Stay with him- Sam and David

(These characters belong to the author )

Sam's POV

I can't actually believe I used to think Jack was my soulmate. I guess I was just really stupid back then. He was a bit of a jerk and thought his art work was the best in the world. But it really wasn't. He thought that he was always right with whatever he did but he wasn't. He was just an immature, pathetic guy really. Lucy was so much happier with Harold than she had ever been with Jack.

Even I was much happier with our Jack around. I had found the perfect guy for me anyway; David. He was so sweet and so much hotter than Jack. David cared about me and I cared about him. I loved him and I felt that I wanted to stay with him for the rest of my life. He was pretty much perfect… well he was perfect for me anyway.