way!" Flynn exclaimed, hands waving in front of his face, "I-I just meant that I thought that it was weird that he refused to take on apprentices when he had that little tyke following him around everwhere!"

"…You're a moron," Jeniya sighed, shaking her head, "The kid you saw with him was my little brother, Junior. He's his kid, baka."

"Really?" Flynn blinked, "That's weird…I heard that that guy was only twenty-three years old. There's no way he could have had a kid that age unless he knocked up some broad when he was seventeen!"

"…You're either not very bright or just don't listen very well," Jeniya growled, "Papa and Lenalee got married when he was seventeen. Lenalee got pregnant immediately after and tadaa! Junior was born."

"Why would he get married so young! That's just dumb!" Flynn laughed, trying to scoot closer to Jeniya.

"You don't really understand what kind of situation you're in, do you baka?" Jeniya asked, sounding exasperated.

"What do you mean?" Flynn asked.

"We're in a war where we literally go and face over hundreds of enemies by ourselves," Jeniya sighed, "We will all die young so why wait around and waste the little time we have on this world?"

"Th-that's a…That's a very grisly way of looking at it," Flynn gulped.

"It's the truth," Jeniya said, glaring at the older teen, "Papa has nearly died so many times…There have been times that he came back in such bad conditions that we all actually started to think that it would have been better if he had died. There was once when we had to think about killing him ourselves to save him from the pain and torment that he was going through…"

She had turned her head to the floor as she remembered her father's screams of agony and holding Junior close as he tried to run to his side. How Ryan and Lavi had to literally hold Lenalee back while the many nurses and doctors tried to knock the man out to free him from the pain that gripped at his soul. It had been one of the worst days of her life. The mission itself had been the worst that her father had ever been on and he was only one of three that returned out of one hundred.

"J-Jeniya?" Flynn whispered, startled to see tears sliding from her eyes.

Her eyes snapped open as she turned and locked her fury filled eyes upon the finder, "So excuse Papa if he wanted to marry the woman he loved and start a family with her! Excuse him if he wanted one mundane thing in his life because god forbid the idiots here think that because he has a little bit of darkness in his soul that he should be executed immediately!"

"C-Calm down!" Flynn cried, remembering the warnings from other finders about Jeniya's close bond to her innocence.

"No! I will not calm down!" Jeniya snapped, jumping to her feet, "I'm tired of hearing you idiots trying to make yourselves out as better than the man that risks everything he had for this thrice damned place! He's suffered more than anyone here but all he gets in return is anger and hatred!"

"Jeniya!" Lenalee's gasp from behind startled the young woman out of her tirade.

"L-Lenalee!" Jeniya gasped, turning to see the mother walking with a trembling Miranda and confused looking Junior and Amorette.

"Geez," Lenalee fake sighed before smiling at the teenager, "Stop scaring the poor guy. He just started a week ago."

"S-Sorry," Jeniya whimpered, face flushed.

"It's fine," Lenalee giggled walking up to the blonde, "Can I ask you a favor dear?"

"Sure~!" Jeniya beamed.

"Can you watch Junior for a bit?" Lenalee asked, as Junior walked over and stared at the still freaked out finder, "Miranda and I are about to go on a mission and Allen isn't back from his yet."

"What about Ryan or the others?" Jeniya asked.

"Well, Ryan is busy training with Lavi, Kanda is…well, he's Kanda. Krory's with Allen. Chaoji stills doesn't like Allen so I don't feel right asking him to watch Junior," Lenalee listed off, "And the science branch is busy trying to fend of Nii-san's latest creation~!"

"...Reever and the other's never get a break, do they?" Jeniya whispered.

"No…" Lenalee and Miranda said sadly.

"Well, none of that matters," Jeniya giggled, "I'll be happy to watch Junior for a bit~!"

"Great! It's just until he finishes reading his assignment," Lenalee clapped, handing the child's book over, "You know how he is when it comes to learning."

"Oh yes, I know," Jeniya laughed.

"When he finishes, then he can go play," Lenalee smiled before she pulled the young boy in for a strong hug, "Be good for your Nee-san, okay?"

"I will, Mommy!" Junior smiled, showing off his missing two front teeth.

"Don't worry, Lenalee," Jeniya beamed, taking him from his mother, "He's always a blast to watch. I mean, he's my little brother! Why wouldn't I love watching him?"

"You're right," Lenalee giggled before she and Miranda headed off, "I should be back in a week and Papa should be back tonight. I love you so much, Junior!"

"Bye Mommy! Bye Miranda!" Junior waved, "Be safe!"

"Now," Jeniya sighed once they were out of sight, "What were you originally going to ask me, Mister Flynn?"

"I-I was just…I-I wasn't going to ask about him, honest," Flynn stuttered, remembering what the other finders warned him not to ask the equip type exorcist.

"Oh really," Jeniya scoffed, ignoring how Junior was just staring at the two, "You're not going to question me on how I could love my Papa despite him only being nine years older than me?"

"N-No ma'am!" Flynn exclaimed, shaking his head quickly.

"Or how about how I feel about my "real" father and mother?" Jeniya spat out.

"N-No!" Flynn cried.

"Then what were you going to ask me!" Jeniya snapped.

"I-I thought that you looked hot and I wanted to know if you wanted to go out with me!" Flynn exclaimed.

"…Huh?" Jeniya gaped.

Flynn looked to the floor where Junior had finally gotten bored and taking the book from Jeniya to start reading, laying down in front of the two with Amorette, with a bright red flush covering his face, "I-I th-thought you looked p-pretty h-hot s-so I thought th-that I w-would ask you out…I-I only asked what was up with your dad to get a c-conversation going."

"Oh," Jeniya blinked, standing up straight with her hands on her hips, "Why didn't you just ask that in the first place?"

"Cause don't girls like it when guys try to be cool and act like they want to get to know them?" Flynn asked, rubbing the back of his head.

Jeniya shrugged, "How should I know?"

"What do you mean, "How should I know?"? All the girls back home loved that!" Flynn cried out.

"Well, I'm one of the girls from your home, am I?" Jeniya blaunched, hands now even more firmly on her hips, "Gosh, you guys are dumb…"

"Hey!" Flynn snapped.

"Look," Jeniya stated, holding up a finger, "One, even if my Papa was cool with guys hitting on me, my older brother Ryan isn't. Two, I just met you so I wouldn't go out with you right now anyway. And third, you're what, seventeen?"

"Yeah, so?" Flynn asked, shaking his head.

"I'm fourteen you jerk!" Jeniya snapped, stomping her foot, "If the age difference wasn't enough to tell you that you don't stand a chance on getting a date out of me, then I don't know what is!"

"What are you-" Flynn started to ask.

"Hey, Junior! Jeniya!" Lavi's voice sounded behind Jeniya.

"There you are Jeniya!" Ryan's joined in.

"Ryan~!" Jeniya beamed, turning to see her brother all sweating and bruised, "…you guys went a little over bored again."

"Not my fault this time!" Lavi instantly defended, "He was the klutz that kept running into the walls!"

"Dammit Lavi! You made a man to man promise that you would never tell anyone about that!" Ryan flushed.

While the two argued, Jeniya just laughed before turning back to Flynn, "Sorry but I don't think it would have worked out anyway."

"W-Wait!" Flynn tried to shout, reaching out to grab her hand as she tried to walk over to where her brother and adopted uncle stood only to trip over Junior and landing on top of the poor girl who had just turned to see what he wanted for the last time.

Everything froze at that moment. The two arguing exorcists, the whimpering little boy, the stunned teenage girl, and the scared shitless and probably the luckiest finder. Why was he the luckiest? Well, when Jeniya turned and as the finder took her down with him during his fall, the teenager's face had landed in a very…in a very no touchy area of her upper torso. Then, when he scurried to get up, and before all the attention was on him, the finder tried to get up by accidentally placing both hands on the no touchy area. When he noticed that he had, he froze in fear and slight enjoyment.

The next thing the poor finder knew was that he was suddenly pinned to the wall with Ryan's innocence arrows while Lavi's hammer was pushed up against his throat. Jeniya now was sitting on the ground with her hand over her chest with a look of pure horror on her face. The finder looked over at the two men and found that he almost preferred her look. Lavi looked so pissed that he was going to burn him to ash with his hammer…Ryan looked so deadly like he was going to forgo his innocence and rip out his beating heart with his bare hands. And little Junior just watched it all before shrugging and going to finish his reading.

It was at this moment that Flynn Conwell thought that maybe hitting on the daughter of youngest general in the whole Black Order wasn't his greatest idea…

Jeniya sighed as she walked into her room. Somehow, she managed to keep Lavi and Ryan from killing poor Flynn. How she did it was a mystery even to her. All she knew was that she was not looking forward to what they were going to do when she really did start dating.

Looking around her room, she let out a relieved sigh. Everything in the room had a special meaning to her. It was the standard size room that all exorcists got with the dull grey walls and one lone window. Most people in the Order grew to hate their rooms within the first month but not Jeniya. Why? Well, because her Papa made it into the perfect room for her.

Jeniya was the typical girl. She loved all things cute, dolls, and lots of pink. Now, being in the Order's dull grey room would have normally been something that she just wouldn't have been able to do. Thankfully, her Papa realized this and started keeping his keen eyes out for stuff that would make it more enjoyable having the Order for a home. Picking out a few things at a time since the day they joined the Black Order, he soon managed to make it a dream room for his only daughter.

In the corner of her room was a beautiful hand carved, white armoire nearly took up half of the wall it was up against. Walking up to the impressive piece of furniture, the young woman gently ran a hand against some of the more intricate carvings. It had been her thirteenth birthday present. Her Papa spotted it in an American town while on one of his longer missions. According to Lavi, he spent three days cheatin…er…gambling to earn enough money to buy it for her. Then, when their mission was over, he opened a gate right in front of the store and made Lavi and Kanda help him carry it over to the Order. That's when they would out that it wouldn't fit through the her door but no matter. Another gate was used and viola~! She had the most beautiful wardrobe ever in her room~!

Jeniya laughed to herself as she remembered her father's proud face when he lifted in with the wardrobe while Lavi and Kanda stood outside her door looking totally disheveled. It was one of the few times that she thought that Lavi looked like he wanted to kill Papa.

Next her eyes settled on the mountain of stuffed animals and dolls that her Papa had gotten her over the years. Smiling to herself, she picked up an old and patched up stuffed dog. It had been the very first present she had received from her Papa. It was during the trip when her Papa had been ordered to set up Ark gates all around the world. They had traveled through so many countries, so many towns and villages, and had seen so many breath taking wonders. Through the eyes of a seven year old, everything held beauty beyond compare on that trip.

This journey throught the world had been a bittersweet thing. On the one hand, her Papa was being forced to set up gates as his health deteriorated little by little. On the other hand, it was thanks to this trip that Ryan and Jeniya formed the bond that they shared with their Papa…

It was in Southern Hungary that the soon to be family stumbled upon a travelling carnival. Not wanting to seem like a burden, she tried her best to make it seem like she didn't want to go but somehow her Papa saw through it. Carrying her on his shoulders for an entire evening, he spent all the money he had on the two to allow them to enjoy a single night as normal kids. And she would be lying if she didn't love every minute of it.

Just when they were about to leave, cotton candy in hand and smiles upon their faces, that's when she spotted it. It was a single brown stuffed dog that seemed to be looking right at her. Against her will, a high whine left her throat as they started to walk past the booth. Immediately, her Papa stopped and tried to ask what was wrong. When she refused to tell him, he looked around until he spotted the same stuffed dog that she did. Smiling gently, he set her down before walking up to the booth.

The booth was one of those old fashion throwing games where you had to toss a ring and get it to land around a certain target. It was one where it was obviously rigged that only a handful of people could ever win at it. Smirking at the man running the booth, her Papa decided to scam…er, bet the man into agreeing that if he managed to land all three rings around the very center bottle that he would give them their money, seeing as they didn't have a lot anyways, and then give them the small stuffed toy that Jeniya wanted. Of course, the man thought that it would be impossible for such a tiny little guy to be able to do such a thing so he agreed to it.

At the end of it all, Jeniya walked away with her smirking Papa and brother clinging happily to her new puppy while Lavi tried to calm the crying man…

Looking around the room, she noted all the stuffed animals and dolls that her Papa bought for her after every mission he went on. He always bought stuff for Ryan too and now Junior as well but hers were always a surprise. Ryan would tell their Papa what he wanted and Lenalee would instruct him what he was allowed to get Junior. But Jeniya allowed her Papa the freedom to surprise her. Why? Well, that way it would always be a surprise.

Finally, Jeniya's emerald eyes fell upon her bed and a beautiful smile graced her face. On her bed was the most frilly pink bed sheets, blankets, and quilt that all had numerous hearts of varying shades of pink, purple, and red on them. When her Papa presented to them to her for her twelfth birthday , she thought that he paid Johnny to make them for her. But when she asked Lenalee, she was shocked to find her Papa actually made them. She told her that he wanted to be able to make something perfect for her but didn't know what. So he settled for making her something to complete her room.

Lying down on her bed, she let out a relaxed sigh. No matter what anyone said, her Papa was the one person who knew her best.

It was hours later, when she was laying sideways on her bed, happily reading the latest book that her Uncle Lavi lent her, when there was a gentle knock on her door. Blinking, she was surprised to see her Papa slowly walk into her room. At first, she was confused why he was there but then she remembered earlier that day and figured Junior must have told him that a guy asked about the no no topic. Smiling a little, she rolled on her back and dangled her head off the side. Her Papa was just a great guy.

"Jeniya," Allen sighed as he closed the door behind him.

"Yes Papa?" she nearly giggled, watching her father from upside down.

Allen turned and froze for moment as he seemed to switch between confusion and slight anger, "W-What…What are you wearing?"

"Huh?" Jeniya blinked, lifting her leg and looking at it before smiling at her Papa, "Oh these? Johnny called them blue jeans and said that they looked really good on me."

"And the top?" Allen asked.

"Johnny asked me to try on some tops that he made and he let me keep the ones that I liked the most," Jeniya shrugged.

"…Remind me to have a talk with Johnny later," Allen groaned, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Papa?" Jeniya asked, rolling back onto her stomach, "Is there something wrong?"

Allen sighed before running a hand through his snow white hair, "W-We…We gotta talk, Jeniya."

"Okay~!" Jeniya beamed as she sat up with her legs crossed, "Talk about what?"

"…About you and boys," Allen sighed.

Jeniya paled, "H-Huh?"

Allen just sighed again before sitting next to his only daughter, "I heard about what happened today from Ryan…"

"R-Really?" Jeniya whimpered.

"Well, more like the entire Order heard it from Ryan," Allen said, scratching his nose.

"…Can I kill him, Papa?" Jeniya groaned, placing her flushed face in her hands.

"Don't worry," Allen smiled weakly, "Krory agreed to keep him from going after that Flynn kid."

"What do you mean?" Jeniya asked.

"Well, Komui is sending him out with your brother on a mission tomorrow," Allen said, trying to keep his dark smirk from showing.

"What!" Jeniya gasped.

"No worries! Krory and I didn't run into any trouble and the mission they're going on isn't going to last more than a day so he agreed to go with them to keep Ryan from killing the poor guy," Allen explained, ruffling her hair a little bit.

"Oh thank goodness…" Jeniya sighed heavily.

"…We still need to talk about you and boys," Allen stated, silver eyes staring at her.

"O-Okay…?" Jeniya gulped.

Allen sighed before shooting her a weak smile, "Look, I'm your father, right? I'm not supposed to want you to start dating. You're my little princess and it's my job to protect you from all the evils in this world."

"Papa…" Jeniya whispered.

"And I know that I can't do that all the time," Allen continued, "I also know that I'm eventually going to have to let some guy take over my job as your protector…and that's what scares me…"

"What?" Jeniya questioned.

"What if the guy doesn't do his job? What if I trust him with taking care of you and he does nothing but hurt you? Then what? How can I protect you from him then if doing so means I have to hurt you to help you?...I just don't know," Allen sighed, leaning back on his hands, "It also doesn't help that I know exactly what most of those hormone driven idiots are going to want and try to get out of you by using all kinds of sweet words and fake promises…"

"Papa…" Jeniya smiled gently.

"I know that I can't stop you from going out and finding the guy of your dreams, Jeniya," Allen said, putting his arm around her shoulders and pulling her close to his person, "But I would like you to promise me two things."

"What two things would that be Papa?" she asked, smiling up at her father.

"One, you promise that you'll always be my little girl," Allen smiled back.

"Of course, Papa," Jeniya giggled, "And what's two?"

"That you promise not to date till you're thirty," Allen smirked, tickling his daughter a little.

"Papa!" Jeniya half laughed, half whined, "You're not even thirty yet!"

"So?" Allen laughed, reaching into his gold and black general jacket, "I got you something."

"Really?" Jeniya laughed, holding out her hands, "What is it this time?"

"Miss Skittles~!" Allen announced, pulling out a black and brown lopped ear stuffed bunny that had a red box with a pink bow tied on around its neck.

"Huh?" Jeniya blinked, slowly taking the rabbit and untying the box from its neck.

"Go on. Open it," Allen said, a soft smile gracing his lips.

Slowly, Jeniya opened the mysterious box to reveal the most beautiful emerald necklace she had ever seen. It had a single emerald in the center from which a spiral of sterling silver started around for nearly one full complete circle and at the end of the silver was a star of diamonds. Opening and closing her mouth several times, the young exorcist just looked at her Papa with tears starting to form in her eyes.

"When we were walking through Paris to get back to the gate today, we passed this old lady's shop who had all this different kind of jewelry displayed out in front of it," Allen explained, "At first, I was just going to keep walking seeing as I already had gotten you Miss Skittles here. But then I spotted this one and thought how well it would match your eyes. So I stopped Krory and asked the old lady how much it was. When she told me the price, I had to grimace actually…

"Staring at my nearly empty wallet, I started calculating how much I would many card games I would have to hold and how late that would make Krory and I for getting back to the Order," Allen sheepishly admitted, "While I was just standing there, the old lady asked Krory if I was looking to buy the necklace for my wife. Krory just shook his head no, saying that I had already bought her a present earlier that day, which is completely true. That seemed to shock the old lady and so she asked who it would have been for. When Krory said it was for my fourteen year old daughter, she seemed even more stunned.

"Of course she asked how old I was and Krory of course told her I was only twenty-three," Allen chuckled, "Before she could ask though, Krory explained how I adopted you and Ryan when I was sixteen seeing as you were left as orphans and I had grown up all my life without a true family. At the end of it all, the old lady was in tears. Now, I had still be calculating in my head when she wrapped up the necklace and just handed it to me. Now it was my turned to be stunned and confused.

"When I asked why, she said that she could never charge someone with such a loving heart so much for a present for his only daughter," Allen said, shaking his head, "Of course, I didn't agree with that so I spent the rest of the time on the mission arguing with her whether or not she should take the money…"

"…W-Why?" she managed to get out.

"Huh? Oh, well remember when you had to go nearly two whole months without your innocence because Komui was having a hard time fixing it last year?" Allen asked, "You said that you had never felt more naked in your whole life. That's when I remembered that your innocence was the only necklace, actually the only piece of jewelry that you had."

"Besides," Allen said, taking the necklace from the box and putting it around his daughter's neck, "I thought that you would like it."

Suddenly, Allen found his back colliding with Jeniya's overly plush bed with his daughter crying on his chest and her arms wrapped around his neck, "J-Jeniya?"

"I-I love it, Papa!" Jeniya cried, tears streaming out of her eyes.

"Th-Then why are you crying?" Allen asked, pulling her back enough to look at her in the face.

"B-Because somehow, n-no matter how well I try to hide what I-I truly want so n-not to burden you, you always know what it is!" Jeniya cried, a wide smile on her lips.

Allen just chuckled before pulling her into a tight hug, "That's a father job to do, silly."

"You're the best papa a girl could ever have," Jeniya murmured, smile firmly in place, "And you'll always be my protector…"

The next day, as rest of the Walker family was about to see Ryan off on his mission, a very girly scream was heard from where the finders were all gathered. The exorcists ran over just in time to see Flynn cowering in fear from Allen's black persona as the other finders slowly started to back away.

"If you ever come near my daughter again, I swear that Sir Komurin the Millionth will seem like a summer's get away paradise compared to what I will do to you," Allen growled out.

"Papa!" Jeniya whined loudly, drawing everyone's attention, "Why are you scaring him like that?"
"What?" Allen smirked, instantly returning to his normal self, "I never said that I wouldn't scare the crap out of all guys that came near you~!"

'Geez…Papa is going to be worse than Komui...' Jeniya groaned to herself as Flynn scrambled to Krory for protection from the Walker men.

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